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Wanna sustainably help more people?

Imagine helping people around the world, in a way that’s sustainable for you, and accessible for them.

Online embodiment courses make this possible.

You know the benefits: reach more people, at a more affordable price for them, whilst making a better living for yourself.

They also remove the physical or financial barriers for those who may have been unable to join your other offerings (1-to-1, in-person work, or something else).

But… it can be difficult knowing what to do, or to keep going when things get challenging. That’s what Design & Deliver an Online Embodiment Course (DDOC) can help with…

Take the next step in your online course creation journey…

If you’ve never created an online course before, you mightn’t know what the f**k you’re doing with tech, or how to actually design it.

That’s why we’ll break the tech down (no need to rely on your kids or pay techies with an infinite supply of Cheetos), and give you the support you need to create your first online course.

Or if you’ve got some experience, and you’re ready to create your own “masterpiece” – the course you were “born to lead” – you’ll get masterclasses on niching, design and sales, to support you to create an epic course.

The first twenty who go for this option also get a 15-minute call with Mark or Steve to get personalised feedback.

Tools to overcome perfectionism, procrastination or fear

Then, there’s the embodied stuff. For many, it’s not the knowledge or details that hold them back, but the perfectionism, the motivation, the fear.

Gladly, this is our strength. Whilst you’ll get some pretty decent advice that’ll help you with the details, it’s the embodied practice that’ll keep you going.

DDOC really is important to me. I see so many in this community, some more talented than me, not able to help the people who need it. Whether it’s the embodied stuff or the knowledge (or often, a bit of both) holding them back, this will help.

And since it’s close to my heart, the first part of the course will also be by-donation. I want to remove the barriers and see people simply do good s**t. You’re very welcome to join 🙂


Design & Deliver an Online Embodiment Course

Support to create your first or "flagship" online embodiment course

... with the world's most experienced online embodiment facilitators

There are two levels of “DDOC”.

In both cases, there are three core parts to this course (it’s just the depth and detail that varies):

You’ll also get some embodied tools to help you on your journey, plus the chance to interact with other learners for learning and support.

Who's it for?

This could be for you if you…

Want to create your first online embodiment course

and don't know where to start

Have experience creating online embodiment courses

and want to create the course you were "born to lead"

Get stuck during the process of course creation

and are looking for body-based tools to help you move forward

What you'll get from joining...


On DDOC-begin, you’ll learn:

And, by the end of the eight sessions, you WILL be able to create an online embodiment course.

On DDOC-flagship, you’ll:

And, for the first TWENTY who join, you’ll also get a 15-minute 1-to-1 call with Mark or Steve for personalised feedback on your course/page/sales plan.


Why now?

“Online embodiment courses aren’t new.

Back when we (Daniela and I) did the first Embodiment Conference in 2018, we were told that embodiment couldn’t work online. Dozens of online courses, and a conference of half-a-million people later, we know that ain’t true.

What is true is that online is different. For the students, and for the facilitators.

Online usually doesn’t give the same depth of learning that’s possible in-person, nor does it allow the same personalised connection (in most cases).

But… we find integration to be much better, meaning learning sticks (it’s easy to not be a d*ck on a silent retreat, but that falls apart when you get stuck in traffic on the way out).

And, importantly, it’s more accessible for students and more sustainable for facilitators.

Online courses scale. That means more people, from anywhere around the world, can do them, at a cheaper rate, AND you can still make a better living.

That’s what I want for this community. There are so many people working their a***s off helping others, and burning themselves to the ground.

A more sustainable way is possible. I want to see more people getting access to embodied work, and those leading it making a decent living. You can do that with online courses.

So, to get you started, we’re even offering DDOC at a donation rate. Come along, learn what you need, and create a course.

Or, if you’ve done it before, join the entire course to create the course you were ‘born to lead before you die.’

Either way, you’re very welcome.”

Mark Walsh

CEO & Founder
Embodiment Unlimited







Course structure

Live webinars are usually 60-minutes.

On the first part of the course, DDOC-begin, they run weekly at 5pm UK time (9am PDT / 2am AEST) Wednesdays, from June 14 to August 2.

If you join the second part, DDOC-flagship, you’ll then get the rest of August off. The course will resume for four weeks during September, twice per week: 5pm UK time (9am PDT / 2am AEST) on Tuesdays AND Wednesdays. The first session is September 5, and the final session is September 27.

DDOC-begin (Tuesdays):

DDOC-flagship (Tuesdays AND Wednesdays):

*Note that replays will be available for all sessions on the custom-built course platform. There is no requirement to attend sessions live, although it’s recommended to do so when you can, so you can ask questions and connect with the community.

The facilitators

Course team

Mark Walsh

Course Facilitator

Daniela Welzel


Steve New


Guest teachers

George Kao


What some of our 10,095+ online course students say...

Bonuses to access immediately and keep forever...

(worth $877)

Purpose Blackbelt

The entire Purpose Blackbelt course to help you to get out of your own way, and start truly living your purpose:

Purpose Black Belt is your complete guide to discovering or realigning your purpose. It’s designed to remove any internal blocks standing between you and a more purpose-filled, fruitful life. It’s your chance to get clear about what you want to do with your life.

By combining deep inner embodiment with practical tools and strategies, we’ll reveal sure-fire ways to live a more prosperous, fuller life by serving others.

This course is supportive and full of practical, experience-based advice to help you make a healthier, more valuable contribution to the world.

Everyday Embodiment

The is a structured series of high-quality videos to substantially impact your life. It includes:

Perspectives of Spirituality

Get these recorded sessions to widen your perspective and give you new ways to deepen your practice:

Ken Wilber

Integral bodies

Dan Ingram

Skilfully navigating the dark night

Terry Patten

Ceremony, surrender, grief and gratitude

Esther Eckhart

A welcoming practice

Mark Walsh

Trauma & mysticism

Colin Hall

The worst yoga class ever

Our Enlightenment Guarantee...

Okay… we can’t guarantee full enlightenment.

But we do promise you will learn fascinating new things, and feel you can better integrate the many options out there after this course.

What embodiment leaders say...

Want a practical course to bring spirituality into your actual life?

Course starts in...


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Embodied Spirituality
14-week LIVE online course

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3 x $360

Latecomers special

3 x $216

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16-session LIVE online course

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Latecomers special


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Embodied Spirituality
14-week LIVE online course

Regular price

3 x $360

Latecomers special

3 x $216

Share this course with someone and use the code LATE40 to save

Got a question about the course? 

Email Virginia on and she’ll see how she can help.


This is a live course.

Replays of all sessions will be added to your course platform within 72 hours after the session.

There is no requirement to watch sessions live, although it’s recommended to if possible.

The course starts on Tuesday, May 2nd at 5pm UK time (9am PDT).

The course finishes on Tuesday, August 1st at 5pm UK time (9am PDT).

That’s 14-weeks. Most weeks have a second optional live session with a guest teacher, at 5pm UK time (9am PDT) on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Yes, all sessions are recorded and replays will be uploaded within 72 hours after they’ve finished.

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