43. The anatomy of wholeness  – with Marc Acquaviva

Yoga teacher Marc joins Mark to discuss Scaravelli inspired practice, childhood sidis, confrontation with society, temptations and staying true to oneself, listening to the body, problems with anatomy, the sutras, working with tension, space and attention, sitting vs. movement meditation, yoga teacher’s remit, violence in yoga, basic goodness, hope for the yoga community and the …

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39. Giving yoga a somatic upgrade – with Beverley Nolan

Movement therapist and yoga teacher Beverley Nolan joins Mark to discuss why the body matters for therapy, Body-Mind Centring, Authentic Movement, embodied anatomy and feeling into various organ systems, embryology, what a somatic yoga looks like, trauma and trauma sensitive yoga (and if this can be taken too far), invitational language, culture, shallow vs. deep commitment, and …

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38. Deconstructing Yoga – with Trina Altman

Yoga and pilates teacher Trina joins Mark to give yoga a?stretch. She describes her journey from the corporate world, yoga in the USA (she’s LA based), a multidisciplinary approach, what’s missing from yoga, proprioception vs. interoception, exploration and play, “serious” yoga, scepticism, being a  customer, injuries, the east-west collision,, pilates vs. yoga, being a “somanaught”, …

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36. Ecology, sex and yoga – with Christopher Gladwell

Chris joins Mark to discuss what yoga actually is, it’s purpose  and  methods. They explore what feels good (“your body is right!”), asking teachers “why?”, choosing, connecting yoga to ecology,  economics  and environmentalism, sexuality, shame and having wonder at the body.  

28. Yoga and authentic communication – with Ryan Spielman

Ashtanga yoga teacher Ryan Spielman on the benefits of a recurrent practice, enlightenment, movement meditation, social meditation and authentic communication. We discuss growth from curiosity not pain, congruence, what yogis can learn from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, being a guru and making fun of it all.  

22. Zen and the art of yoga with Tatjana Mesar 

Tatjana joins Mark to discuss embodiment and music, Buddhism and yoga. We explore excellence in yoga teaching, what is yoga anyway (?), yoga history, Zen/ Chan, anatomy training. She describes her journey from growing up in a conflicted Yugoslavia to modern day Berlin, how we embody culture, and Europeans vs American marketing. She also offers …

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06: Practice

Practice makes permanent – in this episode learn what a transformational embodied practice is and isn’t, how to choose a practice, how to make the most of a practice, deal with resistance, and hear examples and case studies of practices from martial arts, dance, yoga and more.     

05: The anatomy of existence – with Gary Carter 

On this episode anatomy expert, bodyworker and yoga teacher Gary Carter joins Mark to discuss a depth approach to aesthetics, Scaravelli yoga, bodybuilding, dissection, fascia, ageing, Brazil, the fight-flight response and more!

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