85. CrossFit Christianity – with Greg Amundson

Greg joins the show to talk police work, the warrior archetype, ongoing training, presence, CrossFit (he’s a pretty big deal in that world), competitive exercise, intensity, principles over technique, mental training, the power of the word, Christianity, Krav Maga, the perennial philosophy, peace, and samurai stories. A lively spirited chat. https://gregoryamundson.com https://youtu.be/XHujV32dA8I

55. Elevating exercise – with Linus Johansson 

Soma Move Founder Linus on physiotherapy, movement in daily life and matching movement to clients needs, “Trojan-Horsing” gyms and fitness, innovation, Swedish culture, confidence, free movement, training for pleasure and why the body is NOT a temple.  http://www.movdoo.com http://www.somamove.com    

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