1 year Mentorship programme with Erika Chalkley

Who is it for?

Women, who want:

  • to take a new step in their career or personal life and would like to have a personal support doing this
  • to get deep into embodiment learning
  • to build a life-long learning network of friends and colleagues 
  • to have a good time doing the above 

Duration: 1 year

LIVE mentorship elements

  • 1 one-to-one 60 min call with Erika every 2 months (6 in total over 1 year)
  • 1 group 60 min coaching session with Erika monthly (12 in total over 1 year)

Embodiment programme in 2022:

  • 1 year of Erika’s membership worth $550 
  • Erika’s Female Entrepreneur course in 2022 worth $1300

1 year of the Embodied Facilitator Certification 2022 worth $3000*

  • Embodied meditation teacher training – LIVE six month course starting in January (Karin & Martin A) – NEW
  • Facilitators Trauma Course –  LIVE and fairly chunky – NEW
  • Foundations & Certification of Embodiment coaching – LIVE
  • Extended Ethical Marketing – LIVE and including PBB content, focusing on facilitators
  • EYP – pre-recorded course, but may include a live part

*Embodied Facilitator Certification is a 3-year programme. The first year is included in the mentorship programme, if you wish to continue, you will need to pay $3000 per year for the second and third year.

All Embodiment Unlimited courses from 2021 worth $10 000 including:

  • Embodied boundaries (release in October 2021) 
  • Moving beyond Trauma with Ilan Stephani (released in September 2021)
  • Empowered Relationships (released in August 2021) 
  • 21 Days to Better Sleep (released in June 2021)
  • Embodiment Coaching 
  • Everyday Embodiment
  • Ethical Marketing (2021)
  • Purpose Black Belt (2021)
  • FEC (recordings from 2021)
  • CEC (recordings from 2021)


Starting from $8000

Financial commitment up front after discussion to establish a good fit. While the numbers look big upfront, if you do the math of what’s included, you’ll find it’s an incredible overall saving. We’re offering A LOT… So (in advance) no, you can’t have a discount if you already bought some of our courses 🙂 Also, non-refundable.

Official start:

You will get access to everything that’s already available right away. The calls with Erika will start from January.

How to apply

This offer is limited to 5 participants. Fill in the form and we’ll set up an interview with you.

We’re more likely to take people we know well and trust, and who are open and humble – as frankly, two years is a long time, so we have to get on. If you’re not sure if you can be a real student open to learning DO NOT APPLY.

Be sure, as you’re taking a precious place we can’t fill later and there are no refunds.

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