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Are you exhausted and dissatisfied?

Do you put others’ needs ahead of your own? Find it hard to say no, or to ask for what you want? Perhaps you worry too much about what others think?

This is actually quite common, having worked with countless “people pleasers.”

Now, they come to me as I’m a bit of a (loving) a***hole, maybe. But, I get it. At it’s core, people pleasing can be a survival strategy. We’ve evolved socially, and if others don’t like us, we’re on our own. 

You may’ve learnt as a child that making others happy – parents, teachers, other kids – got you love. But these strategies aren’t serving you now, are they!!??  

Instead, they can lead to exhaustion, resentment, dissatisfaction. And ultimately, living someone else’s life. Screw that…

Start people unpleasing...

If you’ve read this far, you may like the new course, where you’ll not only learn the tell-tale signs of if you’re a people pleaser, but what to do about it. Practical techniques to set better boundaries and more of what you want (without the guilt or anxiety).

This course is going to be maximum Walsh, but more importantly, practical for you. There are concrete practices, powerful techniques, and it will be a lot of fun (sooo pleasssee no easily-offended people). 

So, if you too wanna be a loving a***hole like me, or maybe just slightly less of a people pleaser in your own way, then join us on this self-paced four week course.

Live the life you want...


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