Is Western Culture decadent?

Explore the intersection of history, culture and embodiment: is society f*cked, or is there a way out?

Enjoy these free videos, or dive deeper with the live 8-week Anti-Decadence Odyssey for less than $100.

What most people don’t get about Western Culture

Is Western culture bad for us psychologically?

How does decadence end?

Anti-decadence coaching demonstration

The antidote to decadence

If you want effective embodiment tools to find purpose and build resilience, you may like The Anti-Decadence Odyssey, an 8-week live, online course for less than $100…

The Anti-Decadence Odyssey

Build resilience and find purpose in times of chaos

LIVE online training

Starts Sep 7 at 6pm UK time

Global community

For connection & support

Powerful embodied tools

For daily life

Join 10,491 students

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You're not alone in feeling there's something wrong

You are not crazy. These times are.

Mental health problems, suicide and drug addiction are on the rise.

Hedonism, narcissism and nihilism run rampant.

We’ve entered a time of decadence, where we’ve lost connection to ourselves, each other and the planet.

In a world devoid of meaning, many feel lost and confused. We’ve lost trust in our institutions and lack values as a society.

Many people just feel exhausted…

Rediscover meaning in a chaotic world

There is an antidote to decadence.

Resilience through wholesome pleasure overcomes hedonism, narcissism and nihilism.

This 8-week anti-decadence “odyssey” is for those struggling with our decadent modern world, who want a powerful, embodied approach to maintaining sanity.

In this online course, you will:

Who's it for?

This could be for you if you…

Would love a stronger sense of life purpose

Feel exhausted, bartered or bruised by the modern world

Would like to build holistic strength for life’s challenges

Please note: This course will involve choosing and completing an optional challenge.

We will choose this together, matched to your physical abilities and other factors.

Why this is needed now

Teaching and coaching many people around the world, I’ve increasingly come to see the decadent context we’re in as being crucial to address.

This Anti-Decadence Odyssey “joins the dots”, as one student told me, and gets to the root of issues around purpose and resilience. Without this, we’re simply “fiddling while Rome burns”.

I have been reinvigorated and deeply inspired by this new approach to embodied work, and it is now the part of live workshops students rate most highly. I am on fire with it, and a little obsessed too, if being honest. That’s why I’d love to share it with you.

This new online course makes this vital and innovative work available widely for the first time. You are very welcome.

Mark Walsh

CEO & Founder
Embodiment Unlimited

The antidotes to decadence


as an antidote to hedonism


as an antidote to narcissism


as an antidote to nihilism

Plus life-affirming, embodied practices

Live course content

Everyone who joins The Anti-Decadence Odyssey will get access to eight live, weekly sessions, as described below. You’ll also have the option to add extra pre-recorded content to continue deepening your journey beyond the live part of the course…

Weekly live webinars run for 60-minutes each Thursday, starting on September 7 at 6pm UK time (10am PDT).

The final session of this 8-week online course is at 6pm UK time (10am PDT) on October 26.

*Note that replays will be available for all sessions on the custom-built course platform. It is not mandatory to attend all sessions live, although it’s recommended to do so when you can, so you can ask questions and connect with the community.

What some of the 10,491+ students on our courses say...

Bonuses for everyone

I want everyone who joins us for the live Anti-Decadence Odyssey to walk away with a deeper sense of purpose and a resilience that stands up to life’s challenges.

Now, that’s a core part of the journey. But, as an extra bonus, if you’re one of the first 50 people to join us, you’ll also get:

Embodying Resilience

One-day event replays to get a comprehensive overview of resilience, with practical and immediately implementable techniques

(normally $49)

Purpose Boot Camp

A down-to-earth mini-course for anyone who’d like to gain more clarity on their life’s work or what they’re doing here in the world

(normally $29)

50 resilience & purpose packs left

What embodiment leaders say...

Want to build resilience and find purpose?

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Anti-Decadence Odyssey

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Launch price


Or get the anti-decadence leadership & purpose package>>>

Got a question about the course? 

Email Virginia on and she’ll see how she can help.


The $199 version is a live course only.

The larger options include pre-recorded videos to work through in your own time.

Replays of all sessions will be added to your course platform within 72 hours after the session.

There is no requirement to watch sessions live, although it’s recommended to if possible.

The live course starts on Thursday, September 7 at 6pm UK time (10am PDT).

It concludes on October 26 at 6pm UK time (10am PDT).

The pre-recorded materials can be worked through in your own time.

Yes, all sessions are recorded and replays will be uploaded within 72 hours after they’ve finished.

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