Mark's top five practical self-regulation tools

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Mark's top five practical self-regulation tools

10 - 14th January 2022

Practical, proven techniques

to self-regulate quickly in daily life

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With Mark Walsh & guests

What some of our students say

Is it all just a bit too much lately?

Or have you found you’ve got no energy left for self-care after dealing with everyone else’s stress?

Maybe found yourself feeling powerless in the face of what’s happening in the world?

Or perhaps like your capacity for empathy, creativity and clarity has been reduced?

You’re not alone.

How deeply destabilising the last two years have been is only starting to become clear, and we’re likely going to take a while to properly find ‘normal’ again.

Find and hold your own centre

You can’t control much of what’s happening around you, but you CAN learn to stay steady in the midst of it.

Being a beacon of calm in the chaos will not only make your own life more manageable, but also help those around you.

Learning to center yourself with simple embodied tools can transform your experience immediately.

Turn doubt and procrastination into creativity and flow

Overcome overwhelm to reconnect with your natural intelligence, inspiration and energy.

When you’re stuck in fight or flight mode from turmoil (either in your personal life or globally), your capacity for critical thinking, creativity and even empathy is reduced.

By using these practical tools to relax and focus in the moment, you can instantly reconnect to your creative intelligence.

Mark’s top five practical

self-regulation tools

Learn 5 tried and tested embodiment tools you can use every day

Throughout the week, you’ll learn

Plus all this stuff, too

All in just 30 minutes a day.

Who are these tools for?

People who

Sound like you?

The schedule for the week

You’ll learn one new embodied self-regulation tool each day, along with unique insights into how rediscovering your connection with your body can transform the way you are in the world.

We highly recommend making it to one session each day to get the most from the event.

And if you’ve got time, we’re hosting a number of bonus sessions with incredible teachers throughout the week for you to join, too.

9am UK time
1pm UK time
7pm UK time
1am UK time
Day 1:
Monday 10th January 2022
Self-care (with Christina)
Self-regulation for your type (with Ginny)*
How to overcome overwhelm (with Mark)
How to quiet the Monday-mind (with Kathleen)*
Day 2:
Tuesday 11th January 2022
Family and relationships (with Christina, Roma and Jane)
Techniken zur Selbstregulation bei Angst und Unsicherheit (with Daniela)*
Self-regulation for perfectionists (with Patricia)
Reset the nervous system to the parasympathetic dominant state (with Simon)*
Day 3:
Wednesday 12th January 2022
Grace in difficult times (with Karin)
The power of yin (with Jamie)*
Health and pain management (with Mark)
Day 4:
Thursday 13th January 2022
Self-regulation for increased energy (with Christina)
Conflict with less murder (with Mark)
Breathwork for emotional mastery (with Michael)*
Day 5:
Friday 14th January 2022
Self-regulation for helping others (with Christina)
The top 5 tools recap (with Mark)
How to teach self-regulation – for facilitators (with Mark)

*1-hour session

Your teachers for the week

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

"Mr Embodiment"

Author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation. He hosts The Embodiment Podcast (1 million+ downloads), and led The Embodiment Conference (1000 teachers, 500,000 delegates). Seeing a theme yet?

Mark founded the Embodied Facilitator Course in the UK and Russia, has trained over 2000 embodiment coaches and worked in over 40 other countries. Some of which will even let him back in. 

He gained an honours in Psychology (despite been an alcoholic at the time), and has taught widely in the corporate world where he pretended to be a grown up for years, training blue-chip companies (e.g. Unilever, Shell, Axa, L’Oreal), whom he overcharged as they made him wear a suit.

Mark has also upset (sorry, taught) many yogis, NGOs, police officers and several militaries. He has worked in war zones, and showed off to over 50,000 children. He headlined International Coach Federation events, taught at Moscow State University, lived with the circus in Ethiopia, has worked with celebrities and kissed a princess. 

Mark is an aikido black belt, and also has 25 years of experience of other martial arts, with yoga, bodywork, improv comedy, conscious dance and meditation. Embodiment is his obsession, life’s work, and frankly at this point he couldn’t get a job doing anything else. 

He dances like your dad at a disco, overshares about his gorgeous Ukrainian wife, and offends pirates with his swearing.

Mark is now tired of pretending someone else wrote this and feels weird talking about himself in the third person.

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Christina Dohr

Embodied Coach & Somatic Educator

Christina is co-lead trainer on the Certification of Embodiment Coaching course, a passionate dancer and improviser who holds an MSc in Social Sciences. 


She has an Aikido black belt and is a master of integrated mixed modalities from many worlds. Her work has taken her all around the world, from London, Berlin and Switzerland, to South-East Asia and back. 


Christina guides groups and individuals through embodied enquiry exercises presented in a playful package while targeting greater self-awareness and personal growth.

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Karin Van Maanen

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Karin is a yoga & meditation teacher with an MSc in Mindfulness Studies, and has been teaching compassion-based mindfulness full-time since 2008.


She delivers yoga teacher training courses, is a teacher-trainer on The Embodiment Toolkit course, and is lead trainer of Embodied Meditation, having co-authored Embodied Meditation.


Karin has a background in community arts and works as a storyteller, often combining a range of embodied and creative approaches to support the personal and professional development of the people she works with.

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Patricia Aguirre

Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Patricia is a therapist who has been a yogi and meditator for almost two decades. She is passionate about sharing deep spiritual work from a very grounded and earthly experience.


Patricia is also a specialist in developmental trauma, and trained in family constellations work.


She integrates her knowledge and experience of 20+ years of eastern philosophies with trauma sensitive methods such as transactional analysis, systemic therapy, and emotionally focused therapy.

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Bonus teachers

Jane Dancey

Embodiment Facilitator & Women's Coach

Jane specialises in supporting and accompanying women through transitional stages of life, from menarche to menopause. She is the creator of The Embodied Female Pelvis online course.

Jane’s a passionate advocate for women having a positive experience of their bodies. She is a certified Embodiment Facilitator, a trained Rites of Passage Facilitator, Somatic Coach, a senior Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher and a mum to a beautiful teenage girl.

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Roma Pijlman

Martial Arts coach

Roma is an embodiment facilitator, life and business coach, Karate instructor and 2nd dan black belt Dutch national team Karate coach. 


She’s passionate about Martial Arts and applying them in daily life in creative ways. She has a MSc in Physics, but her heart is in working with people to be their best (most embodied) selves.

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Ginny Whitelaw

Founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership

Ginny is the Founder and President of the Institute for Zen Leadership and a Zen Master in the Chozen-ji line of Rinzai Zen. A biophysicist by training, she combines a rich scientific background with senior leadership experience at NASA, and nearly 25 years developing leaders at such companies as Novartis, Dell, Merck, T. Rowe Price, Sprint, Mercer, Ascension Health, and JNJ.

Ginny’s a recognized expert in the development of the whole leader, and has authored four books, including The Zen Leader. She co-developed the FEBI®, which measures four patterns of personality that connect body, mind and behaviours, and trains practitioners worldwide in applying FEBI in their work. She holds a PhD in Biophysics, as well as a BS in Physics, a BA in Philosophy, and a fifth-degree black belt in Aikido.

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Kathleen Booker

Breathwork Coach

Kathleen Booker is an effervescent native New Yorker. Her energy is infectious. She’s passionate about Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy and knows first-hand the energy, healing, peace, and joy it creates in one’s life. 


As a certified and insured Breathwork Coach, she has worked with many masters in the field of Conscious Connected Breathwork therapy. For over 10 years, Kathleen’s used her breath coaching and intuitive skills to support people to identify areas in need of growth, healing and focused goal creation. She has an instinctive sense of what will motivate and empower her clients which is the fuel for their transformation.

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Simon Borg-Olivier

Yoga teacher & physiotherapist

Simon is the co-founder and owner of Yoga Synergy and has over three decades experience teaching yoga, inspiring people all around the world.

He studied and taught at Sydney University over a period of 20 years. During that time he completed a Bachelor of Science in human biology, a research based Master of Science in molecular biology and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy.

Simon loves hanging out with his kids, going to festivals and dance parties and swimming in his pool.

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Jamie Catto

Creative catalyst, musician, mischief-maker

Jamie is an author, film-maker and musician who runs transformational workshops and events to help people reclaim all the treasure we edited away into the shadows and facilitate people daring to be more real, more fallible, more tender and more intimate. 

His mission is to create a world full of ‘walking permission slips’ where we all lighten up and enjoy the unpredictable human path together with humour, playfulness and a healthy dose of irreverence. 

Jamie facilitates these professional, personal and creative breakthroughs by drawing from his own processes in ground-breaking film production, philosophy voyages and his music career.

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Michael Stone

Creator of Neurodynamic Breathwork™

Michael attended his first breathwork session in 2005, was blown away by the power of the breath and never looked back. 


He has facilitated breathwork sessions for over a decade including over 800 online sessions of a breathwork modality which he created, Neurodynamic Breathwork™, with tens of thousands of participants from over 120 countries.  


Michael has been instrumental in creating a thriving worldwide breathing community in support of personal and global transformation and healing.

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Daniela Welzel

Embodiment Facilitator & MBCT trainer

Daniela brings her unique blend of embodied experience to everything she does. She is authentic, honest and fearless in her work and honors whatever arises with grace, patience and presence.  

Daniela has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a diploma in police leadership science. She also holds a black belt in Aikido, and is a certified MBCT trainer.

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