311. Neuroscience & Bruce Lee mindfulness – with Dr. Tamara Russell

Clinical psychologist, martial artist and neuroscientist Tamara joins me to discuss Brazil, Kung fu, brain scanning, accessibility, teaching mindfulness with stress, “Bruce Lee” mindfulness, why neuroscience is popular, “neuro-enchantment”, Tai Chi, default mode network, benefits of mindfulness, what embodiment actually is, deep ecology, extended cognition, developmental psychology, clowning, who moving mindfulness is good for, secular mindfulness, the future of embodiment, women in martial arts, and which mindfulness practice should you choose. A highly educated exposition.



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Mark Walsh

Founder of The Embodied Facilitator CourseEmbodied Yoga Principles, Integration Training and The Embodiment Podcast.

Patricia Aguirre

Patricia is a Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Family Constellations Facilitator. She is a lead trainer of the Trauma Coaching certification and the Courage to Lead course for female facilitators.

Karin van Maanen

Karin is a yoga & meditation teacher and embodiment trainer with an MSc in Mindfulness Studies. She's co-author of Embodied Meditation and is lead trainer on the Embodied Meditation and Embodied Toolkit certifications.

Christina Dohr

Christina is an embodiment coach and somatic educator with an MSc in Social Sciences. She's co-lead trainer on the Certification of Embodiment Coaching and Courage to Lead courses. Christina combines her work as an Aikido blackbelt, dance and improvisation in guiding groups and individuals.

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