People Un-Pleasing resources

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Want support to break your people-pleasing habits?

You may like our Boundaries Bundle, a collection of online courses that’ll support you to: 

Introductory videos...

Have questions?

I’ll  personally respond to any questions you may have about people-pleasing on Instagram, as long as they’re concise (1-2 sentences please). I’m @warkmalsh:


A deeper look at self-care

Self-soothing meditation

How to ask for what you want

“No” posture

“Yes” posture

“Self-Care” posture

“Taking Space” posture

“Receiving” posture

“Giving” posture

Interested in learning more about all 26 postures from the Embodied Toolkit system, and using them to help others?

Keep a look out for the book we’ll release on Embodied Toolkit in mid-2024, or learn more about the course:

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