The pain of reconnection

With so many benefits to reconnecting with ourselves (embodiment), others (relating) and the planet, one may ask why are we so consistently disconnected? One answer is trauma, of course. Another is that it’s a fucking conspiracy in how the world is set up. Or here’s one more: because it hurts to reconnect. Pain comes before the boon.

For many – at least, initially – there’s a huge sadness in coming home. Disconnection is numbing, so when we do reconnect, there’s a whole load of feeling to catch up on. Grief is the first one, as we realise what we’d lost. I felt this way when walking in the woods in Austria a few days ago. I came close to tears, as I thought to myself, ‘I’d forgotten how much I need nature. What was I doing?!’

We have to mourn and only then do the benefits come. That isn’t always easy, as there’s so much to deal with. Gentle hugs to you all.


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2 thoughts on “The pain of reconnection”

  1. Grief and loss can bring about a great peace, deep within ourselves. Mourning is a painful process but if we can allow ourselves the space to mourn and be with it fully, then healing, self-growth, self-love and inner freedom comes. Along with the space for real joy, happiness, bliss and inner peace. No one else can rid us of our pain except ourselves. Gentle hugs are indeed needed for us all.

  2. thank you Mark, important point.
    as we disconnect to avoid feeling pain, which at some point is probably even life-saving, returning to connection first of all makes you feel all pain. and there is a lot in each one of us …
    but feeling through the pain also opens the spectrum for the other side … and this can feel like your heart explodes with joy and tears of being touched …
    i just explained to my ten year old, that all the stuck frozen stuff in your body makes your kife more and more limited and numb and only when we can slowly feel through that, which is not an easy process at all, life can return to flow through us … hello from austria 😉 Rea

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