My list of trauma healing

Things I’ve found useful for my own trauma healing in no particular order (and it’s very personal):

– EMDR (especially good for single instances)
– TRE (empowering as you can do it yourself anywhere)
– Long-term relational therapy
– Bodywork (most recently Craniosacral and Rosen Method)
– Dancing 5R in my local church
– CBD oil
– The work of Peter Levine and his students like Betsy Polatin and Irene Lyon (both have other influences)
– Dogs
– The love of a good woman…and some bad ones 
😉. Intimacy heals
– Nature generally. Forests and bodies of water especially
– Trauma safe yoga for building body awareness and self-regulation
– Martial arts done intelligently (see the work of Paul Linden)
– Trauma safe meditation (see David Treleaven) book
– Helping others with trauma (but get the timing right!)
– 12-step for related addictions
– Bad jokes. Really.


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