Ethical Marketing Course

with Mark Walsh

Expand your reach with effective, ethical marketing

Learn proven strategies and methods to help turn your passion for embodiment into a sustainable business.

Say goodbye to getting by

If you want to spend your days living and breathing your passion, without the worry of money weighing heavy on your shoulders – Ethical Marketing is for you.

It’s a course for people who are great at what they do but aren’t reaching their full potential because their lack of marketing know-how is holding them back.

The Marketing Dojo sessions are just a taste of how changing your mindset and applying some simple (yet seriously effective) strategies can dramatically transform your business.

Or you could keep waiting for the utopia where rent is paid in namaste.
But let’s face it – you’ll be waiting a while.

The Ethical Marketing effect

mark walsh

“I’ve been teaching ethical marketing as a subject long before I created this course.

At our flagship training, Embodied Facilitator Course, I realised that while I’d been teaching how to work with the body in training and coaching, I noticed something was missing before sending my students out into the world with these new skills.

They didn’t know how to sell it!

So, at the end of each annual course, I took some time to go through some mindsets to adopt, simple habits and practical strategies that have helped me market my work successfully. And to my surprise – I started getting standing ovations.

This also happened when I bought ethical marketing work to the Embodied Yoga Principles course. Where, after each session, I started getting requests to teach this part separately.

It was like people had never heard of this stuff before and were hungry for an ethical, no BS approach to marketing. What came naturally to me changed their perspective on ‘selling’ their work and made a much-needed change possible. People told me it was life-changing, and the results speak for themselves.

Years on, it occurred to me that some people don’t want to pay a few thousand dollars to attend EFC to learn about ethical marketing. So I’ve put everything I know, all that I have learned from years of trial and error, into this course in bite-sized topics for you to start seeing radically better results in your business going forward.

Marketing is a missing piece for so many within our community, so it’s empowering to know the impact this will have, now and for years to come. For a long time, I couldn’t figure out why I LOVE teaching this stuff, but now I see it’s because it makes a real difference.”

Ethical Marketing Course

By Mark Walsh

Your pathway to a more sustainable business.

Ethical Marketing is a course for people who are great at what they do but are being held back from reaching their full potential by a lack of marketing know-how.

It’s a no-nonsense, straight-talking program giving you the building blocks to help you successfully share your passion in a way that feels good.

12 hours of practical learning.

A like-minded community to learn and grow with.

Bonus content from other experts in this field.

You guessed it – it’s embodied

Just like everything else we do, marketing needs to be embodied.

Fear is often instilled deep within us. Perhaps we’re afraid of being seen, being rejected, or asking for money? Or perhaps you’ve built other bad habits that are holding you back. Either way, these things are deep rooted within us. So they need to be addressed accordingly.

Throughout the different modules, we’ll also carry out some simple exercises to help shift your way of being around business. We use the body to explore ways of shifting those deep-rooted fears out of the body to produce real, lasting results.

The course is split into 2 sections:

The Inner journey 

A better way to think about marketing

(Mindsets, perspectives, embodiment – the inner “game”)

The Outer journey

A better way to do marketing

(Strategies, tools, methods – the nuts and bolts)

What you’ll learn

Effective mindsets

Throughout the 13 modules, we’ll dive deeper into your relationship with money and give you the tools and support needed to completely rewire your mind to see marketing, money and selling for what they truly are: Love, generosity and self-care.

Proven strategies

We’ll explore the different strategies I use to market myself – many of which I used to make The Embodiment Conference a one-of-a-kind event with 501,499 people in attendance.

How to apply to your business

Finally, we’ll discuss how you can implement these newfound ideas and strategies into your business to start generating a sustainable income going forward and feel damn good doing it.

Course overview:

Money Inner Journey

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Getting the most from the course
  1. Introduction to money mindset
  2. The taboo of money
  3. Right-sizing money 
  4. Common money stories 
  5. Discovering your money pattern 
  6. Your family and money 
  7. Your culture and money 
  8. Inter generational issues
  9. Gender money narratives   
  10. Judgement detective
  1. Money as a multiplier
  2. Money and trauma 
  3. Your maturity around money
  4. Your responsibilities vs big picture
  5. Outsourcing 
  6. 4 specific mindsets – in debt, break even, comfortable, rich 

Bonus: Books on money mindset 

  1. Introduction
  2. Rewriting your money beliefs 
  3. Verbal discipline around money 
  4. Money, goodness and beauty
  5. Money and service
  6. Uncovering our money ‘why’
  7. How much?
  8. Defining money for you
  9. Rich vs poor you
  10. Writing your money story
  11. Start talking about it!
  12. Voice dialogue work
  13. What is value exchange? 
  1. Body scanning 
  2. Speaking and response recognition
  3. Valuing yourself
  4. Receiving exercises
  5. Centring 
  6. Rich embodiment
  7. Giving, receiving and caring poses
  8. Relationship to money
  9. Easy money
  10. Money metta 
  1. Bringing existing skills to money  
  2. Good debt and bad debt
  3. Financial “fluency”
  4. Who are your friends? 
  5. The secret to avoiding bulls**t
  6. Doing the work

Marketing Inner Journey

  1. Why you need it 
  2. Saying the word  
  3. Jedi vs Sith
  1. The sandwich model
  2. Persuasion vs Fit
  3. Marketing as romance 
  4. Marketing as life skill 
  5. Marketing as play
  6. Marketing as a spiritual practice 
  7. We already have the skills
  8. Generosity 
  9. Authentic marketing 
  10. You’re already a marketer
  11. Marketing is love  
  12. Marketing reframes summary 
  1. Connecting to love
  2. Rejection practice 
  3. Centred selling 
  4. 4 elements selling 
  5. The rhythm of sales 
  6. Playing the evil marketeer
  7. Body radar 
  8. Taking up space 
  9. Inner critic 
  10. Warmth and power 
  11. Personal brand

Marketing Outer Journey

  1. Who, what, where, why, when
  2. People buy the ‘why’
  3. Benefits!
  4. Problem, premise, promise 
  5. The “they don’t care game”
  6. Benefits specificity
  7. Niching – Play to your strengths
  8. How to find your niche
  9. Your customer avatar
  10. Niching circles
  11. Talking to your people
  12. Personality and style
  13. Dealing with haters
  14. Finding your clients
  15. Building trust funnels and win-win relationships
  16. Building a community
  17. 5 levels of problem 
  1. Why selling is hard
  2. The tantra of sales
  3. The power of listening 
  4. Pain/benefit questions 
  5. Benefits and relationship
  6. The importance of social proof 
  7. Social proof specifics
  8. Sales model 
  9. Rob Kancler model  
  10. Objections 
  11. Using urgency and scarcity ethically
  1. The long game
  2. How to reduce risk
  3. Is your service worth it? 
  4. Making people feel special 
  5. Telling stories for impact
  6. How to build your tribe
  7. Three types of trust 
  8. Being remarkable 
  9. Be divisive 
  10. The cost of sex 
  11. Have a mission! 
  12. Best, first, cheapest, biggest 
  13. Marketing with your personality
  14. Domination vs Taoism 
  15. Attention and cynicism in the twenties 
  16. Be artistic, not an artist
  17. Testing & measuring
  18. Service advanced
  19. The essence of marketing
  1. Introduction
  2. Getting quality referrals 
  3. Why visuals matter
  4. Harnessing the power of social media 
  5. Copywriting: Messages that sell
  6. Creating a sales page
  7. Building a mailing list
  8. Websites that work
  9. The importance of pricing
  10. The importance of being consistent
  11. SEO 
  12. Facebook ads 
  13. PR
  14. Viral marketing
  15. The importance of market research
  1. Your action plan 
  2. The importance of investing in yourself
  3. The 80:20 rule 
  4. Mastering the art of learning
  5. Know your numbers
  6. Mentee stories
  7. Recommended learning
  8. The importance of sacrifice and hard work
  9. Keeping your finger on the pulse
  10. Ongoing ethics
  1. What I learnt from The Embodiment Conference
  2. Dealing with Criticism
  3. Social Media Advanced
  4. Covid
  5. How to spend your money
  6. Defining success for you
  7. The dangers of success
  8. Congratulations

Why should I listen to you?

Mark Walsh

Founder, Embodiment Unlimited

Well, I don’t have a business degree or a wealthy, business-savvy family – that’s for sure.

I likely started out just like you. I wasn’t sure how to market myself properly, what it meant to ‘run a business’, or make money from embodiment. All I knew was that I loved what I did, and I didn’t want to spend my days doing anything else.

Over the years through nothing but trial, error and a lot of self-funded learning, I’ve managed to live my passion every day and earn a respectable income in the process, all from doing what I love – teaching embodiment.

I’ve learned a lot along the way. Some have built me a reputation in the field and a healthy profit, some that didn’t work out so well. But I like to think I’ve got a pretty good thing going right now with a couple of growing businesses in the space. So I’m confident that anyone just starting out or struggling to find their feet in the field might be able to learn a thing or two from my story and teachings.

Which is in a nutshell, what this course is all about. It’s my blueprint to marketing in the embodiment world: my experiences, my downfalls, successes, lightbulb moments, mindsets, strategies, methodologies. Things that have helped me (a regular guy with a passion for working with the body) get to where I am today.

In recent years I’ve built an email list the size of a small country (400k), attracted a social media following of nearly 50k people, taught in over 50 countries worldwide, created the world’s largest online embodiment event – The Embodiment Conference, hired (and learned from) many marketing specialists, copywriters and consultants, spent tens of thousands of pounds on courses and training, taught in the House of Lords (and made Mum super proud), founded the Embodiment Facilitator Course, founded Embodied Yoga Principles and wrote a best-selling book on embodiment.

All while living my passion every day, helping people I want to serve and making a healthy living in the process. And I’m itching to teach you how to do the same.

Hear what other people I’ve helped have to say

Why people are buying Ethical Marketing

Read More
"I’ve learnt so much from the free sessions that I’ve already changed my Facebook posts and feel much better about it, and I’m telling everyone about it."
Read More
"I wanted the kick-start to make the changes I’ve been delaying for too long!"
Read More
"I wanted the kick-start to make the changes I’ve been delaying for too long!"
Read More
"I wanted the kick-start to make the changes I’ve been delaying for too long!"
Read More
"I urgently need this course because I hate sales, marketing, and I’m afraid to ask for money for my work. I’m afraid of being seen and frankly, I’m fed up with it! I need a change, a mindset shift. I want to be able to bring my gifts to the world, make them visible and useful for the people who need it and get well paid for my job. Win-win."
Read More
"I’m just launching a new business and right in the middle of marketing it, so wanted some more guidance. I like the straightforward way you put things, even though it’s uncomfortable. I know I need to hear it."
Read More
"I’m just launching a new business and right in the middle of marketing it, so wanted some more guidance. I like the straightforward way you put things, even though it’s uncomfortable. I know I need to hear it."
Read More
"I started a 2nd strand of career as a Feldenkrais teacher, and want to make it work financially as well as doing good work. After listening to your stuff for some time now, it seemed like a good time to dive in. And an excellent price for what you’re offering."

Bonus content from other ethical marketing experts

Some awesome friends of ours are offering free bonus content to help give you a head start in your journey.

Authentic Marketing tools

From George Kao

Authentic Business Planning for Self-Employed Professionals
Short online course

  • Build your business model
  • Improve your growth plan
  • Track and celebrate your progress

George Kao is a Business Coach/Mentor who has coached thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners in the last 10 years, helping them clarify their offerings and creating effective plans to grow their business.

eBook 'The Sweetspot of Pricing'

From Julia Chanteray

The Sweetspot of Pricing

This eBook shows you how to set your prices when you’re running a business. And then gives you tons of actionable advice on how to attract the right customers – the ones who will happily pay that price.

Julia is a Business Advisor based in Brighton, UK, focussed on helping small businesses reach their full potential. She was one of our advisors for The Embodiment Conference and was a huge help in making it a success.

A community to help you learn and grow

You don’t have to learn this stuff alone.

Our Ethical Marketing Facebook group is full of coaches, trainers, teachers and facilitators on a similar journey to you looking to level up their marketing skills right now.

It’s a place to ask questions, discuss topics, connect with others and most of all enjoy your learning process with a thriving online community sharing a common goal.

Our Guarantee

So, here’s the deal:

If you watch all the videos, attempt to learn and apply all the tools, techniques and strategies for the next year and still haven’t:

– Gained new clients
– Significantly increased your income
– Built a visibly stronger reputation in your niche
– Had your best year to date

We’ll give you all your money back.

Plus, we’ll throw in $1,000 worth of products for FREE for good measure.

We’re that confident in this course. And frankly – in you!

But you have to try this stuff for at least 12 months. This isn’t a quick-fix. And frankly, anyone that promises instant results when it comes to business and marketing is probably lying to you.

But I guarantee that if you stick at it and apply this stuff daily, in 12 months you’ll be in a totally different place to where you are today.

And if for some reason you’re not, well – go back and read this section again.

Self Paced Course

Join over 1,000+ students already making positive changes and seeing drastically better results in their business as a result of this course.

CEC Only price $999


Live Session Course

Join over 1,000+ students already making positive changes and seeing drastically better results in their business as a result of this course.

CEC Only price $1399


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