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Want to positively impact your world with this work?

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Unlock your authentic leadership potential

Many of the world’s supposed leaders are hypocrites who lack integrity, prioritise profits over people and the planet. So… let’s change that.

You don’t need to hold a fancy title to be a leader. Leaders are normal people who take responsibility for themselves and their impact on the world. We are all leaders, leading from where we are.

Leadership can be scary. And anyone with any humility asks, “Who am I to lead?” But you already influence people, whether you like it or not.

Do you truly embody all you can be as a leader?

With support, embodied practice and a little knowledge, you can unlock your true leadership potential to be a source of inspiration, hope and strength to those around you.

That’s why you’ll have the option to get the most complete embodiment course we’ve ever put together, Embody Your Leadership, with the live Anti-Decadence Odyssey.

It’s pre-recorded, so you can work through it in your own time, starting immediately if you choose. You’ll have me – Mark – leading, but I’m supported by Karin van Maanen, Erika Chalkley and Ron de Brito…

If you wanna see what’s in the course in detail, click on each section below to expand them…

What is leadership? – You tell me
Your leadership reaction (what happens in your body)
Why be a leader?
Old versus new leaders
Disowning leadership is disempowering
Various perspectives on leadership – I, relational, role, new ground, traits, skills
Why “authentic” leadership?
You’re already a leader – influence and role model
Change YOUR world
Lead as a human / being ordinary as a human / being a human leader
Your potential is bigger than you can imagine
Getting BACK to being a leader
Can leadership be learnt (skills versus qualities versus talent)
Your invitation to step up as a leader
Your leadership project
So you picked a project…
Intro to exercises
Imagining leaders
Leadership is…exercise
How to stand like a leader
Admirable leaders
How to be a bad leader
I would not be a leader if…
Stepping across a line
How your life would be different if…
The world with and without your potential
Using the course – attention, binge?
Being resourced / choice
How to be teachable
Ways of knowing – About, skills and being
Getting a buddy/peer group
Why Mark keeps changing
I, we, it model
The givens…
The most important leadership skill
Classic universal leadership virtues – look up
Servant and situational leadership
What is embodiment for leadership?
Leadership vision
Ego versus deep leadership
Us, or THROUGH us?
Rest and work – work ethic / self brutality
Sacrifice …but deep satisfactions/ play
Why leadership isn’t fun
How to build trust
Leader as community builder
Understanding change – seasons model
Paradoxes/ balances of leadership
Biology – health
Action points and practice course video
What/who do you serve? – What’s bigger that you?
Reflecting on the honour of leading / the honour and responsibility of leading
Why should anyone be lead by you?
Your survival case
Obituary exercise
Purpose – knowing yours at heart of leadership
Values exercise – choose 5 qualities?
Action points and practice course video
Yin and yang – Yes and no, pushing and letting go
Action and rest – healthy vs not
Authority pose – any old leader images/resistance? / Leadership stance / The pose of a leader / Leadership body language
Giving pose – what’s your unique contribution? / generosity / what am I giving?
Care pose – who for?
Stand pose – for what?
Up and down centring
Moving centring
Bokken intention cutting / Bokken exercise
Stepping forward exercise / moving forwards
Voicework for leaders
Action points and practice course video
Why everyone isn’t a leader – Mark
Exercises: Reasons not to be a leader
Yeah but… exercise – Mark
Why hippies don’t like leaders
Why it’s okay to be a leader
How you limit yourself
What emotions aren’t allowed
Misperceptions of what leadership is – Mark, Karin and Erika
“What I’m great at” / stating strengths, receiving compliments – Mark, Karin and Erika
Cultural blocks to leadership – Mark, Karin and Erika
How not to please everyone- Erika and Mark
Class barriers – Mark and Erika
Leadrship barriers for women – Erika and Karin
Leadrship barriers for women – Erika and Mark
Power is not bad (reframe) – Erika
Self trust – Outer authority vs. inner authority – Erika
Approval and permission – Erika
Approval and permission – Erika
Anger – Erika
How to feel safe being seen – Erika
Overcoming perfectionism and worthlessness- Erika
Criticism and being disliked – Erika
How not to put others first – Erika
The highly sensitive leader – Erika NEW
framing yin and yang
Blcoks to yin leadership – Erika
Leadership for arseholes (yang blocks) – Mark
Exercises for yang blocks
The good news about you as a leader
What didn’t kill you
You’re mad, you’re bad, you’re awesome – Mark
Why self-awareness matters for leaders
Exercises for state awareness building – The check in, meditation, etc
The importance of trait awareness (4 elements exercise)
Questions for 4 elements trait awareness
Feedback exercises on preference
“Do me” – somatic feedback exercise
Knowing your liabilities and getting help
Reflection on your character
How mindfulness has helped me – Mark
Body scanning – Karin
Metta meditation – Erika
“Heart” purpose meditation for leaders – Erika
Acceptance, Intention, Connection, Action meditation – Karin
The mindful leader – Karin
Nature – 4 elements – Mark
4 elements meditation
Central channel meditation – Mark
Equanimity – Mark
Extreme!!! Shame meditation – Mark
Action points and practice course video – mark
Building your core practice (elements) – balancing your type
Developing “heart” – service, meta, care
Telling your leadership story
Why facing death matters to leaders
Leadership love and loss
Why leaders need to get their s**t together
Three leadership mindsets
ABC for leaders
Quick centring
Building your centring practice
Centring applications
Centred walking
Underlying stress factors
Self care for leaders
Embodying the monarch
Why self expression matters for leaders – balance of two, culture and type
Developing self-expression
Action points and practice course video – mark
Intro – how to practise and why necessary to reveal patterns
No touch leader follower
Leader – follower awareness
Leadership position
Leader – follower range
Leader – follower resistance
Leader – follower ego vs coming through
Abandonment exercise
Blending, side by side view
Authority/ taking space support
Two step for coordination
Declaration with feedback
No and welcome – with feedback
Support and annoyance, criticism and compliment
Dedicated relational practice
Competitive mood game – demo for impact part
Zoom variations
Action points and practice course video
Overview – self and other
Time management – actually…, busyness
Stress management for leaders
How to build confidence as a leader
Communicating to elements
Task – people balance
Risk management
Dealing with haters and trolls
How to ask for what you want
Boundaries and saying no / there is no win-lose
Letting go of control / accepting help
Vulnerability – learning still, equality?
Grit and taking shit
Weak you isn’t good enough
Play, humour and creativity
Dealing with uncertainty
Vision and practicality
Voice and embodiment*
Empathy and leadership
Giving feedback
Presentations and selling
Conflict resolution
Dealing with conflict
Culture custodian
Leveraging diversity – include somatic
Cross cultural leadership – power distance, explicit
Leading online
Action points and practice course video
Relational, nurture
Humanity, emotions, empathy
Deep listening
Breadth of vision (goal is not only point)
Paradox, complexity
Adaptability, yielding, flexible
Yin impact
Practices to be more yin
Challenges with change, overshooting
Handover to Mark / yang
Review – self care, yes and no, care, giving
Authority pose
Taking space pose
Action points and practice course video


Embodied influence
You can’t not influence – intention to do good,
Passion, values and vulnerability
Your own embodiment – resonance, safety, status,
Safety, status and warmth
How to get respect
Anxiety and grounding – rest and digest
Self esteem and humility
Conveying vision, purpose and trust
Status – with exercises and HW
How to persuade people
How to build relationships: Rapport and calibration
4 elements motivation and communication – with exercises
4 elements communication exercises
Needs of followers
Virtual leadership
Make others leaders
Coaching leadership in others
Action points and practice course video
Three modes people can be in – coloured lights
Trauma symptoms to look out for
Your own healing
To hire, heal or not?
Crisis vs calm leadership modes
How to traumatise your employees
Hubris, arrogance, ego and bigifying – to reset humility (learning, service, HP)
Busyness! Saying no. Self care
Loneliness – peers,
Control freakery and power addiction, Come downs
Power addiction
Ups and downs
Evangelism – leads to mistreatment, mission
Cancel culture
Ethics / guru issues
Taking things personally
Lessons from 15 years training leaders
Leaders that inspired Mark
Leaders that inspired Karin
Leader spotting – eg yoga teachers
TEC leaders
7 leadership mistakes I’ve made
Values – what’s my contribution
Strategy – what to actually do?
CHOOSE a goal
80/20 principle
Your leadership project
So you picked a project…
Acknowledgements and personal thanks
Acknowledgements and use
Identifying your critical strengths and weaknesses
Suggested repetitions – the world with and without your potential
Further learning
Your leadership network
Peers and mentors – offer value
Is it worth it?
Final reflections and practices
Congrats! Celebrate – most people don’t finish

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Connect deeply to life purpose

Purpose is the antidote to the narcissism of decadent times. And leaders need vision to be of service to their communities.

That’s why we’re including our entire Purpose Blackbelt (PBB) course for those who want to unlock their authentic leadership potential. PBB includes practical tips and experiential exercises to:

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Leaders need boundaries and self-care, too

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Both boundaries and self-care can be things that are hard to get right as a leader. But, they massively impact your ability to lead in your world, which is why we’ll give you:


Embody Your Boundaries

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Self-Care in Chaotic Times

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  • Embody Your Boundaries (normally $249)
  • Self-Care in Chaotic Times (normally $99)
  • Embodying Resilience (normally $49)
  • Purpose Boot Camp (normally $29)
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