Mentorship program for students from North America with Mark Walsh

Increasingly we’ve noticed people are longing for mentors and really what we would call apprenticeship. So we’ve made it happen.

Who is it for?

Professionals, who want:

  • to become one of the best embodied facilitators humanity has produced
  • to make a decent/better living from it 
  • to build a life-long learning network of friends and colleagues 
  • to have a good time doing the above 

This offer is for our students who know and trust our work and our teachers and are willing to commit to a two-year journey with our support.

We want this to be accessible to people of different circumstances from a hyper-committed “full timer” (we offer enough to make it a full time “university”), to a busy single mum with two jobs who wants quality not quantity. 

Duration: 2 years

LIVE mentorship elements

  • 50 minutes online small group session with Mark Walsh every 2 months (12 calls over 2 years)
  • 50 minutes online small group session with Karin’s Van Maanen monthly (24 calls over 2 years)
  • Small peer group weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (you decide which and we help you arrange)
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group for check-ins and accountability to keep the motivation and track results (business and practice weekly goals Monday, with fail or succeed Friday)
  • Access to Mark’s Trauma Group
  • Three hour online kick off event late January

In-person events:

  • 3 day training in New York yearly (in 2022 and 2023)
  • Free access to any of Mark’s European events

All online courses from Embodiment Unlimited:

ALL Embodiment Unlimited professional online courses during mentorship: 2022 – 2023 with FOREVER access.

Courses planned for 2022 ($5000 worth):

  • Embodied meditation teacher training – LIVE six month course starting in January (Karin & Martin A) – NEW
  • Facilitators Trauma Course –  LIVE and fairly chunky – NEW
  • Foundations & Certification of Embodiment coaching – LIVE
  • Extended Ethical Marketing – LIVE and including PBB content, focusing on facilitators
  • EYP – pre-recorded course, but may include a live part

Existing course library including ($4000 worth):

  • Embodied boundaries (release in October 2021) 
  • Moving beyond Trauma with Ilan Stephani (released in September 2021)
  • Empowered Relationships (released in August 2021) 
  • 21 Days to Better Sleep (released in June 2021)
  • Embodiment Coaching 
  • Everyday Embodiment
  • Ethical Marketing (2021)
  • Purpose Black Belt (2021)
  • FEC (recordings from 2021)
  • CEC (recordings from 2021)

Extra opportunities

  • Network, peer, and business opportunities are huge
  • “Second tracking” and assistant opportunities while Mark is teaching including online after sessions (eg CEC)
  • You are welcome to join team sessions for courses to see how we work “behind the scenes.” A GREAT way to learn
  • If Mark goes back to live corporate work you can also shadow this (your travel expenses etc. would be yours as usual, and you better make good coffee 🙂 ). We can also arrange this with others for you
  • You will be invited to additional extra face to face courses
  • Extra subject specific tutorials/classes 
  • If Mark is in your town he’ll always offer a meet up
  • Work after with the company (if you want it). We now employ about 50% of past “Jedi” mentees in some form of regality, and have given maybe 75% paid work! 

How you will benefit. Ways to use tutorials (you decide):

  • Encouragement and love!
  • Practice and course selection support (you can’t do them all at once)
  • Challenge 
  • Technical questions 
  • Marketing help, sales funnels and brand discussion 
  • Feedback (must be open to this
  • Accountability (also a “must be willing”). This will likely be done peer-peer and with the course manager more than Mark in detail, but I will keep kicking your arse 🙂 
  • Coming with 1-2 things to work on 
  • Reframing and getting new perspectives 
  • Brainstorming ideas 
  • Establishing practices and routines 
  • Further resources – sign-posting
  • Requesting connections (e.g. people, newsletter or social connection) 
  • Building embodied capacities – e.g. saying no

Your commitment

  • You attend all live group mentorship sessions with Mark and Karin
  • You attend peer group meetings
  • You attend one 3-day gathering in New York
  • You keep a regular daily meditation and 5 hours a week MINIMUM embodied practice (you choose but we’ll check and challenge) 
  • You participate in WhatsApp check-ins

This stuff will not be policed, you’re a grown up. 

*Tutorials will likely be weekdays UK early evenings, similar to CEC. We can decide these days as a group. Live attendance exemptions with occasional UK morning ones.

Our relationship is:

  • Co-creative
  • Mature. Teacher-student, but adult-adult 
  • Ethical (free choice etc.)


FEES: Starting from $6000 including everything above for 2 years.

Financial commitment up front after discussion to establish a good fit. While this number looks big upfront, if you do the math of what’s included, you’ll find it’s an incredible overall saving for someone who is serious about becoming an “exceptional” embodiment facilitator. 

We’re offering A LOT… So (in advance) no, you can’t have a discount if you already bought some of our courses 🙂 Also, non-refundable. 

*If something in the company changes and we don’t offer all these, we will offer intensives or 1-on-1s to compensate at no extra charge. The business is fairly fluid but we have a solid plan for 6+ courses a year, 4 live six-month ones (like CEC) and 2+ evergreen ones (like EYP).

Official start:

We will do some preliminary stuff in Oct/Nov 2021 and you can get access to everything that’s already available right away.

You’ll have full access to content as soon as we have the new system up (January likely), and will kick off officially with an online half day in February 2022.

How to apply

This offer is limited to 15 participants.

From interest so far, we expect more people to apply than we can take. To help Mark choose, please WhatsApp us a 1 minute video (strictly 1 min, practice first) stating: 

  • Your financial offer – starting at $6,000 USD. (For what this is, that’s actually very, very cheap).
  • NOTE: Payment is UPFRONT in October 2021.
  • What qualities and experience you bring to the group (peer learning is critical here).
  • How you will use embodied facilitation for good (money ain’t everything). 

Honestly, we’re more likely to take people we know well and trust, and who are open and humble – as frankly, two years is a long time, so we have to get on. If you’re not sure if we can get on or you can be a real student open to learning DO NOT APPLY. 

Be sure, as you’re taking a precious place we can’t fill later and there are no refunds.

Time is limited on this offer:

1) The final application date is October 23rd, though the places may be filled earlier.

2) If you’re interested but still have questions, fill in the application. We’re not interested in recruiting students who aren’t a good fit, so don’t worry – we won’t be selling you hard, but WILL be able to address your questions.


Well, you’ve got stiff competition so it doesn’t mean we hate you, likely just Mark knew someone else better. 

We will likely offer a general annual EU membership of all online courses for around $2500 a year from January, but this lacks much of what’s above and will be a much bigger group of participants.

No. You’ll always have a choice. It’s not a cult (I can’t even shag you).

Yes. If you take off your expert twat-hat and have the humility to be a real apprentice. If you can’t then you’ll be thrown out, no refund offered.

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