Embodiment Apprenticeship


The goal of the Embodiment Apprenticeship is to develop excellence as an embodiment coach or facilitator, and grow a sustainable business doing that. To help you, you’ll get:

There’ll be two topics, which alternate days:

Note: there will be less calls during August and likely none in December with me (but peer-led and guest sessions will during both months).

We will also likely add some other member bonuses like discounts off live courses, extra advanced content sessions, introductions to people in my network, ad hoc 1-to-1’s, etc.

I tend to over-deliver to committed students that I get to know.

Embodiment Apprenticeship


One-year commitment

January 31 - December 31

Monthly price (minimum 10 months)


Embodiment Apprenticeship



January 31 - December 31

Annual price


Embodiment Apprenticeship

With 1-to-1 coaching

Customised payments

January 31 - December 31

Full price


Email Agi on agi@integrationtraining.co.uk with the email subject “Apprenticeship + 1-to-1” to set up your payment

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