87. Sensual Renaissance Yoga – with Jacopo Ceccarelli

Jacopo joins us from Florence to discuss his yoga travels in India, Italian yoga, expressiveness vs. discipline, fluidity and health, straight lines vs. spirals, softness, Ortho-Bionomy, counselling, integrating East and West, anatomy, business as a creative practice, technology, virtual reality and the future of yoga, Leonardo Da Vinci, dance and yoga, integration vs. mixing and sports vs yoga. …

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86. Juicy Love – with Lin Holmquist

Tantra and yoga teacher Lin joins us to get juicy! She talks about the painful start of embodiment, ecstatic birth, what tantra is, power and abuse, expanding life, international sexuality (Sweden vs USA vs India vs Brazil vs Thailand), sex education, Deida’s 3 stages, state chasing, spiritual materialism, internet dating, taking responsibility, loving customers and …

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81. Polyamorous Acrobatics – with Adrian Iselin 

Adrian and Mark join to chat acro yoga, intimacy. They cover what yoga is, the psychology of partner yoga, social media and the rise of the visual, working with expectations and fear, “kink”, sex positivity, polyamory, abundance vs. deficiency, communication and German vs. Californian culture. Oh, and the “orgy lab”. Fun one!

77. Therapy and Yoga  – with Mariana Caplan 

Author, therapist, yoga teacher Mariana Caplan joins the show to discuss psychological healing, spiritual longing, bypassing, why yoga needs therapy and therapy needs yoga, guru scandals, premature enlightenment fantasies, doing the personal work as a teacher, trauma, transpersonal psychology, integrating East and West, Reggie Ray, the reasons for lack of integration of therapy and yoga, …

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73. Psychotic Yoga Bunnies – with Anneke Sips 

Yoga therapist Anneke Sips joins Mark to explain what yoga therapy is and how it works. They talk mental health, psychosis, cultural and personal adaptation, yoga as coaching, inclusivity and acceptance, working with teenagers and with the military, counter indications to yoga therapy, and yes, bunnies.

71. Mindful Strength – with Kathryn Bruni-Young

Can strength training be more mindful than yoga?  Kathryn Bruni-Young joins the show to say yes! She and Mark discuss being second generation teachers, Canadian yoga history, her mindful strength workshops, confidence building, trauma, why alignment makes us weak, movement variety, seasons of practice, novel stimulation and she ends with some practice tips for all. …

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63. Somatic Yoga – with Julie Martin

Julie joins the show from Goa to discuss a somatic approach to yoga beyond making the shapes and blindly following tradition. She touches upon neo-colonialism, culture, travelling yogis, yoga for Indians vs. Europeans, dissociative yoga, unworthiness, social media, entitlement and freedom in yoga.  

58. The science and politics of yoga – Ariana Rabinovitch 

A slightly anarchic romp through the world of yoga research with New York based teacher and author Ariana. She exposes yoga myths, explores the psychology of why people perpetuate them, we look at the current and recent evidence base, chat about fundamentalism and postmodernism, gurus, ask if flexibility is always a good thing, the appeal …

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