A bodymind education

I can imagine a world where bodymind education is a normal part of growing up; where embodied systems such as yoga, martial arts, meditation, trauma release etc are taught as standard in schools, and everyone has access to the benefits of them; where everyone – not just an elite who can decode the jargon and afford the fees – is able to return home to their bodies.

This may seem a big ask, but remember that once, most people couldn’t read and write, except an elite caste. Now most can. Today, most people aren’t somatically “literate”, but this need not be the case. My challenge to other teachers in embodied fields is this: how do you democratise this work? I have very expensive courses, but have also made a life’s work of spreading this stuff freely online (thanks, Monika Gross, for the recent podcast chat that sparked this – coming soon). You can have your cake and share it too.

So, DARE to envision a world where embodiment is normal, where the extraordinary has become commonplace, where our special tools are taught as basic foundations for living.

What would such a world look like? Say in the comments below. Paint a picture of what’s possible.

An embodied world would be a much better world for reasons that most people who follow me don’t need explained. I imagine this world because it’s possible and because I’m feeling low today and need to. There are many things the world needs, and no one solution to the big challenges we face, but I know that the reunion with the body is part of a healthy picture. It feels worth dedicating myself to.


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