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A practical video course you can do in your own time at home.

Most of us don’t get to spend our lives chanting in the Himalayas, or getting massaged on exotic beaches

We have REAL LIFE to deal with. You can’t easily roll out a yoga mat in the middle of your office, or disappear on a retreat to Goa.

But what if you could feel as good as when you’re in a yoga class for the whole day? What if you could get that meditation buzz, even while in the busyness of your life. What if you could get that feeling of freedom from dancing, but while at your computer, or in the kitchen, or with your kids?

So what to do when your partner gets on your nerves, your kids are arguing, your boss is a jerk, or you’re just feeling the stress of modern life?

So what to do?

To answer this question I’ve created an accessible video course to bring the world of embodiment home. It’s the most useful stuff from bodymind practices. It’s practical stuff to help you make the crap bits of your life a bit less crap, and the good bits even better! Simple.

In it I cut through the endless nonsense, explain this latest buzzword clearly (maybe you’re wondering what the hell “embodiment” is anyway!?), and more importantly, give you tools that work in the real world. We all need some tricks up our sleeve!

Everyday Embodiment will show you how to get the benefits of yoga, dance, and martial arts, DAY TO DAY. Pragmatic stuff to deal with your stress and improve your most important relationships. It’s useful for your commute, nightmare boss, confidence issues, etc. How would it be to feel in control of yourself, have a calmer life and to contribute as much as you can, to those that you love?

Everyday Embodiment will give you a tool-kit for navigating conflict, pain, trauma, anxiety, and parenting issues; not with more advice and theory, but by coming home to your own bodily wisdom.

What about the other 23 hours?

Let’s face it, sometimes what happens in yoga stays in yoga, and that’s a pity, as it’s our colleagues, kids and friends who really need our calm for the other 23 hours a day.

This course will help you get learning from all the great hippie arts; into the office, living room, kitchen…into your actual life!

Who the hell am I anyway?

"I’m Mr Embodiment! 😉 I run the Embodiment Conference, wrote the embodiment book, and make the embodiment sandwiches for lunch daily. But you knew that already, so what’s the story?

I have loved body-mind arts like yoga, conscious dance, meditation, and martial arts my whole adult life; and also been saddened that these can stay “on the mat” and not really impact the day-to-day lives of people.

I did years of aikido before I ever took the principles into a conversation, and found that while I got very still on meditation retreats, afterwards that stillness barely lasted past my first Facebook update.

I’ve also spent the last 15 years working with “normal” busy practical people, who just want quick wins and practical tools, and don’t have the time or the energy to take on a whole philosophy. I’ve found what works best in the real world, with business people, soldiers, single mums, aid workers, NHS staff, etc, and I can teach it to you.

I’ve realised that while embodiment is great, there needs to be a bridge between formal arts and the realities of our lives. With that in mind I have put this accessible, pragmatic course together to help ordinary people who want to get this stuff without the woo-woo trappings.

Experienced practitioners who want more life integration are going to love this too. I filmed it in my own house, and shared the actual things I use daily, as I wanted to show the REAL way to use this work. This felt a bit personal actually, but that’s the point (don’t judge my messy kitchen!).

I’m really proud of this one, not because it’s some leading-edge craziness, but just because I’m confident that it will work for people. I’m also happy that it’s an accessible price and format, as the world really needs this stuff. As ever, I’m not for everyone, but if your cup of tea isn’t chai-spiced bullshit, I’m your man."

– Mark Walsh, Brighton, UK July 2020

PS – I’ve been helped by Jane Dancey for content on parenting and women’s cycles, because she’s awesome, and let’s face it, I know didley-squat about those things!

The Course Content

Everyday Embodiment

What the hell embodiment is anyway!?

The best “quick-win” techniques for daily life

Tips for all your important relationships

Tools for every room of your house

Practices for dealing with stress, arguments, pain, romance, parenting (from Jane), health, anxiety, confidence, focus, money issues, shame, anger, and trauma

It’s over 5 hours of content, in bite-sized videos (most about 10 minutes long each), that you can view on your phone, tablet or lap-top. You can work though them in your own time, at your own pace, whenever you like.

Sample videos

Places: Bathroom

People: Family Members

Applications: Stress

The course covers:


Embodiment in every room of your house


Embodied techniques to improve all your important relationships


Embodiment to fit your daily schedule


The practicalities of making it work

This is for you if:

This course is for people who are getting interested in this bodymind stuff and want something practical to deal with the madness of life in 2020.

You’ve read some books, tried a mindfulness app, sometimes gone to a yoga class, but want something a bit more substantial that will impact what you care most about day-to-day.


You’re an embodiment geek like me and want to take advantage of my specialism in pragmatic application and pragmatic approach, to better integrate your own practice, and to pick up some great “quick wins” for clients (feel free to nick everything, by the way).

Everyday Embodiment is for people who want something that actually bloody works!

This isn't a fit if:

Okay, I do know some dolphin-loving, unicorn-shagging hippies with 1000s of crystals and some crazy names, who are lovely people, but this course isn’t aimed at them.

This is one of the best-value courses I am ever likely to put out because this is the most accessible end of what I do, so it’s FAR less money than courses for yogis and coaches for example.

I normally sell this content at a much higher price, but this time it isn’t primarily aimed at embodiment professionals.

If you genuinely can’t afford it, then please get in touch, as I want everyone to have it, but don’t take the piss.

For most people I’d just say, stop being such a tight-arse and treat yourself.

You likely spend way more than this per month on stuff to cope with what you could manage yourself with embodiment!

*Price includes lifetime access to the course*

Limited time offer



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