175. Creative yet rigorous – With Dieter Rehberg

Somatic movement therapist Dieter joins me to discuss the Central European tradition, innovation, expressive dance, beginners vs intermediate teaching, operational language, Buddhist mind theory, self-organising, dialogue, “jamming”, somatic movement coaching, what embodiment is anyway, bodymind vs mindbody, contact improv and “controlology”. A free flowing fun one, with a bit of geekery.  

172. Somatics 2.0 – With Jamie McHugh

Somatic movement specialist Jamie McHugh joins me to talk creative dance, community dance, Laban movement choirs, Anna Halprin, online work, the “basic 5”, developmental movement, the body politic, humane technology, busyness, “digesting” information, feeling safe and does mindfulness need an upgrade. A wide ranging, rich and up to date one!

157. Action somatics – with Martha Eddy

Dancer and somatic movement therapist Dr Martha Eddy joins us to discuss her background growing up in inner city New York with social activist parents, modern dance, Rudolf Laban, Bartenieff, Isodora Duncan, theatre, Bodymind Centring and Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, health and physical therapy, developmental movement, her Dynamic Embodiment system, health, middle-class embodiment, “practical” vs exploratory practice, …

157. Action somatics – with Martha Eddy Read More »

132. Integral shadow bodywork – with Silas Hörler

Bodyworker Silas Hörler on what bodywork is and the many types of it. We talk “Energy”, bioenergetics, emotions and values, the purpose of anger, Alexander Lowen, who’s good in the field, shadow work, body reading and online bodywork. Kinda a casual but very useful one.

108. Ontological coaching – with Gonzalo Cordova

Somatic coach and leadership facilitator Gonzalo Cordova joins me today. We talk despair, Mexican culture, the observer that we are, ontological coaching, the great split from the body, listening to the body, the language of the body, intuition, translating embodiment to corporates, emotions in coaching, the primary emotions, jealousy, where emotions come from, emotions vs …

108. Ontological coaching – with Gonzalo Cordova Read More »

98. Somatic Coaching – with Curtis Watkins

Experienced executive coach Curtis Watkins, known for working with the body, joins me from New York to both explain and show somatic (embodied) coaching. We discuss school sports trauma, acting, bring big and small, what’s too much and too little, what exactly is coaching, linguistics and Fernando Flores, Ontological coaching, coaching vs sports scorching, taking …

98. Somatic Coaching – with Curtis Watkins Read More »

63. Somatic Yoga – with Julie Martin

Julie joins the show from Goa to discuss a somatic approach to yoga beyond making the shapes and blindly following tradition. She touches upon neo-colonialism, culture, travelling yogis, yoga for Indians vs. Europeans, dissociative yoga, unworthiness, social media, entitlement and freedom in yoga.  

51. Socially engaged somatics – with Russell Delman

Long-time Feldenkrais teacher and founder of The Embodied Life Russell Delman joins the podcast to explain Moshe Feldenkrais’ method, and his own holistic approach to awareness. He discusses functional integration and awareness through movement, the birth of embodiment in The West, the counter-culture of slowing down and not trying, integrating mental, emotional and social awareness …

51. Socially engaged somatics – with Russell Delman Read More »

39. Giving yoga a somatic upgrade – with Beverley Nolan

Movement therapist and yoga teacher Beverley Nolan joins Mark to discuss why the body matters for therapy, Body-Mind Centring, Authentic Movement, embodied anatomy and feeling into various organ systems, embryology, what a somatic yoga looks like, trauma and trauma sensitive yoga (and if this can be taken too far), invitational language, culture, shallow vs. deep commitment, and …

39. Giving yoga a somatic upgrade – with Beverley Nolan Read More »

10: Soma, drugs and getting old – a somatic history with Don Hanlon Johnson

Somatic granddaddy Don Hanlon Johnson gives us a history lesson from the early days of embodiment in the USA at Esalen and the swinging 60’s, to modern politics and environmental concerns and the future of the field. We talk about diversity, East-West collisions, culture, LSD, education, ageing and more. He also presents a couple of …

10: Soma, drugs and getting old – a somatic history with Don Hanlon Johnson Read More »

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