466. Magick, Money and Strippers – With Dane Tomas and Mark Walsh

Esoteric Entrepreneur Dane joins me to talk magick, Golden Dawn, how to choose a practice, BJJ, “magick” stereotypes, money shadows, the state of the world, conscious sexuality, and the evolutionary journey of “counter culture”.

A far ranging and unusual one.



About Dane 

My 3 main obsessions are:

Creativity, Business, and.. Magick.

That makes me someone who loves building and creating businesses almost as much as he loves writing, speaking, rapping and ritual.

It also means I’m uniquely positioned to help “Spiritual People” bring their offerings into the world in a way that feels aligned for them.

In 2012 I created a potent healing and transformational technology called the Spiral. It was based on NLP, kinesiology, the scale of consciousness and the chakra system.

To date 10,000s of people have had their lives transformed by the process and hundreds of people have built livelihoods as ‘Spiral Practitioners’.

I wrote the book “Clear Your Shit” which explained the method in great detail and switched many thousands of people onto the benefits of “emotional clearing”.

After 9 years and a lot of evolution and ego death, I sold The Spiral Institute and dedicated myself to treating myself and my life as my own magical work of art. 

I decided I would no longer “play it safe” and went all in on my meditations and magical practices and.. things began to change rapidly.

I returned to making music.

I began fusing art with magickl, tantric practice and ritual theatre.

I also started writing and speaking more openly about the colorful world I inhabit.

As I “graduated” The Spiral I realized I wasn’t afraid of what people thought of me.

This meant my work and expression became a little less “PC” and my brand started to reflect what I was really like on the inside.

I decided to dedicate myself to helping awakened and embodied souls be more successful in the material world.

I devoted myself to equipping all emerging witches, wizards, priests and priestess as well as embodied leaders and spiritual facilitators and coaches of all kinds to:

1. Make their gifts and offerings more potent and powerful.

2. RECEIVE more of the wealth and abundance they deserve in exchange for what they contribute.

I became 100% committed to living my life as a wealthy, creative, embodied magician and offering it up as an example of what’s possible.

Sometimes this feels vulnerable and awkward but.. It’s also a LOT of fun.


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