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Get out of your own way, and start truly living your purpose

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“I’m bolder, more energised and closer to what makes me feel alive.”

– Sarah Ryan, Nature Connection Coach, UK

“I left with a new sense of possibility in the direction of my business…”

– James Kahan, Personal Trainer, London, UK

“I’m happier, more driven, and my income has gone up by 40%, too.”

– Laura, Yoga teacher

The one thing holding you back

We all know that purpose isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s critical to our very being. 

And yet so many of us are coming up against blocks even when we have an idea of what we’re here to do and who we’re here to serve. 

Clarifying these things helps, but the real challenge is actually living it. 

So many gifted people never actually live their purpose because of fear, anxiety, self-doubt, perfectionism holding them back.

The reality is the one thing between where you are now and a more meaningful, purpose-led life is you

Directionless, disconnected – dull.

When you’re not living your purpose, the tough days are tougher. Taking risks seems scary. We lack confidence and energy. There’s no clarity. No direction.

Life’s just dull.

And even if you do have an idea of your purpose, it’s easy to drift away from it in a world that continually changes and evolves. To feel lost. Disconnected. Misaligned.

Because let’s face it – we’re only here once.

Why waste it doing something you hate?

You can tell when they’ve got it

You can tell when someone is really living and breathing their purpose, can’t you?

They’re confident and compelling, more attractive and self-assured – lighter on their feet.

They speak with conviction and aren’t afraid of saying “NO” to opportunities that aren’t aligned with their calling. They know what they’re here to do and refuse to do anything that doesn’t feed them spiritually and emotionally.

And if you’re reading this and not 100% convinced that you’re living and breathing your true calling each day, trust me; you’re not. You might be close – you might have a good idea of what your passions are – but you’re not fully living it.

There’s still a deeper connection to be made. That’s where Purpose Black Belt comes in.

Introducing Purpose Black Belt

Online life purpose course

Purpose Black Belt is your complete guide to discovering or realigning with your purpose. It’s designed to remove any internal blocks standing between you and a more purpose-filled, fruitful life.

It’s your chance to get clear about what you want to do with your life and get out of your way so you can live the life you *really* want.

By combining deep inner embodiment with practical tools and strategies, we’ll reveal sure-fire ways to live a richer, fuller life by serving others.

Created in true Walsh style, this course is supportive and full of practical, experience-based advice to help you make a healthier, more lucrative contribution to the world.

We’ll work with the body to find a way to share your work in an authentic way that helps you attract the right people to your circle.

What’s included?

Course overview

Purpose Black Belt combines actionable exercises and practices with several written modules to help deepen the connection to your purpose.

The belt system

Course modules

The course is split into four modules. 

Know yourself
Unf*ck yourself
How others have done it
Do it yourself

Each module (or belt) represents the next stage in your journey and means you’re getting closer to a more purpose life. 

Yellow Belt: Know yourself

This belt will help you understand, deepen and commit to your purpose. You’ll discover how to find your strengths and learn how to rediscover and sustain your passion. It includes guided meditations and other powerful embodiment exercises that you can use day-to-day for a more purposeful way of living.

Orange Belt: Unf*ck yourself

This belt will help you reveal and challenge any unhelpful beliefs and patterns that are stunting your growth. We’ll use various embodiment practices to overcome any internal barriers, reveal new ways of accessing your confidence, and show you how to bounce back when things don’t go as planned.

Brown Belt: See how others have done it

This belt is dedicated to hearing other people’s stories through real-life coaching sessions and video testimonials to understand how they’re living their purpose every day. You’ll hear about the impact it’s had on all areas of their lives and how discovering their calling has helped them grow and evolve.

Black Belt: Do it yourself

Once you reach black belt, it’s the time to put everything you’ve learnt into practice and start living a more purposeful, intentional life. This module includes videos designed to help you develop the skills required to run your own business, as well as a detailed checklist of things we recommend doing to stay closely connected to your purpose each day.

How this course will help you

If you’re committed to finding or deepening your connection to life purpose, this course will help you:

Become fully committed to your purpose
Learn how to use meditation to deepen your purpose
Learn how embodiment leads to purpose
Find your unique strengths and feel more confident
Clarify what purpose means to you
Eliminate unhelpful beliefs
Make money from doing what you love
Evolve into a conscious entrepreneur

Course overview

  1. Introduction to Purpose Blackbelt
  2. Precautions to take when finding purpose
  3. How finding your purpose will improve your life
  4. Your introduction to the course
  5. How to know that you don’t know
  6. How to take responsibility for your work
  7. How to avoid self-exploitation
  8. How to energise yourself for work
  9. How to build relationships
  10. Why meditation is so important
  11. What embodiment is and how to use it
  1. Your introduction to Yellow Belt
  2. What’s the reality of not living purpose?
  3. Here’s why you don’t know your purpose
  4. How to fully commit to your purpose
  5. How to avoid rushing your journey to purpose
  6. How to put pressure on yourself the healthy way
  7. The Repeated Questioning method
  8. Finding your strengths
  9. How to use the Four Elements to access your stengths
  10. How to give up escapism
  11. Taoist exercise to help your find your purpose
  12. How to tell the story of your life
  13. How to focus on what you truly love
  14. The importance of community of nature
  15. Who inspired you?
  16. How the acceptance of death can help you find purpose
  17. How to rediscover and sustain your passion
  18. What does success mean to you?
  19. How to embody your purpose
  20. Understand the dangers of purpose
  21. Understand the politics around purpose
  22. How to listen to your body through self-enquiry
  23. Recap: Top tips for finding your purpose
  24. The best questions you can ask yourself

    Bonus videos

    A guided bodyscan meditation
    A guided metta meditation
    A guided death meditation
    Trainers & Coaches: align your work with your strengths & values
    What are you building for the next generation?
    How to relate your lifestory to the archetype of the hero’s journey
    How to see patterns in your behaviour

  1. Orange belt introduction
  2. How to uncover & challenge unhelpful beliefs
  3. How to use centring to tune into your purpose
  4. Identifying patterns that limit us
  5. Has cultural conditioning affected your purpose?
  6. How to think and speak like an entrepreneur
  7. How to commit to your work without getting too attached
  8. Learn different ways of being more confident
  9. Why it’s important to celebrate your success
  10. How addictions can prevent you from finding purpose
  11. How to differentiate between negative feedback & helpful criticism
  12. How to bounceback when things go wrong
  13. How to attain self-belief
  14. The benefits of tech & social media
  15. How to identify your blocks and work through them using Embodiment practices
  16. Removing blocks with embodiment exercises
  17. How to acknowledge & understand your inner critic
  18. How to discipline yourself
  19. How to change the way you talk to yourself
  20. Overcome your barriers with embodiment
  21. How to get started without money
  22. Recap of Orange Belt: Top tips for unf**king yourself
  23. Kata: a movement exercise to use as part of your daily practice

    Bonus videos

    Coaches: what’s psychologically blocking you?
    Yoga and Movement teachers: what’s psychologically blocking you?
    Why people don’t hire coaches
    My top productivity tips
    How to maintain persistance

  1. Looking at other people’s Life Stories to find purpose
  2. Mark’s story
  3. Vilya’s story
  4. Will’s story
  5. Steve’s story
  6. Pearl’s story
  7. Effie’s story
  8. John’s story
  9. Vidyadasa’s story

Bonus videos

Coaching session with Paul
Coaching session with Paul, part 2
Coaching session with Tamsin – EYP giving pose
Coaching session with Sarah
Coaching session with Sarah, part 2
Coaching session with Lucy

  1. Using your body to manage your business
  2. How to give better presentations
  3. How to negotiate successfully
  4. How to get organised
  5. Advice on hiring and developing a growth mindset
  6. Congratulations on finishing the course

    Bonus videos

    How to run a yoga, martial arts or dance studio
    Yoga teachers: how to use social media
    How to make money from yoga

Who is Mark Walsh?

“Mr Embodiment” is the author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation. He hosts The Embodiment Podcast (1 million+ downloads), and led The Embodiment Conference (1000 teachers, 500,000 delegates). Seeing a theme yet?

Mark founded the Embodied Facilitator Course, and has trained over 2000 embodiment coaches in over 40 other countries. Some of which will even let him back in. 

He gained an honours in Psychology (despite being an alcoholic at the time), and has taught widely in the corporate world where he pretended to be a grown up for years, training blue-chip companies (e.g. Unilever, Shell, Axa, L’Oreal) whom he overcharged as they made him wear a suit.

Mark has also upset…sorry taught… many yogis, NGOs, police officers and several militaries. He has worked in war zones, and showed off to over 50,000 children. He has headlined International Coach Federation events, taught at Moscow State University, lived with the circus in Ethiopia, taught celebrities and kissed a princess. 

Mark is an aikido black belt, and also has 25 years of experience of other martial arts, with yoga, bodywork, improv comedy, conscious dance and meditation. Embodiment is his obsession, life’s work, and frankly at this point he couldn’t get a job doing anything else. He dances like your dad at a wedding, overshares about his gorgeous Ukrainian wife, and offends pirates with his swearing, and woke German feminists with his testicles.

Above all, he lives and breathes his purpose. Every. Single. Day.

All of the achievements, qualifications, and businesses above are all closely aligned with his purpose, and he’s taught thousands of people all over the world how to tap into theirs and settle for nothing less.

He is now tired of writing in the third person.

Mark Walsh

Founder, Embodiment Unlimited

“In my own life, finding a clear sense of purpose has transformed me from a suicidal, lost alcoholic to someone enjoying a life of adventure and freedom.

I’ve only briefly been a millionaire, but I get away with living a super-satisfying life as a trainer, coach and yoga teacher every day. I haven’t worried about the cost of rent, restaurants or retreats in some time, and I’m making a living in a meaningful way with lovely people. That’s success for me. (I’m sure that finding my purpose attracted my wife, but it could have just been my bum.)

It was a rough ride at first, as I learnt the hard way how to build a business out of what I love. But I did it in my own way, without compromise. I want to help others do that because let’s face it, we need more good people putting good work out in the world.

Over the last twenty years – during hundreds of face-to-face embodiment courses – I’ve watched participants get in touch with themselves deeply and learn practical skills to make an impact.

Just reading books isn’t enough to overcome blocks. Bodywork is vital because we need to embody the change we want to see.

It’s not OK for me that this work remains the elites’ domain. I’m tired of seeing the best people I know made miserable by their baggage and lack of simple, pragmatic business skills. I also wanted to put a purpose course together which wasn’t the usual cheesy politically-naive narcissistic bollocks, or some money-grabbing valueless abomination.

People kept asking me to help them do what I’ve done. So, after about 1000 casual coffee chats and formal coaching sessions, here’s what I’ve come up with – a course to clarify why you’re on the planet, unfuck yourself, and ethically sell your work to help the world. Get it in ya!”

Mark Walsh – Founder Embodiment Unlimited

What others said about the course

“I’m bolder, more energised and closer to what makes me feel alive. I noticed unhelpful patterns that hold me back and now have quick and easy ways to unblock them. Not only do I feel more focused on what my purpose is, but I also feel equipped to take it on.”

Sarah Ryan, Journalist/Nature connection coach, Peterborough, UK

“Mark’s teaching on purpose has informed the way I live my life and all the work I do. It helped me become more assertive and definitive in communicating my desires, making them more attainable. I highly recommend his body of work to anyone.”

Charlie Birch, Co-Founder at Rebel + Connect, Boulder, USA

“Having worked in the self-development field for over a decade, I found Mark’s approach refreshingly authentic and ‘technique’ free. I left with a new sense of possibility in the direction of my business and renewed enthusiasm for my work.”

James Kahan, Personal Trainer, London, UK

“During PBB, I was able to recognise that I was standing in my own way immediately. Mark helped me stop making excuses about my circumstances and take responsibility. I started looking for solutions rather than focusing on the problems, and it has encouraged me to serve more, offer MORE and to take up more space.”

Lucie Bradley, MSc. Medical Herbalist MNIMH, FHT

“Since PBB I have gained the abilities to stand in front of crowds, give lectures at Universities, teach Somatic Meditation classes and share with others what I love. The tools I’ve learned from PBB are still serving and empowering me every time I feel the need for more clarity and motivation. The EYP postures, death meditation and sensing purpose, are all still in use weekly if not daily.”

Eyal Yona Yamin, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Somatic Meditation Since 2012, USA

“PBB was the best course (online or in-person) I’ve ever done, hands down. I’m happier, more driven, and on doing the accounts for that year, I can see that my income went up by 40%, too. The strict deadlines and the sheer amount of material and apparent effort put into the course made me want to dig deep and helped me make the changes I needed in my life. It was a life-changing course and I’m really grateful to have been a part of it.”

Laura, Yoga teacher

Purpose bonuses

FREE stuff included with the course

Some awesome friends of ours are offering free bonus content to help give you a head start on your journey.

Recording of the 2-day Purpose Summit (worth $199)

Full recording of the 2-day Purpose Summit with all talks from Rod Stryker, Mark Walsh, Kathleen Booker and more.

Authentic Marketing tools (worth $75)

From George Kao

Authentic Business Planning for Self-Employed Professionals
Short online course

  • Build your business model
  • Improve your growth plan
  • Track and celebrate your progress

George Kao is a Business Coach/Mentor who has coached thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the last 10 years, helping them clarify their offerings and creating effective plans to grow their business.

Trauma Education For Facilitators: all sessions from one-day event (worth $120)

Full recording of our Trauma Education For Facilitators event with a dozen internationally-renowned trauma experts.

Purpose Black Belt Boot Camp Workshop (worth $35)

Full recording of our Purpose Black Belt Boot Camp to help you stay on-track when you’re feeling stuck.

Centring – Why Mindfulness Alone Isn’t Enough (E-Book) (worth $7)

A copy of my ebook – Centring: Why Mindfulness Alone Isn’t Enough. The definitive guide to managing stress with the body.

365-Day Purpose Guarantee

My promise to you

If you complete the course, and attempt all the practices that come with it for the next 12 months and still don’t feel more aligned with your purpose – we’ll give you your money back.

Yep, a full refund. That’s how much we believe in this course.

But you’ve gotta put the work in. Change doesn’t happen overnight, so you’ve got to commit to the course for at least 12 months.

Get closer to your purpose today

Purpose Black Belt course




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I already know what my purpose is, is this for me?

Yes. Purpose Black Belt is designed for a) people who already know what their purpose is but want to deepen their connection to it, b) people who have some idea of what they’re supposed to be doing, but aren’t 100% sure about how they fine-tune it, and c) know what their purpose is but have blocks to doing it. 

I have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life, is this course for me?

No. Purpose Black Belt is for people who at least have some idea of what they want to do, who they want to serve or what their passions are in life. If you don’t know any of these things what so ever, this course probably isn’t for you. If you want to clarify, or or deepen your purpose though, or get out of your own way it will be perfect.

How does the course work?

This is an instant-access course, which means that there are no live components. Instead, you’ll be able to do it in your own time. Whilst this means that you could do it all within a week, we recommend 2-3 months to really dig deep and get the most benefits

Does the course teach me how to market my work?

No. However, our Ethical Marketing course is a follow-on course from Purpose Black Belt. Designed to help you market your work in an authentic, ethical way that *actually* works.

It’s packed with practical time-tested strategies and methods you can easily apply to your business to generate a more sustainable income from your work. 

Get Ethical Marketing at 50% OFF when you buy Purpose Black Belt – email us for a discount link

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