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Do you feel seen, heard and appreciated?

Learn how to get more connection, joy and fulfilment from your partner with Empowered Relationships.

Offer ends in:
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What if you guide them to feeling truly seen, heard and fulfilled?

Imagine a world where your partner understands what you want without you having to hint at them.

Imagine you can communicate freely without getting fired up and having a blowout, using conflicts as opportunities for growth rather than destruction.

Now imagine you could help your clients get all of this too. How grateful would they be?

It is possible, but it all starts with you

The one thing that’s consistent in all of your relationships is you.

Your communication, your boundaries, your self-love and respect, overcoming your destructive patterns.

These are all skills you can learn and apply to your own relationships and teach your clients.

Once you’ve begun to fully embody them, watch the relationships around you shift and blossom.


Empowered Relationships

Helping you and your clients get more joy and fulfilment from an intimate relationship (now or in the future)

Recorded content | LIVE elements | Interactive learning

Structured step-by-step programme
Practical tools for all kinds of situations
LIVE Demos for easy integration
Peer-to-peer practice for interactive learning

Course overview

Curriculum & schedule

Week 1: Self Connection

Week 1 is all about self-connection, self-care and stress management.

Becoming aware of your body
Pleasure as an embodied practice. Waking up your hands.
Some notes on the practice
Exploring self care
Notice and work with your stress response
Why pleasure is important
Direct and indirect pleasure

Live sessions for coaches and facilitators

After the personal practice part of the course you’ll have 12 live coaching tutorials over 6 weeks. You’ll explore more advanced areas in relationships such as leadership and trauma, and gain practical applications for coaching too.

2 LIVE Sessions

Doing the client/coach relationship right

You’ll learn how to navigate when the relationships with your client get challenging – covering topics such as the coach/coachee power dynamic, projections, transference, and countertransference.

By the end of this week, you will:

  • Be better equipped to model healthy relationships and boundaries with your clients 
  • Have a clearer understanding of the challenges coaches face in managing client relationships 

Course leaders

People who are seeing positive changes in their relationships thanks to this work

Double money-back guarantee

This course is about you, not ‘them’. So we’re not promising you’ll find Mr or Mrs Right or that your partner will suddenly change overnight.

But we can promise that if you watch all the videos, turn up to all the live sessions and put these tools into practice for a minimum of 6 months and don’t feel like you’ve learnt any practical tools you can use moving forward – we’ll give you double your money back.

Special course bonuses

$575 worth of added goodies to help you along your journey.

8 weeks of LIVE interactive tutorials

Hosted by course creators Adam and Christina.

Intimate pods for peer-to-peer practice

Practice what you’ve learnt in small groups before applying it in the real world.

Private Facebook group

A place to learn, share, explore and reflect on your process with other Empowered Relationships students.

Relationship Reconnection Week recordings

20 x 60-minute masterclasses on relationships.

Taking No Shi*t workshop with Mark Walsh

Learn to be truthful instead of nice and get comfortable around being yourself.

Talks from The Embodiment Conference

Learn from leaders in the field: Stephen Porges, Betty Martin, Michaela Boehm and more.

Start building the relationship you want today

Offer ends in:

Personal practice package

28.5 hours hours of learning

44 bite sized videos
8 LIVE tutorials in 2 time zones
Ongoing peer support




Facilitators package

Most popular

48.5 hours of learning

Everything in the Personal practice package


12 sessions for handling relationships in coaching and facilitation




*or pay 2 monthly installments of $215

Coaches package

Only 20 spots

70 hours of learning

Everything in the Personal practice and Facilitators package


A 1 to 1 coaching session with Christina or Adam (your choice)
14 Coaching Demo Videos around intimacy, leadership and other topics




*or pay 2 monthly installments of $320

Got a question about the course or not sure which package is for you? Email and we’ll see how we can help.

We also accept Bitcoin, contact support for more details.


Once you buy the course you get access to the learning platform and the bonuses.

Starting from the 2nd of August you’ll receive course modules weekly.

The 8 live group tutorials begin on 16th August 2021.

Until then, you are welcome to attend the free Relationship Reconnection week during 26th-29th July.

You’ll need to put 1 hour a week aside to learn, practise and implement the learning into your life. This includes watching the videos, exercising and reflecting.

If you feel more comfortable working through the course with your partner then go for it. However, please bear in mind that some practices and techniques used are potentially triggering and could bring up issues if not done correctly. That’s why a lot of people prefer to work through the curriculum alone at first.

Forever! Once you buy this course, it’s yours to keep referring to whenever you need it. Whether you and your partner want to return to it every 12 months, or if you find yourself single at some other stage in your life, this course acts as your guide to more fulfilling, empowered relationships, now and forever.

No, this programme is for coaches and facilitators who wish to address clients’ issues around intimacy and transfer this knowledge into other domains (e.g. working with business leaders).

While you will learn practical skills to use in your coaching, you will not get a formal qualification or certification. 

The content will still be there right where you left it. Just pick up from the day you left off! All the live sessions are optional and will be recorded and uploaded to the learning platform.

No. You are expected to journal your thoughts, feelings and findings as you go, however, this is just for your learning and growth. There is nothing to be checked on this course.

No. This course is not in any way, shape or form couple’s counselling or therapy. The techniques and tools shared are for helping you connect more with yourself and your partner, but can’t promise to solve deep-rooted issues within the relationship.

The difference between these 2 packages and the personal practice package is the coaching elements. For these two packages, we’ve included a 6-week live (12 60-min sessions) coaching programme to follow on from the 8-week Empowered Relationships course.

There’s no straight answer here. If you feel comfortable with whatever outcomes this course brings for you, then go for it. However, if you feel you aren’t in the right headspace for diving deep into yourself and the relationship right now, we’d advise leaving this course for now.

If you can’t dedicate some time every week to this course, you can still buy the course and watch the pre-recorded content when you have more free time. The live tutorials also will be recorded and uploaded on the learning platform, so you can pick them up whenever you want.

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