Embodied Boundaries

Short reframes on Boundaries

Niceness is not kindness

How does 'niceness is not kindness' make you feel?

In this this video, Erika shares a helpful reframe on developing boundaries to the point where we are able to recognise what is our responsibility and what isn’t.

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About Erika Chalkley:

Erika Chalkley knows a thing or two about struggling with boundaries.

She’s journeyed from being frozen with fear into doing the hard things and guiding thousands of other women to do the same.

Her impulses to be nice didn’t disappear overnight, but she now knows how to recognise what’s happening, get clarity about what she actually needs, and safely (and kindly) set solid boundaries at work, at home and in all her relationships.

As someone who struggled with low self-confidence, unworthiness and a need to be nice for so long, my mission now is to support other women to overcome this struggle and to bring their authentic selves to the world.

Erika has over a decade’s experience in female empowerment. She is dedicated to helping women break free of ‘niceness’, so they can step into their authority, live according to their own rules and unapologetically share their talents with the world.

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