501. The Importance of Shadow Constellations : Nir Esterman

Shadow Constellations combine the healing potential of both Family Constellations and Shadow Work, connecting Intergenerational Healing with Self-Parts Integration in novel ways. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung  The Shadow is the realm of the unconscious into which we put what we …

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500th Special Episode!

For this 500th episode Mark chats with his mentee Ranko Ceric about the podcast, embodiment and life. The bigger picture with some “under the hood” insights. Thanks for listening! Enjoy a free gift worth more than $100 on us and we hope to see you in-person soon: https://members.embodimentunlimited.com/product/podcast-newsletter-bonus/ You may also enjoy Ranko’s recent conversation …

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486. The Best Relational Technology – With Adam Wilder and Mark Walsh

Boundaries and desires coach Adam Wilder, joins Mark to talk masculinity, initiation, Circling, authenticity, subjectivity, Wheel of Consent, people pleasing, touch, effective altruism, sex and consent, resentment, psychedelic scandals, the danger of lack of touch and more. A lovely chat where we cover a lot of ground. https://www.adamwilder.com/ https://www.instagram.com/the_boundaries_coach/ Thanks for listening!

485. F**k Yoga – With Yogi Bryan and Mark Walsh

Foul-mouthed yoga teacher Bryan joins me to talk meditation, golf, why is yoga so serious, the versatility of the word f**k, being divisive, the yoga police, Mark Manson, giving a f**k, divorce, and we end with a sighing f**k meditation. As you might expect this one. https://www.yogibryan.com/ https://www.youtube.com/c/YogiBryanchannel Thanks for listening!

484. Seven Perspectives on Anger – With Mark Walsh

In this special episode I break down the many ways of looking at this emotion called anger. I bet you haven’t heard all of them… Let’s dive in.  Also, are you an embodiment teacher? Join the best library and make your online class available to our worldwide audience: FREE here: https://members.embodimentunlimited.com/directory-search/?geodir_search=1&stype=gd_event&etype=today&s&fbclid=IwAR3j2mVsA71Q0pa08lrHIpUsQ2HRzH3AD0AWKtTbGXqZysMgEHMEXpVAe0M Online at: https://theembodimentstudio.com/ App at: …

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479. Trauma and Meditation – With Mark Walsh

How are trauma and meditation connected? Embodiment informs our view on the entanglement of trauma and meditation in practice and how we can use that understanding with clients and students as coaches.  Meditation course :  https://embodimentunlimited.com/embodied-meditation/ Trauma course: https://embodimentunlimited.com/trauma-coaching/ Thanks for listening!

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