Moving Beyond Trauma

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Transform your trauma, reclaim your power

Reclaim the power to choose how you show up in your life by overcoming unhelpful patterns holding you back

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So you’ve got some trauma, what next?

Bringing up the past over and over is almost never useful.

Addressing trauma as it shows up today and focusing on the body can help you move beyond sneaky patterns holding you back.

And if you work professionally with others, sorting your own patterns out (and learning to spot them in others) makes a huge difference to your work.

Less trauma = a better life

Healing trauma will help you feel happier, have more harmonious relationships, and make more of a difference in the world.

You can embrace everything weird and wonderful that makes you unique, and turn your biggest flaws into authentic strengths.

Less trauma = even better facilitation

And if you’re a facilitator, teacher or coach – overcoming your trauma will help you understand your clients and respond more effectively, allowing you to take what you do to the next level.

Transform your trauma with our course


Moving Beyond Trauma

Science-based tools & models
Audio-only learning option

About this course

Moving Beyond Trauma helps you reframe the worst things that have happened to you into your greatest gifts for moving forward.

This course gives you practical models and techniques to transform your trauma, and get inspired with powerful insights and direction to help you as you learn and grow.

Where most trauma courses aim to help you get to ‘good enough’, this course focuses on helping you keep going to ‘great’ and beyond.

Course contents

Moving Beyond Trauma course

3 modules with Ilan Stephani (3 hours of pre-recorded content - learn at your own pace)

Practical science-based techniques, proven daily practices and insightful video learning to help you move beyond your trauma.

Each module will be made available weekly, beginning when you join the course. All content is in both video and audio format and you’re free to learn and practice at your convenience.

What experts in the field say about our work

"Embodiment is an essential component of healing and Embodiment Unlimited does valuable work bringing its importance to the public. I have enjoyed working with this innovative organisation."

~ Gabor Maté, M.D

Listen and learn on the move

Audio options available to help you address your trauma in nature or just away from the screen.

Course leaders

Rather than just teaching you techniques, our teachers will also share deeply personal stories of transformation to inspire you to find your unique superpower

Ilan Stephani

Intimacy Teacher & Embodied Facilitator

From sex worker to trauma educator

Ilan grew up privileged and well educated, with loving parents and financial stability in one of the safest countries in the world. Yet she was unhappy, exhausted and afraid until her mid-20s. There was no big catastrophe in her life, yet she knew suffering, pain and secret self-hatred all too well. But when she discovered embodied practices for addressing trauma, her life changed. She discovered that all of these inexplicable symptoms were rooted in her low-level developmental trauma. Symptoms many of us share today. Ilan is an intimacy teacher, embodied facilitator, speaker and researcher in trauma, sexuality, health and embodiment, and dedicates her life to understanding how we can recover from past wounds and live unapologetically in the now.

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Mark Walsh

Founder, Embodiment Unlimited & The Embodiment Conference

From warzone to CEO

Mark has worked in five war-zones, with street kids, the Russian LGBTQ+ community, with police, aid workers, three militaries and has been sober for 14 years. He was traumatized as f**k, but now does OK 🙂

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How you’ll benefit

Double money-back guarantee

If you try all the practices for 6 months and feel like you’ve not progressed on your trauma healing journey – we’ll give you double your money back.

What people say about our courses

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Heal your trauma


Moving Beyond Trauma course

3 modules with Ilan Stephani
Self-paced & in video and audio formats

Approx. 3 hours of content



We really want to make this work available to as many people as possible as we think it’s hugely important, so we’ve created some places at reduced prices because not everybody can afford as much as they’d like right now.

Still need extra support? Got a question about the course or not sure which package is for you?
Let us know: and we’ll see how we can help.


We understand that you’re probably busy, so we broke the course content into tiny bite-sized steps that you can work through at your own pace. We’ve also made many of the videos into audio content, so you can learn on-the-go at your own pace.

The smallest package includes Ilan’s Moving Beyond Trauma content and is 3 hours long. The amount of time you invest in repeating the practices and coming back to the content is entirely up to you.

Yes! The best and most experienced facilitators know the more you learn about your trauma, the better facilitator you will be. They continue to learn, grow and improve in order to keep levelling up as a facilitator.

Forever! Once you buy this course, it’s yours to keep referring to whenever you need it.

Throughout the course you will be prompted to reflect on the topics covered in the videos as a way to maximise your learning and integration.

We’ve created this journal solely for this purpose, so we won’t ask to check it at any time. You will be able to print it out or simply use it as inspiration for your own personal journaling. If you find this helpful, you may wish to continue to journal daily even after the course has ended. After all, it’s yours to keep!

The course is very accessible, so you don’t need any equipment. All our practical advice and exercise will be easily installed into your day, wherever you are. There are also no requirements for your mobility or advanced physical state.

This course is for what we like to call ‘small ‘t’ trauma’ and is not suitable for anyone suffering from severe PTSD, postnatal depression, or any other serious trauma issues. 

If this is you, we recommend seeing a therapist or consulting your GP to get the help you need.

If you need support during the learning process, you can always reach out with any questions to our fantastic customer support team  at

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