486. The Best Relational Technology – With Adam Wilder and Mark Walsh

Boundaries and desires coach Adam Wilder, joins Mark to talk masculinity, initiation, Circling, authenticity, subjectivity, Wheel of Consent, people pleasing, touch, effective altruism, sex and consent, resentment, psychedelic scandals, the danger of lack of touch and more. A lovely chat where we cover a lot of ground. Thanks for listening!

485. F**k Yoga – With Yogi Bryan and Mark Walsh

Foul-mouthed yoga teacher Bryan joins me to talk meditation, golf, why is yoga so serious, the versatility of the word f**k, being divisive, the yoga police, Mark Manson, giving a f**k, divorce, and we end with a sighing f**k meditation. As you might expect this one. Thanks for listening!

482. Carnivore Fitness – With Michael Mason and Mark Walsh

Coach Michael Mason joins me Mark Walsh to talk about fitness in middle age, martial arts, Japan, longevity, situational awareness, body guarding, the carnivore diet and how to start it, mindset, gut biomes, different types of meat, doctor’s bad advice, and how to maintain testosterone levels. A solid helpful one. Michael Mason’s socials and links: …

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