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Break habits using embodiment tools

Tired of being a people-pleaser?

Are you sick of not getting your needs met?

Frustrated with putting yourself last, or guilty when you don’t?

Always apologising, putting up with things others don’t (like taking on more work), or anxiously trying not to offend? 

Often, people-pleasers feel compelled to nod and say “yes” when they don’t really mean it.

They feel unseen in relationships. They feel overwhelmed looking after others. They avoid conflict.

Sound familiar? 

Whilst it’s good to be kind, neglecting yourself in the process isn’t really kind at all.

People-pleasing is ultimately bad for you , bad for relationships and creates more conflict in the long run. 

Exhausted from being “too nice”?

When you habitually put others’ needs first, you may feel like you’ve abandoned yourself.

Trying to please others can be a one-way ticket to overwhelm, burn-out and resentment.

Often people find it impacts their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. It sucks, and isn’t sustainable.

By bending over backwards to say “yes” to everyone else, you neglect yourself.

Had enough of that? Then now’s the time to get support.

You matter. 

How would it be...

How would it be to be able to comfortably say no?

To look after yourself AND others?

To have great self-care without being selfish?

How would that change your life? 

How would your health, work and relationships be if you dropped the people-pleasing?

Likely deeper, healthier and more satisfying, right?

I’ve seen many coaching clients transform their careers, radically improve their marriages and family lives, and just be 1000% happier from actually taking care of themselves! 

Take a stand for yourself

Is it time to say a big YES to your own needs? 

On Boundaries Not Burdens, we’ll support you to finally take a stand for yourself and transform your people-pleasing habits. 

You’ll learn to communicate assertively, set boundaries kindly, and give yourself the care and respect you deserve.

Imagine that for a moment…

Through practising powerful embodiment tools, you’ll build authentic confidence, and learn to express your needs effectively, so you can finally start living life on your own terms.

You’ll no longer be subject to everyone else’s bulls**t, drowning in a sea of infinite yeses.

Instead, you’ll live life in service of what actually matters to you. It’s time to…

This will change

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to 


Boundaries Not Burdens

An 8-week live, online course to break your people-pleasing habits, and unapologetically live your life.


On this journey to people unpleasing, you’ll practise embodiment tools to:

The live sessions allow for practice within a supportive community on a similar journey to you. These sessions will be light, entertaining and make the change EASY. 

However, if you can’t make them live, they’ll be recorded to watch in your own time. You’ll also get…

Who is this for?

This course is for you if you ever…

In just two months, you'll come away with...

…And, most importantly of all: FAR LESS PEOPLE-PLEASING in all forms


This 8-week course starts on Wednesday, April 24 and ends on Wednesday, June 12.

Every session runs for one hour, from 6-7pm UK time (that’s 10-11am PDT).

There’s also a bonus session on Monday, May 20 from 6-7pm UK time.

If you can’t make it live, recordings will be available to watch in your own time.

Convert to your timezone>>>


Boundaries Not Burdens – Start your journey by assessing where you’re at, and what getting clear on what people-pleasing costs you. Discover how your relationships and satisfaction with life will improve as you become free of these habits and learn to set loving boundaries.


Discovering Your Needs – It’s time to tune in and figure out what the hell you actually want. You’ll dive into your needs and why they matter, using embodiment practices to deepen awareness, centre yourself when s**t hits the fan, and build your self-esteem.


Boundaries Building Blocks – Learn how setting loving boundaries is the key to unlocking healthy relationships and deeper life satisfaction. You’ll learn the basics of trauma, practise your “No”, and practise kindly asserting your needs. Learn how to say “no” to a client, partner or a boss, how to interrupt people without being rude, and more.


Asking for What You Want – It’s time to stop feeling guilty about being seen. You’ll learn some practices to speak up for yourself, ask for what you want (without feeling like a burden), and look at how not doing so impacts across your life, including your relationship with money.


Taking Up Space – Step into your power, and communicate assertively (without being an ***hole). You’ll tackle your fears of criticism, drop having to be liked by everyone, dive into authenticity, and lay the groundwork for a self-care routine that works for you.


Self-Reflection and Healing – Discover the roots of your people-pleasing ways, looking into the effects of trauma, and engage in self-reflection using family constellations and parts work. You’ll learn to be gentle with yourself and embrace self-care like your life depends on it (spoiler alert: it kinda does).


Boundaries in Relationships – You’ll explore boundaries in the relationships that matter to you, from intimacy and romance to conflict avoidance, criticism and codependency. Practise assertive (but kind) communication, with more on saying “no” and asking for what you want. You’ll also see how to bring this into your work, whether you’re part of an organisation, manage or lead others, or you’re a coach, facilitator or therapist.


Embracing People Un-Pleasing – Learn how to gently deal with other people-pleasers, how to deal with your own setbacks, and how to embed new habits. You’ll celebrate your first steps to newfound freedom, and learn some practices you can take forward with you.

Along with the live support sessions (which are recorded), you’ll have access to Patricia’s self-paced 4-hour Embody Your Boundaries course, along with Mark’s People Unpleasing course, to help you on your journey.

These self-paced courses include learning on internal and external boundaries, conditioning, handling discomfort, and how to set boundaries in key areas of life, like in intimate relationships and with family.

What our students say...

Course leader

Mark Walsh

CEO & Founder of Embodiment Unlimited

Mark Walsh leads embodiment, coaching and trauma education trainings.

He is the author of EmbodimentWorking with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation. Mark hosts The Embodiment Podcast (2 million+ downloads), and led The Embodiment Conference (1000 teachers, 500,000 delegates). Seeing a theme yet?

He founded the Embodied Facilitator Course, and the Certificate of Embodiment Coaching. Mark has certified over 2000 embodiment coaches, and taught workshops in over 40 other countries.

He gained an honours degree in psychology (despite been an alcoholic at the time), and has taught widely in the corporate world – where he pretended to be a grown up for years – including with blue-chip companies (e.g. Google, Unilever, Shell, Axa, L’Oreal).

Mark has worked in war zones (including founding a trauma education charity in Ukraine), and entertained over 50,000 children. He has headlined International Coach Federation events, lived with the circus and in slums, taught celebrities, and kissed a princess.

Mark is an aikido black belt, and also has 28 years of experience in other martial arts, yoga, bodywork, improv comedy, conscious dance and meditation.

Embodiment is his obsession, life’s work, and frankly, at this point he couldn’t get a job doing anything else. He dances like your dad at a wedding, impresses cats with his stroking, and offends pirates with his swearing.

Mark’s now tired of writing in the third person. It’s getting weird.

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Guest teachers

Patricia Aguirre

Therapist, Embodiment Trainer

Patricia offers psychological coaching processes with a particular focus on women’s needs.

She is a specialist and trainer in trauma work and CPTSD worldwide. 

Patricia teaches body work, somatics and embodiment, and holds a masters in family constellations.

She’s been trained in the neurobiology of human behavior, as well as attachment-based therapies, certified as couples counsellor with attachment-based outlooks, and transpersonal therapy. 

Patricia combines all of this education with a foundation of 20 years of experience on a personal spiritual pursuit in eastern philosophies that she now integrates in a grounded expression of spirituality for everyday life application.

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Karin van Maanen

Meditation & Yoga Trainer

Karin is a yoga and meditation teacher-trainer with an MSc in Mindfulness Studies.

She’s been teaching compassion-based mindfulness full-time since 2008.

Karin delivers yoga teacher training courses, is co-lead trainer on the Embodied Toolkit Certification, and is lead trainer on the Embodied Meditation Certification.

She also has a background in community arts and works as a storyteller, often combining a range of embodied and creative approaches to support the personal and professional development of the people she works with.

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Why now...

“People-pleasing is a topic that has come up in many countries I’ve led workshops in over the years, and with dozens of coaching clients. A recent 1-minute people-pleasing coaching video I shared across social media has had over 3 million views, and the topic is always popular on our Facebook group.

If you’re reading this and have some people-pleasing patterns, you’re not alone!  You’re joining a growing number of people waking up to the fact that their needs matter, and that they don’t only exist to serve others.

I guess many are drawn to me as a teacher as I’m not always super agreeable (ahem). But this course won’t teach you to become me (or Patricia).

Instead, you’ll uncover your needs, and express them kindly but assertively, so you can become more authentically you. You’re not going to become an a***hole or a psychopath; you’ll just add kindness to yourself to the kindness you already exhibit towards others.

This is where the power of embodiment can help you. Embodiment empowers YOU to make your own choices. You can’t be talked out of  people-pleasing patterns, but you can shift them with the body.

If you recognise people-pleasing patterns in yourself, then this course will help you to change them.

I know this stuff works as I’ve now coached many, many people on the topic, and heard this feedback from mentees for years. It used to take a lot longer, but now that we’ve gotten really clear on the problem, you can easily have a BIG change in eight weeks. EMBODIMENT WORKS!

I’m happy that we’re able to offer this to everyone who needs it, and not just high-paying 1-to-1 clients.

So, people-pleasers, it’d really please me if you came along… Ha! But honestly, please: do it for yourself, eh?! 🙂



If you join Boundaries Not Burdens before April 17, you’ll get some juicy bonuses for extra support on your journey:

Introduction to Trauma course

People-pleasing habits can come from a range of areas – culture, family, evolution, genetics, and sometimes, trauma.

This 3-hour self-paced course will give you a thorough grounding in trauma, including:

Deep Confidence summit replays

Sometimes people-pleasing can come from a lack of confidence in ourselves.

Rather than teach you a fake or cheesy confidence that doesn’t feel authentic, this training includes tools to:

What embodiment leaders say...

Break your people-pleasing habits

Accepting students until May 1 (no joining after this)

Boundaries Not Burdens
Live & online

8 weeks | April 24-June 12 | 6pm UK time

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The course starts on Wednesday, April 24 and continues every Wednesday for eight weeks, ending June 12.

It’s at 6pm UK time on Wednesdays, which is 10am PDT. 

You may like to convert to your timezone>>>

Yes, every session is recorded and will be uploaded within 48 hours of the live session finishing.

This can also be useful if you want to review or practice what’s covered in the live sessions.

We’d encourage you to practice the tools presented during the live support sessions.

There’s also over four hours worth of self-paced learning included as Patricia’s Embody Your Boundaries course, plus the People Un-Pleasing ebook, the People-Unpleaser’s Life-Practice game, and the option to join a peer support group.

Whilst these extras are not mandatory, they can be helpful, and add extra learning.

We have a sense of humour and like to have fun while we teach. If you’re easily offended, you may not like it. Sessions are a place for robust adults.

Yes. Although please be mindful that working with the body can be triggering.

This training is purely educational, so if you are in need of therapy, please seek help from qualified professionals.

Got a question not answered above?

Please contact Virginia on

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