Supercharge your embodied learning

Group coaching with a supportive, fun community

Group coaching

with Mark

Lifelong learning

using practical tools


with a fun community

Live sessions

online every week

Be together, learn together, laugh together

Embodied freaks, geeks and uniques love to connect. It accelerates learning massively, and is just great fun. 

Each week, we get together with others who want a more embodied world. I’m a lifelong learner and want to keep going deeper into this work, and I like having fun with people who aren’t easily offended. Wanna join us?

While I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, I know a lot of you like my coaching style, and group-work makes that accessible. Do you want some regularly? 

If so, you may like Embodiment Explorers, which combines a weekly dose of Walsh, with community support, connection and giggles. 

Honestly, I took a long hard look at things recently, and Embodiment Explorers is something I love. Maybe you’ll love it too?


A supportive learning community

Cuddle pic_2

If you’re seeking a relaxed peer-to-peer, and Walsh-to-you way to learn, then look no further…

Embodiment Explorers is our weekly, online community, where you can get group coaching with me (Mark Walsh).

It exists to connect and support embodiment adventurers of all kinds. Well, maybe not all…

It’s for people who LOVE embodiment, and who have a sense of humour with their feet on the ground. It’s NOT for offended-of-Portland, or the crystal-dolphin-shaggers (technical term), and it isn’t boring group therapy. We have fun.

Each week is uplifting, educational, and gives you practical tools to deal with the stressful mess that is 2023. 

Embodiment Explorers is:

  • Group coaching with me (Mark Walsh)
  • An ongoing learning group
  • A space for playful connection with other embodiment enthusiasts

What we'll explore

Some ways you’ll win by joining us:

  • Supercharge your embodiment learning
  • Meet awesome humans to collaborate with
  • Pause each week to reflect, and get some new ideas that’ll help you to deal with this mad f**king world

You can expect the following during our weekly adventures:

  • Embodied meditation 
  • Resilience tools 
  • Group coaching to generate ideas 
  • Space to meet other embodied humans  
  • Requests and offer sessions to promote your stuff
  • Embodiment practice recommendations 
  • Sharing of learning to benefit from the hive mind
  • Embodiment Q&A
  • Muppet of the week award (to celebrate learning)
  • My embodiment teacher friends as regular guests 
Mark Coaching Giving

Details on our adventures


There’s a Zoom call every Thursday, 5-6pm UK time (9-10am PDT)*.

Calls won’t be recorded, as it’s more of a create-in-the-moment, alive thing.

You can drop in and out. It’s casual. Some weeks you’ll have other adventures on. Come if you feel like it, and stay as long as you like.

You’ll be able to join Embodiment Explorers on a month-by-month basis for flexibility (if it’s not your thing, just cancel), or get the tattoo and see the adventure through until the end of next year…

Okay, no tattoo, but if you know and like our style already, why not? 😉

*Oh no, I can’t do that time because I’m riding kangaroos around the outback (or whatever), please do another slot (tell us)

Meet the group coach and facilitator

mark walsh

Mark Walsh

Founder of Embodiment Unlimited

“Mr Embodiment” (Mark Walsh) is the author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation. He hosts The Embodiment Podcast (1 million+ downloads), and led The Embodiment Conference (1000 teachers, 500,000 delegates). Seeing a theme yet?

He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course,  and has trained over 2000 embodiment coaches in over 40 other countries (some of which will even let him back in).

Mark gained an honours in psychology (despite being an alcoholic at the time), and has taught widely in the corporate world where he pretended to be a grown up for years, including with blue-chip companies (e.g. Google, Unilever, Shell, Axa, L’Oreal) whom he charged wayyyy too much as they made him wear a suit.

He has also upset… sorry, taught… many yogis, NGOs, police officers and several militaries.

Mark has worked in war zones, and entertained over 50,000 children. He has headlined International Coach Federation events, taught at universities, lived with the circus in Ethiopia, founded the Sane Ukraine project, wowed celebrities and kissed a princess.

Mark is an aikido black belt, and also has 25 years of experience of other martial arts, with yoga, bodywork, improv comedy, conscious dance and meditation.

Embodiment is his obsession, life’s work, and frankly at this point he couldn’t get a job doing anything else. He dances like your dad at a wedding, overshares about his gorgeous Ukrainian wife, and offends pirates with his swearing.

He is now tired of writing in the third person.

Show bio

(+ friends / guests TBA)


But if you’re unsure, go for the monthly deal and just cancel if it’s not your thing.

And if you’re all in, save money and get the bonus…

PLUS... a bonus

I want this to be worth it for everyone who joins us for the adventure until the end of next year, so how about this…

When you get Embodiment Explorers for the rest of the year, you get everything under $200 currently in our online shop for the duration of your membership.

That’s webinars, little courses, coaching demos, etc. The total value of this is over $1500.

That’s a wonderful library to supercharge your learning throughout the membership. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry – we can explore that too.

Choose your adventure

End-of-year special


Embodiment Explorers


Live | Online | Flexible

One month at-a-time

Normal price


Halloween special


Embodiment Explorers

Until December 2023

Live | Online | 2 months

NOW - December 2023

Normal price


End-of-year special


Embodiment Explorers


Live | Online | Flexible

8 September 2022 - ?


per month ($19 a class)

Embodiment Explorers


Live | Online | 15 months

8 September 2022 - December 2023


save $386 (nearly 5 months free)

Have questions that haven’t been answered in the FAQs below?

Email Virginia on:


You can go into your account settings and cancel when you like. No hard feelings – life changes.

There will likely be a couple of weeks break around the Christmas holidays, which we won’t make you pay for, otherwise yes.

No. There are particular things that will be done (as described above), but there isn’t a structure as YOU are very involved in the “adventure.” For set learning with a clear schedule each week, our courses are a good fit.

For now, we have one slot – 5pm UK time (12pm EDT) on Thursdays. However, if there are enough people, we’ll add a second slot in the morning (UK time) that day, which will mean those in Asia and Australasia can join at a more reasonable hour.

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