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Mark Walsh

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"This embodiment space has helped me be a happier human being – more aware and connected to myself and others. It's life changing! I have only gratitude for Mark Walsh and the team."
Inez Luz

Our core embodiment courses

Certificate of Embodiment Coaching

Learn the principles, tools and techniques you need to coach safely and effectively with the body. You'll explore ways to work with your clients to bring about real, lasting change and support them in their growth.

Embodied Meditation

Learn specific tools and techniques to use Embodied Meditation with your students confidently and safely.Take your practice off the cushion, into your life, then learn to guide clients to do the same.

Trauma Coaching

Learn to work safely and responsibly with trauma in your coaching and facilitation. Get a certification to show you are trauma aware and competent in this important area.

Embodied Toolkit

Get the most versatile kit of embodiment coaching tools we know of. This 26-posture system empowers you to guide clients to instantly embody different states and traits and create lasting change.

Embodied Marketing

Learn to market yourself ethically and authentically to make a good living bringing what you love to the people who need it. Create a marketing roadmap for your business to carry you forward into the next stage of growth.

Serious about embodied facilitation?

Meet our most comprehensive certification

The Embodied Facilitation Certification

With CEC as your core course, you’ll select 4 of our ‘Big Five’ embodiment facilitation courses and have a maximum of 3 years to successfully complete them all before graduating as a fully certified, top level embodiment facilitator.

This is currently the most comprehensive embodiment qualification available world-wide, and training embodiment facilitators is what we do best.

With combined experience of over 100 years between our four lead trainers, a focus on practicing what you learn with real people throughout, and more than 5000 embodied facilitators certified to date, we are the leaders in teaching people to use embodiment with clients and students.

This certification is the culmination of everything an effective, dynamic, ethical and safe embodied facilitator needs to know to step straight into a full time career in the field.

Self-paced Embodiment Courses

Everyday Embodiment

Learn the basic embodiment tools you need to do life better. You’ll get a comprehensive toolkit for navigating conflict, pain, anxiety, parenting and more. Expect exercises you can use in your world, not hours of advice and theory.

Embodiment Coaching

Learn from Mark Walsh as he coaches real clients, then breaks down exactly what he did and why. The more real life examples you have access to, the better prepared you’ll be for the wide range of clients you’ll encounter in your coaching career.

Empowered Relationships

Get more from intimate relationships (whether you’re in one or not). You’ll explore your true wants, desires, boundaries and limiting patterns, and learn practical tools to help you connect more authentically with your partner.

Moving Beyond Trauma

Transform the worst things that have happened to you into your greatest gifts. Get practical models and techniques to transform your trauma and help you take the next step in post-traumatic growth – from ‘good enough’ to ‘great’.

Embodied Boundaries

From ‘too nice’ to an empowered life. Embodied Boundaries guides you through a carefully designed four-step process to set challenging boundaries in your life with kindness and stand strong when the world responds.

21 Days to Better Sleep

Learn how the things you do (or don’t do) through the day can have an impact on your sleep. You'll be guided through embodied explorations and simple exercises to build into your routine in this self-paced programme.

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