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30-minute sessions

live, October 9-10

An effective, embodied

approach to marketing

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30-minute sessions

live, October 9-10

FREE replays

available October 11-12

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An embodied

approach to marketing

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Struggling to find clients?

I’ve been there. Your work is enjoyable and good for the world, but you don’t know how to promote it.

Yes, it’ll involve “putting yourself out there”. But how? “Normal” marketing is just… yuck!

Many of us in the embodiment community feel this way. We don’t wanna be fake or pushy, so we avoid selling altogether. 

Do you feel like giving up?

Most of us don’t know any alternatives to the “traditional” marketing approach that we’re bombarded with. Because this feels “icky”, we don’t do much, or we just give up.

Either way, the end result is no clients. And then we’re stuck. We enjoy our work, we love helping people, but without clients, it’s just not sustainable.

So what to do?!?

It’s possible to find clients ethically and enjoyably

To start getting more clients, you need to find a way of marketing that works for you. The sort that feels good, and does good.

And this. Is. Possible.

Marketing can fit you and your values. And doing so in such a way will help you to connect with the right kind of clients for you

On this training, you’ll learn some radical new perspectives on marketing. You’ll discover a way to get more clients through empathy, creativity and generosity. And you may even make it a spiritual practice!

I get that this sounds strange. But if you’re curious to find out how you can get more clients enjoyably, effectively and ethically… Come play 🙂


How to get more clients

A 2-day online ethical marketing training for facilitators

Practical tips
& advice


global community

Join us to uncover a style of marketing that feels authentic to you, so you can start finding clients who are a good fit.

Through embodied practice, you’ll be invited to notice your own personal blocks to finding suitable clients, so you can start marketing in a way that is ethical, effective and enjoyable.

Discover an approach to marketing that feels good

Find clients who are a good fit for you

Start promoting your work in an authentic, effective way

Find out...

After this training, you'll...

This is for...

Coaches and facilitators

Who want to make more money and help more people doing what they love

Movement or meditation teachers

Who want to go full time doing what they love

Everyday humans

Who want to easily make enough to spend more time doing the things they love

Event schedule

October 9


Make marketing fun (or at least not yuck!)

with Mark Walsh

9am UK time / 1am PDT / 7pm AEDT


6pm UK time / 10am PDT / 4am AEDT

Finding your niche in a crowded marketplace

with Mark Walsh

12pm UK time / 4am PDT / 10pm AEDT

October 10


The foundations of ethical, effective marketing

with Mark Walsh

9am UK time / 1am PDT / 7pm AEDT


6pm UK time / 10am PDT / 4am AEDT

Social media marketing (without a bikini)

with Mark Walsh

12pm UK time / 4am PDT / 10pm AEDT

Event leader

Mark Walsh

Founder & CEO - Embodiment Unlimited

“Mr Embodiment” (Mark Walsh) is the author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation.

He hosts The Embodiment Podcast (1.8 million+ downloads), The Embodiment Channel on YouTube (over 15M views), and led The Embodiment Conference (1000 teachers, 500,000 delegates). Seeing a theme yet?

He co-founded the Embodied Facilitator Course, and the online Certificate of Embodiment Coaching. He has certified over 1000 embodiment coaches. 

Mark gained an honours in psychology (despite been an alcoholic at the time), and has taught widely in the corporate world where he pretended to be a grown up for years, including with blue-chip companies (e.g. Google, Unilever, Shell, Axa, L’Oreal) some of whom he charged wayyyy too much as they made him wear a suit.

Mark has over 25 years of experience of extensive embodied practice. This includes several years of residential live-in aikido training, experience in a bunch of other martial arts, loads of yoga, bodywork, improv comedy, body therapy, conscious dance, experiential anatomy and meditation.

He has also triggered… sorry, taught… many yogis, NGOs, police officers, The NHS and several militaries (e.g. in Sierra Leone). 

Mark has taught in over 40 countries (most of which will even let him back in), worked in various war zones, and taught over 50,000 children. He has headlined International Coach Federation events, taught at universities, in The House of Lords, lived with the circus in Ethiopia, founded the Sane Ukraine trauma education charity, and kissed a princess.

Embodiment is his obsession, life’s work, and frankly at this point he couldn’t get a job doing anything else. He dances like your dad at a wedding, impresses cats with his stroking, and offends pirates with his swearing.

He is now tired of writing in the third person. It’s getting weird. You get the point. 

What people have learnt...

Why I'm doing this now...

“For years, friends have come to me for advice on marketing and how to make a decent living doing what they love.

At first, I found this kind of funny, as I don’t think of myself as a businessman primarily. Yet, over the years, people have found my advice very helpful. And after successes like The Embodiment Conference and the Sane Ukraine project (a not-for-profit venture, but one that still required promoting), I begrudgingly admit that I have a talent for helping people in this area.

I now often teach a small amount of ethical marketing at the end of all my other courses, as it makes no sense to teach people to do great work if they can’t sustainably do it. People seem to like this. It’s practical, after all.

For me, just continuing to do the work I love is a huge victory. It’s a huge win. And that requires a certain level of skill in marketing. I ain’t an expert at it, but I’m good enough, and know how to do it in a way that doesn’t make me puke. This is what I teach other people who want to avoid a “real” job, too 🙂

Thankfully, there are ways to do marketing without compromising ethics and values. I see people “light up” when I share this with them, as they know the choice of being either broke and in integrity, or taking on the sleazy scumbag approach we normally see in the world of marketing, isn’t a great choice! Luckily, there’s a third option.

This free event will show you this option: you’ll discover a way to find clients that feels good, is in line with your values, and actually works, too.

Now more than ever, this is needed. Times are tough for many people, and I’d love to see people who do heart-driven work, reach more people, and work sustainably. You in?”

Mark Walsh

Founder & CEO, Embodiment Unlimited

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values-driven humans in finding clients ethically and enjoyably...

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Yes. Replays will be sent out on October 11 and be available for 48 hours.

When you sign up, you’ll be sent an email. That’ll contain a link to join our custom-built platform to watch your bonuses.

You’ll also get access to the Embodiment App, so that you can “learn on the go.”

After you sign up, you’ll be given the option to buy the replays so that you can own them forever.

This will be at a greatly discounted price to what they’ll be available for after the event.

The first reason is that we dream of a more embodied world, and we want these learnings accessible to everyone.

The second reason is that this event is a great introduction to what we do best – provide fun, effective trainings for coaches, facilitators and those seeking personal growth.

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