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A twice-weekly conversational offering for coaches, embodiment teachers and anyone who sees the body as more than a hunk of meat.

Mark Walsh gives his update on what's new, improved and coming up in the global Embodiment Unlimited community.

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494. Anatomy and Touch Myths : Julian Baker

Manual therapist Julian joins Mark to talk Bowen Technique, fascia, what massage actually is, why touch matters, anatomy and religion, what stretching does, core stability, foam roller, “release”, bouldering, and we he doesn’t bone in

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492. Fighting, Slavs and Dogs : Ranko Ceric

“By being aggressive you will open yourself up to possible to defeat.” Martial arts teacher Ranko Ceric joins me to discuss aikido, character development, the psychology of martial arts, Sytema, Slavic culture, trauma, training dog

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491. Embodied Spirituality : Mark Walsh

Can we make spirituality embodied? Mark talks about his childhood living in a mystic – catholic household much like any religion has a mystic element to it. He then describes the many variables of what

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Mark Walsh

“Mr Embodiment” is the author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation. He led The Embodiment Conference (1000 teachers, 500,000 delegates) and has trained over 2000 embodiment coaches in over 40 countries.

Patricia Aguirre

Patricia is a Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Family Constellations Facilitator. She is a lead trainer of the Trauma Coaching certification and the Courage to Lead course for female facilitators.

Karin van Maanen

Karin is a yoga & meditation teacher and embodiment trainer with an MSc in Mindfulness Studies. She's co-author of Embodied Meditation and is lead trainer on the Embodied Meditation and Embodied Toolkit certifications.

Christina Dohr

Christina is an embodiment coach and somatic educator with an MSc in Social Sciences. She's co-lead trainer on the Certification of Embodiment Coaching and Courage to Lead courses. Christina combines her work as an Aikido blackbelt, dance and improvisation in guiding groups and individuals.

Allison Lindsay

Business Psychologist, Embodiment Coach and Breathworker. A graduate of the Embodied Facilitator Course, she runs the School for Wellbeing, working internationally but based in London.

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