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Practical techniques

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Add depth to your meditation practice

As you probably know, the body is a huge part of meditation. And using embodied techniques can help add depth to almost any practice.

Being able to coach an embodied approach (to individuals or groups) can dramatically enhance your facilitation. That’s why we created our LIVE 20-week Embodied Meditation Facilitation Training.

Learn how to coach embodied meditation clearly & confidently

This is a real course, with real people (and limited group size). Not only will this training transform your own practice, but you’ll learn how to coach embodied meditation to students and clients, confidently and safely.

Whether you’re a meditation teacher looking to bring something new to your classes, a coach looking to broaden your offering or a movement teacher looking for an approach more tailored to your work – this certification will transform the way you support your clients forever.


Certification of Embodied Meditation

Learn to teach meditation safely and confidently with the body

from the world's most experienced online embodiment trainers

Practical techniques

Experiential learning

Supportive community

World-class teachers

If you're...

A meditation teacher

looking for an new approach that integrates with what you already do

A coach or movement teacher

Looking to add meditation to what you already do

Looking to facilitate meditation

and want to learn a framework that's clear, safe and effective

Then this may be a great fit.

It’s for anyone who wants powerful meditation techniques to confidently teach with the body.

How it works...

This course is split into two parts, with a rest week in-between.

Part 1 is available to everyone, whether you use meditation in your work or not. Part 2 is for teachers, coaches and facilitators (or those who want to be).

To do part 2, you must first do part 1.

Foundations of
Embodied Meditation

Personal practice

Learn the foundations of Embodied Meditation through your own practice.

Learn more

During part 1 of the training, you’ll learn and practice Embodied Meditation techniques to benefit all aspects of your life. From your relationships to work, focus and purpose and the way you deal with difficult situations.

Certificate of
Embodied Meditation

Professional application

Learn how to teach Embodied Meditation techniques to others.

Learn more

Part 2 is all about sharing these techniques with others. You’ll learn practical ways to use simple yet profoundly helpful practices with your students or clients to help enhance their practice and the way they approach life.

What you'll come away with...

On the Certification of Embodied Meditation (part 2), you’ll get…

Self-love Sarah

Which will build on what you’ll get from the Foundations of Embodied Meditation (part 1)…


Intimate group

This training is limited to just 75 students, giving you plenty of time to get your personal questions answered, along with close peers to learn and grow with.

High quality
structured training

We take we’ve learnt from over a dozen years running similar trainings to give you everything you need to confidently teach embodied meditation.

Supervised by
experienced facilitators

Our teachers have over 124 years of combined experience in the field. They'll be by your side, teaching and supporting you from day one until graduation.

The schedule

Live webinars are usually 60-minutes long and run at two timeslots:

  • Tuesdays at 7pm UK time (2pm EST / 6am AEDT)
  • Wednesdays at 9am UK time (4am EST / 8pm AEDT)

(subject to change for 2024 schedule)

You must attend 80% of the webinars live to graduate, but you can pick the time that suits you.

What a typical week looks like...

We estimate that it’ll take 3-5 hours per week to do this course (it varies week-to-week).

60-minute live webinar

Tuesdays 7pm UK time
(12pm PDT)
Wednesdays 9am UK time
(8pm AEDT)

Daily meditation and journaling

(in your own time)

60-minute peer group meeting

(varied dates/times)

Monthly Q&A sessions


Optional bonus webinars

(varied dates/times)

Show week-by-week topics

Foundations of
Embodied Meditation

Week 0 (March 7)

Course platform opens
Review pre-course materials

Week 1 (March 14 or 15)

Welcome to the course
Overview / basics to get started

Week 2 (March 21 or 22)

Coming home to the body
Intro embodied presence

Week 3 (March 28 or 29)

Embodied awareness
Body scanning methods

Week 4 (April 4 or 5)

Distraction and response
Working with hindrances

Week 5 (April 11 or 12)

Changing habits and patterns
Neural plasticity, negativity bias

Week 6 (April 18 or 19)

Compassion practices
What is embodied compassion?

Week 7 (April 25 or 26)

Embodied relating to self

Week 8 (May 2 or 3)

Relational mindfulness
Bringing the practice to relationships

Week 9 (May 9 or 10)

Living an embodied life
Mindful embodied living

Week 10 (May 16 or 17)

Closing of Foundations of Meditation
Final reflections / gratitude / ritual for FEM students
Rest week for CEM students

*There will also be two Q&A sessions, along with two bonus sessions (one on neuroscience, and another introducing Buddhist psychology), during part one.

Certificate of
Embodied Meditation

Week 11 (May 23 or 24)

Introduction to facilitating meditation
Overview / basics to get started

Week 12 (May 30 or 31)

Foundations of coaching meditation
Trolls vs. being in service, teaching from own experience, ethics

Week 13 (June 6 or 7)

Embodied coaching tools
Centring, (self-)compassion, open awareness

Week 14 (June 13 or 14)

Body scans and breath awareness
How to teach body-scans and breath-awareness

Week 15 (June 20 or 21)

Facilitating safely & effectively
Mental health & trauma awareness

Week 16 (June 27 or 28)

Compassion practices
How to embody and teach compassion practices

Week 17 (July 4 or 5)

Essential skills review
Recap - essential teaching points

Week 18 (July 11 or 12)

Assessment week
Submit video 12th July

Week 19 (July 18 or 19)

Rest week
Feedback sent to students

Week 20 (July 25 or 26)

Graduation week
Final reflections / gratitude / ritual

*There will also be three Q&A sessions, along with two bonus sessions (one on trauma, and another on how to ethically market as a meditation teacher), during part two.

Why we're doing this now...

“Facilitating embodied meditation has dramatically changed my inner and outer world.

I’ve meditated for years, but only when I shifted to an embodied approach did I realise how much deeper I could go.

Embodied presence is actually a radical doorway to listening, loving and expressing our feelings in a compassionate way. Radical, because most of us are so distracted by modern life that we’re not really ‘here’ a lot of the time.

This may well be one of the greatest gifts we can offer to anyone, and it’s an essential aspect of teaching and facilitation.

Throughout this training, we’ll focus a lot on embodied presence. We’ll also introduce an embodied approach to meditation that will transform your personal practice and help your students/clients in almost all areas of their lives. The tools are practical, easy to do and designed to benefit your whole life, not just the time you spend meditating.

This approach has had a serious impact on my life personally and that of my students. I’m positive it will for you, too.”

Karin van Maanen

Course Leader & Embodied Meditation Teacher
Embodiment Unlimited

What some of our 10,237+ students say...

The team

Course leaders

Karin van Maanen

Meditation & Yoga Teacher-Trainer

Daniela Welzel

Mindfulness Facilitator & Women's Coach

Guest teachers

David Treleaven

Author, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Educator

Martin Aylward

Author, Meditation Teacher-Trainer

Mark Walsh

CEO & Founder, Embodiment Unlimited

Pre-recorded bonus sessions from...

Patricia Aguirre square

Patricia Aguirre

Therapist, Family Constellations

Miles Kessler copy_sq_1

Miles Kessler

Meditation Teacher-Trainer

Gail Aylward_1

Gail Aylward

Meditation Teacher-Trainer

Jamie McHugh cropped_1

Jamie McHugh

Somatic Movement Therapist


Christina Dohr

Somatic Coach, Embodiment Trainer


Teach-With-Confidence Guarantee

No, you won't be able to levitate after graduating from this course. But you will be able to facilitate confidently!

If you attend all the live sessions, try all the practices and still don’t feel like you can coach others in embodied meditation, we’ll give you your money back.

Full certification programme only.

Immediate-access bonuses

(worth $572)

Available for…


Pre-recorded videos

With these bonus videos, you’ll learn how to introduce embodied meditation to students/clients, get a resource library to find many of the world’s best-known teachers, and get help with your marketing.

An introductory journey into embodied meditation

All the recordings from Embodied Meditation Week, including Christopher Titmuss, Wendy Palmer, Philip Shepherd and more...
(normally $199)

The complete meditation & breathwork library

From 100+ speakers at The Embodiment Conference, including Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Shinzen Young and more...
(normally $199)

Make a decent living from teaching meditation

All the recordings from Learn to Love Marketing, which'll help you to start enjoying marketing so you actually do it!
(normally $149)

Downloadable e-books...

Get the essential and core course reading books with the bonuses now, so you don’t need to purchase them separately at a later date.

The Embodied Meditation book

Essential reading for those certifying
(normally $8)

Centring: why mindfulness isn't enough

Mark's most downloaded e-book
(normally $7)

The Embodiment book

Practical tips, poems and stories
(normally $10)

What embodiment leaders say...



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Foundations of Embodied Meditation
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Certification of Embodied Meditation
Facilitate others

LIVE | Online | 20 weeks

March 14 - July 26

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Certification of Embodied Meditation
Facilitate others

LIVE | Online | 20 weeks

March 14 - July 26


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Certification of Embodied Meditation


until we start

Certification of Embodied Meditation
Facilitate others

LIVE | Online | 20 weeks

March 14 - July 26


FEM upgrade


"*" indicates required fields

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Got a question about the course or not sure which package is for you? 

Email and we’ll see how we can help.


This is a live course but you will receive recordings of all the sessions in the course after they occur.

March 14th (evening session at 7pm UK time) or March 15th (morning session at 9am UK time) are the induction dates.

The course finishes on August 1st (evening) or 2nd (morning).

That’s 19 weeks in total of learning and practice.

No. But this course is focused on people who are experienced meditators that use (or want to use) an embodied approach to meditation in their own practice or with their clients/students.

To get your certification you must:

Attend at least 80% of the weekly 1 hour webinars.

Do 10 – 30 mins of practice at least 5 days a week and write in your practice journal at least 5 times a week

Attend the 30-60 minute weekly peer group meeting.

Attend at least one extended practice session in each part of the course (these are 2 – 3 hours long).

Submit a 10 minute recording of you guiding a meditation.

Attend a meditation retreat of your choice (could be online if necessary) of at least 2 days.

Approximately 3 – 4 hours a week. Including:

Weekly 1 hour webinar (must attend 80% live to get certification)
10-30 minutes practice at least 5 days a week
Journal after practice at least 5 days a week
30-60 minute weekly peer group meeting


Bonus webinars
Practice sessions with lead and guest teachers
Q&A sessions

To get the certification you must attend at least 80% of the live calls but we’ll upload recordings of each session to the course platform a few days after it goes live.

However, we highly recommend making sure you have enough time to take on this course before enrolling.

Our guarantee states:

If you attend all the live sessions, try all the practices and don’t feel like you can teach Embodied Meditation to others – we’ll give you your money back.

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