Today I decided to be human

Today I decided to be human.
I went for a walk when I had “lots to do”, because busy is a choice.
I smelt the roses
and the dog shit, to be fair.
I ate what I liked and didn’t feel guilty.
I grunted in yoga and didn’t pretend to transcend my money worries
or that the wife hadn’t just wound me up
or that I don’t sometimes like a bit of telly.

I sat with myself kindly on a park bench
and breathed.
I decided not to brutalise my body with mind-enforced deadlines.
I decided to feel when was ENOUGH (food, work, sex, whatever).
I gave myself a break from self-tyranny.

Today I decided to be human.
I went for a walk, heard the birds blabber, ate a packet of non-organic high-fat crisps
and forgave myself for being


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