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"Masa is the company sleep sensei at Embodiment Unlimited and the only person I'd turn to for advice on my sleep health. She's dedicated years of her life to learning what contributes to good sleep beyond just drinking less coffee and reducing screen time, and brings the body front and centre in her work."

~ Mark Walsh, Founder, Embodiment Unlimited & The Embodiment Conference

Hot showers, less caffeine and reduced screen time are all short-term fixes

If you’ve struggled with poor sleep for a while, you’ve probably scoured Google for remedies and come up short.

You’ve tried reducing caffeine, staying away from screens before bed and other ‘best practices’ for a good night’s rest, but nothing seems to do the trick.

At least not in the long-term.

You’re still tossing and turning at night and feeling irritable and unproductive in the mornings.

A good night’s sleep starts from the moment you wake up

It’s not so much what you do at night that impacts your sleep, but what you do in the day that really makes the difference.

High stress levels, a lack of boundaries in relationships, and poor diet all contribute to a good (or bad) night’s sleep.

So in order to get the restorative sleep you’re longing for you need to look beyond your caffeine intake and screen time.


21 Days to Better Sleep

Your pathway to peaceful nights and productive days

Self-paced programme

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Suitable for a busy schedule

Experience results in just the first week

21 Days to Better Sleep helps you understand how the things you do (or don’t do) through the day can have an impact on your sleep.

Over the course of the 3 weeks, you’ll explore different areas of your life, identifying things that cause you stress and damaging habits you didn’t know were there. You’ll be surprised by what’s keeping you from that calm, restorative sleep you’ve been longing for.

You’ll be guided through embodied explorations and simple exercises to build into your routine in this self-paced programme.

More therapeutic sleep doesn’t have to mean committing hours of your (already very busy) life away.

Maša Nobilo

Embodied Facilitator, Sleep Coach and Movement Teacher

Masӑ Nobilo

Embodied Facilitator, Sleep Coach and Movement Teacher

Hi, I’m Maša.

“An embodied facilitator, sleep coach and movement teacher helping people like you get the restorative sleep they want and need in order to live a happier, healthier life.

And when I say I’ve been there, I’ve reaaally been there.

Tossing and turning in bed, not getting a wink of sleep, heading to work in the morning all irritable and grumpy. It’s tough.

After years of struggling to get a good night’s sleep, I decided to tackle the problem head-on, looking at the root cause of my poor sleep rather than the typical ‘sleep hygiene’ stuff you’ll find browsing the internet at 3am.

In searching for a route towards better sleep, I opted for a more holistic approach; looking at my movement, eating habits, relationships, and deeply-held beliefs that were (unknowingly) getting in the way of a good night’s rest.

Lo and behold, focusing on the root cause of the problem and spending time working on myself ended up drastically improving my sleep. Who would have thought!

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of irritable night walkers overcome their sleep troubles and live happier, more productive lives. This course is my guide to help you do the same.”

Sleep is a big problem for a lot of people...

“And I know a lot of people suffer from poor sleep. I’m no expert in the subject, but Masa is. I trust her as a trainer, I trust her as a professional, I trust her ethics. She knows our work inside out and has integrated much of the training into her own, which is great to see.

I wanted to give a platform for trainers that I think are great at what they do, and it makes sense to start with the people we already know and trust.”

Mark Walsh
Founder, Embodiment Unlimited & The Embodiment Conference

This course is for you if:

You have difficulty sleeping
Your sleep is often disturbed
When you do sleep, you wake up tired
You find yourself being irritable for no reason
You work long hours but aren’t being productive

This course is not for you if:

In these cases, we recommend speaking with a healthcare professional.

Course contents

Week 1: Personal Well Being

Day 1: Self-awareness and sleep
Why understanding your current habits and being more self-aware are the first steps to restful sleep.
Day 2: Managing stress
Exploring the basics of the stress response and how to counteract it through simple self-regulation techniques.
Day 3: How finding your ‘why’ could be the answer
Why creating new habits and breaking old ones is often difficult and how finding your ‘why’ can help new habits stick.
Day 4: Giving your body and mind what they need
Understanding when we need to down-regulate (i.e. through meditation or breathwork) and when we need to up-regulate, and what to do about both in any given moment.
Day 5: Building strong habits
Exploring the basics of how habit-building works and how to build healthy, sustainable habits using the dopamine/reward system.
Day 6: Chair pelvic exercise
10-minute Feldenkrais chair exercise to promote restful sleep just before bed time.
Day 7: Physiological sigh
Simple breathing exercise to help lower stress response and a walkthrough of how to use this during (or after) a disturbed sleep.

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Week 2: Connectivity

Day 8: Getting your needs met
Identifying your personal needs in life, if they’re being met, and understanding what self-care truly means for you.
Day 9: Overgiving and learning to receive
Exploring your relationship with giving and receiving and learning how to ask for what you need in order to stop overstretching yourself.
Day 10: The importance of boundaries
Looking at the boundaries you set (or don’t set) with yourself and others and how they might be affecting your sleep.
Day 11: The medicine of laughter and joy
Exploring how laughter and joy are scientifically proven to boost the right cocktail of hormones and how to create more of it in your day-to-day life.
Day 12: Keeping an overactive mind in check
Learning how unresolved conflicts, un-had conversations and other thoughts can rob us of sleep and how to make sure you aren’t bringing these stresses to bed with you.
Day 13: Chest hug
A gentle way of building body awareness and resting the nervous system.
Day 14: Breath Surfing
A breath exercise to calm the nervous system in the day or during a restless night.

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Week 3: Productivity

Day 15: Breaking free from procrastination
Exploring how procrastinating during the day can lead to feelings of guilt and shame at night and how to start taking the right actions to overcome this cycle.
Day 16: Optimising your day for peak productivity
Understanding your productivity cycles and how to maximise them to feel more fulfilled and relaxed at night.
Day 17: Getting creative
Exploring how building moments of creativity into your day that ‘feed your soul' can lead to a more restful night’s sleep and how to do that.
Day 18: Tiny rewards, big results
Understanding how completing tasks and a sense of achievement helps the nervous system rest at night and how to build moments that give you this feeling into your day without overworking.
Day 19: Keeping yourself on track
Exploring how to put everything you’ve learned into practice and stay accountable to yourself and others in order to see the results you want.
Day 20: Welcome sleep with open arms
A simple exercise to lull yourself back into a sleepy state when you wake up in the middle of the night.
Day 21: Main squeeze
A tactile meditation to help you center during the day as well as a great tool for middle-of-the-night awakenings.

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After the 21 days you will

Have an embodied understanding of what positively and negatively impacts your sleep

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Have started building strong daily habits

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Feel more productive, energised and confident during the day

Feel your mood lift and be more patient with your loved ones

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Become the boss, friend or partner you know you can be

Have simple daily exercises to put your body in a better state for sleep

Have made positive changes to your life that will empower you now and in the future

What Maša’s students and colleagues say


(Aside from better sleep, obviously)

Restful Sleep 60-minute webinar recording

Maša Nobilo guides you through this embodied exploration of your own day to uncover the hidden gremlins in your sleep cycle.

Centring book - Mark Walsh

Centring eBook by Mark Walsh

Easy-to-use, practical techniques for being able to bring your nervous system back into balance.

3 x 60 minute demonstrations of non-athletic poses

Use these three simple yet effective calming poses to gently shift from feeling unsettled or anxious to peaceful. These poses can be truly helpful when you need to switch off at night.

The Seasons of The Body (podcast episode with Mark Walsh)

Seasons and sleep are some of the absolute essence of the Embodiment work.This podcast will help you bring the seasons and cycles of the body into daily life to promote more restful sleep.

Start your journey to more restful sleep today

21 Days to Better Sleep course

21 days to better sleep course
100% online | 7.5 hours

Total value of $302


This course is entirely self-paced and can be started the moment you make the purchase. You’ll get access to the learning platform where the lessons will be opening day by day. Every lesson contains a 7-15 minute pre-recorded video packed with practical advice, guidance and/or exercises suitable for all mobility levels. We will be sending you emails every day to help you navigate through the course, gently motivate you to take actions, and suggest reflection questions/prompts.

We understand that you’re probably busy, so we broke the course content into tiny bite-sized steps, making it easy for you to fit into your busy schedule. We also made sure everything is relatively easy to implement and by investing up to 30 minutes a day into this course on whichever days work best for you – you’ll start to see a huge return in the form of better sleep, increased productivity and a better quality of life.

You’ll need to put a maximum of 30 minutes a day aside to make sure you fully understand the content and can implement the learning into your life. This includes watching the videos, exercising and reflecting.

Forever! Once you buy this course, it’s yours to keep referring to whenever your sleep starts to get off-track.

Where a lot of courses require a lot of work for very little return, this programme offers the opposite. It’s easy to digest and implement with short videos designed to create strong, lasting habits with tangible results in as little as a week. The course offers a holistic approach to sleep, looking at all the different areas of your life that could negatively affect your sleep and tackling them head-on, helping optimise your life for more restful sleep – not just your caffeine intake. Also, Masă was suffering with similar problems in her own life and managed to overcome them through a lot of trial and error. So this isn’t just theory, it’s practical ideas and techniques that actually work in the real world.

The content will still be there. Just pick up from the day you left off!

The course is very accessible so you don’t need any equipment. All our practical advice and exercise will be easily installed into your day, wherever you are. There are also no requirements for your mobility or advanced physical state.

No. This course was designed to be a tool for you to use anytime and anywhere. Each lesson is pre-recorded for better convenience.

There will be one live webinar on the 30th of June at two different time slots: 9 am and 6 pm BST, where Masa will introduce herself and her course. You will receive a link to it once you buy the course. You will also get a recording of this webinar in case you miss it live.

Throughout the course you will be prompted to reflect on the topics covered in the videos as a way to maximise your learning and integration.

We’ve created this journal specifically for this purpose. You will be able to print it out or simply use it as inspiration for your own journaling. If you find this helpful, you may wish to continue to journal daily even after the course has ended. The journal will be yours to keep!

If you need support during the learning process, you can always reach out with any questions to our fantastic customer support team at support@embodimentunlimited.com.

Got a question about the course or not sure which package is for you? Email support@embodimentunlimited.com and we’ll see how we can help.

We also accept Bitcoin, contact support for more details. 

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