Courage to Lead

Instant-access course for female facilitators

You’re not lazy or bad

Even if you’re struggling to share your gifts with the world. Learn what may be under that and how to do something about it

A course for female facilitators

Online course with pre-recorded webinars

Peer practice group

Project to action what you learn

Embodied process with practical tools

Ever felt nervous about stepping fully into your calling?

Does the idea of putting yourself out there and telling the world what you offer make your stomach turn?

Maybe you can't bear the thought of the judgement you might get?

What if people question your competence or criticise you for being so bold?

You’re not alone.

So many of us, despite our strong callings, struggle. We worry about putting our message out there. And it’s no surprise really.

As a woman you’ve likely been carefully conditioned to “play small” and stay safe.

But the world needs more women who cast aside this conditioning.

We need to reclaim our power and bring our unique gifts to the people who need them.


Courage to Lead

Online journey to feel more confident in bringing your work to the people who need it

with Patricia Aguirre and Christina Dohr

Practical tools
& techniques


global community

Courage to Lead is an online, embodied journey for female facilitators and professional women to raise their confidence to the same level as their abilities. As a female facilitator, you may have found yourself questioning your right to stand up and own what you actually know you do well.

This course takes you to the heart of where that hesitancy comes from, and gives you the opportunity to look it in the eyes and question it. Once you’ve gone to the core of the fear, you’ll learn specific embodied tools to acknowledge it and find the strength to do the thing anyway.

After listening to pre-recorded webinars, you’ll have the opportunity in your peer groups to share what you find. You can also practise your new tools with this community of like-minded women.

You’ll take real-world steps in your accountability project to bring your gift to the people who need it and create the life of embodied professional growth you’ve imagined.


If you’re a woman who…

wants to coach but is nervous about getting started and putting yourself ‘out there’

knows you’re undervaluing yourself and holding back from fulfilling your professional potential.

wants to feel more confident in how you present yourself to clients and the world as a facilitator

…this course is likely a good fit.

You’ll learn...

How the course works...

There will be four main parts to the course:

Pre-recorded webinars*, your real-life project, practice peer groups and personal practice.

Webinar 1
Webinar 2
Placing healthy expectations
Webinar 3
Personal shadow work
Webinar 4
Collective shadow
Webinar 5
Taking steps forward
Webinar 6
Webinar 7
Being where I want to be
Webinar 8

Go to the core of what’s holding you back

Discover why the fear is not your fault, but also why it IS your responsibility to do something about it.

Learn the skills you need to feel the fear and do it anyway

Empower yourself to step forward (in real-time) despite the fear to create the career in facilitation you’re called to.

Bring your unique gift to the people who need it

While you’re frozen in fear the people who need you can’t find you. As you overcome what’s holding you back you’re helping them too.

"I have seen time and again how many women struggle to see the value in what they have to say, share, and teach – even when they’ve spent years studying, perfecting their crafts, and dedicating themselves to what they love to do.

Whenever you fall into this illusion of the “never enough” story, you lose valuable time where you don’t share what’s within you, what you’ve prepared yourself to practice. You also don’t reach the people who need your message, your work, your medicine.

I’ve also been part of this reality of our time where women over-prepare and over-practice in an attempt to cover up the always-unattainable promise of earning our place with the voice-holders and the power bearers.

This impacts all genders, but women have historically and culturally played a particular role in relationship to these dynamics.

Also, as women, our path out of this structure holds the potential to help reshape the way we live as a whole.

May we stand in dignity and respect for ourselves and our communities as we take our place, our voice and our power."

Patricia Aguirre
Course designer
Therapist, Yogi & Family Constellation Facilitator

Course leaders

Christina Dohr

Christina Dohr

Embodiment Coach & Somatic Educator

Christina is co-lead trainer on the Certification of Embodiment Coaching course.

She is a certified teacher of Feminine Yoga for women and uses dance and embodiment to teach workshops on boundaries and self-expression in women-only spaces.

Christina has an aikido black belt and is a master of integrated mixed modalities.

She guides groups and individuals through embodied exercises while targeting greater self-awareness and personal growth.


Patricia Aguirre

Therapist, Yogi & Family Constellation Facilitator

Patricia is co-lead trainer of the Trauma Coaching course and works extensively with women through private sessions and workshops.

She combines deep processes of shadow work through different models of therapy and trauma work with almost two decades on the spiritual path.

Patricia weaves both of these visions into her work where she leads women into states of strength and empowerment, peace and fulfillment in life, as expressed by many of the women she has worked with.


Alina Roder

Course Manager

Alina is the Course Manager for the Certification of Embodiment Coaching Course.

As an ICF Coach she focuses on Intuition and Embodiment in her work with women, supporting them to live a meaningful and happy life.

She has an MA in Cognitive Semiotics and is never far from her yoga-mat or surfboard. You might have seen her at the Embodiment Conference 2020, where she spoke on the importance of the body for meaning making.

What women said about "Courage to Lead"...

Bonus materials

As your journey into facilitation may involve work with both boundaries and trauma, we have included two bonus pre-recorded courses with Patricia Aguirre:

Introduction to Trauma

~3 hours
Includes common symptoms of trauma, the weird ways it shows up, trauma coaching and why trauma education is needed now.
  • Introduction
  • What is trauma?
  • Common trauma symptoms
  • Trauma and the body
  • The weird ways trauma shows up
  • Paradigms of trauma
  • Trauma, activism and victimhood
  • Why is trauma education important and needed now
  • What is trauma coaching
  • Women’s trauma
  • This is only the beginning…
  • Top trauma tips (bonus)

Embody Your Boundaries

~4 hours
Includes exploration of internal & external boundaries, conditioning, handling discomfort and how to set boundaries in key areas of life. Split into four sections:
  • Introduction to boundaries
  • Boundaries & our relationship with ourselves
  • Be compassionate with yourself when discovering your needs
  • Internal boundaries, limits & self-respect
  • Honour your own feelings & existence
  • How we repeat negative patterns of feeling
  • How we lose self-agency
  • How postponing uncomfortable situations leads to increased discomfort
  • How to step forward through uncomfortable feelings
  • The importance of language for boundaries
  • How taking too much responsibility is unrealistic
  • Exercise: use self-care to build internal boundaries
  • Boundaries in romantic relationships
  • Why boundaries mean yes and no
  • How to practise expressing your needs
  • Why honouring your past is the starting point
  • How to access your “yes”
  • Why being over-boundaried can meet your needs
  • Why under-boundaried can meet your needs
  • Exercise: how boundaries show up in relationship
  • Summary of boundaries in relationships
  • Why boundaries are a practice throughout life
  • How we’re conditioned to please others
  • Why we feel the need to prove our worth
  • Learn to grow through the uncomfortable
  • What happens when you don’t express boundaries?
  • Resentment & asserting your needs
  • What are unhealthy ways that we try to get what we want?
  • How to develop range in relationship
  • Ending relationships
  • Exercise: how to confidently stand for what you want
  • Summary of boundaries in relationships
  • Why family boundaries are hard
  • How dynamics work within the family system
  • Exercise: How much space do you feel to set a boundary
  • What are you willing to sacrifice
  • Watch your hidden motives
  • Build a healthy, supportive community
  • Exercise: practise being with uncomfortable feelings
  • Exercise: yes and …
  • Why some people are more difficult to set boundaries with
  • Exercise: finding stability and centredness
  • Exercise: testing your boundary
  • Finding your voice within the family dynamics
  • How to understand the reactions to your boundaries
  • Summarising boundaries

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Courage to Lead - for female facilitators

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Courage to Lead - for female facilitators


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Want to make sure this course is the right fit for you? We do too.

Important notice:

We do visit topics around female trauma in this course, you will need to have some degree of functionality around this topic to be able to do the work.


This course is pre-recorded and available on our app and learning platform, but the peer groups will be live (you can organise a time that suits each of those in your group together – we don’t tell you when to meet).

No, the course will benefit all professional women wanting to put their gifts forward more courageously. But the content is geared towards female facilitators, so an interest in becoming a facilitator is useful.

If you complete the course over 2 months, it will be between 3 to 5 hours per week.

It will obvious be less per week if you complete it over a longer period of time. We won’t recommend doing it in less than 2 months though.

Each webinar is 75 minutes. There are actually two option available for each topic (see descriptions above), as Patricia and Christina each taught them with slightly different flavours!

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