People Un-Pleasing Book

Learn how to set boundaries, get your needs met, and live unapologetically

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This book will help you if you ever...


What leaders in the embodiment field say...

Why now's the time to break your people-pleasing habits...

“People-pleasing is a topic that has come up in more than a dozen countries that I’ve led workshops in over the years, and with thousands of students online.

A recent people-pleasing coaching video I shared across social media has had over 3 million views. It’s clearly an interesting topic for many! 

It seems many people, particularly women, are waking up to the fact that their needs matter. They don’t only exist to serve others. Good. 

Students also seem attracted to the power of embodied tools to make big shifts in this area. Talking about the topic just doesn’t cut it. Embodiment works.  

If you recognise some people-pleasing patterns in yourself, then this book will help you. Feel free to share it with friends, family or colleagues, too.

I’m happy that with this book, I’m able to offer something accessible to everyone who needs it, and not just those who are able to join me on our online courses or in-person workshops.

So, people-pleasers: it’d really please me if you read this book and took something out of it… 🙂

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