Trauma’s Everyday Impact

The ‘normal’ person’s guide to day-to-day trauma

Trauma’s Everyday Impact

The ‘normal’ person’s guide to day-to-day trauma

Uncover the #1 limiting factor in your life

Uncover the subtle ways trauma shows up in your life in these personal, problem-specific masterclasses.

Online event

13th-22nd September

FREE and $19 options

Trauma impacts most of us on some level, but it’s not always obvious how

We know trauma can show up as:

- Sleep problems
- Addiction
- Anxiety
- Depression

But trauma can also look like:

- Daily stress
- Poor self care
- Money issues
- Reactivity

Knowing how trauma causes your destructive patterns means you can stop them

Even if you’re doing ok, discovering your trauma means that you can do a lot better.

Learn how Trauma impacts everyone

13th-22nd September 2021

30-minute online masterclasses

Join selected masterclasses for free or get full access for just $19.

A personalised concise revealing

Trauma’s Everyday Impact

A normal person’s guide to day-to-day trauma

Trauma’s Everyday Impact is an online summit designed to help you identify if (and where) trauma is holding you back.

With over 60 topic-specific bitesize sessions to choose from, you’ll unearth exactly what’s behind your day-to-day challenges and learn practical tools for overcoming them.

Whether you have issues around stress, intimacy, your kids, or a weird dolphin phobia – this event will help you spot where trauma is holding your life hostage from the shadows.

*no dolphins were hurt in the making of this event

"Embodiment is an essential component of healing and Embodiment Unlimited does valuable work bringing its importance to the public. I have enjoyed working with this innovative organisation."

~ Gabor Maté, M.D

Something for everyone, tough life or not

Trauma isn’t exclusive to people with a difficult childhood or who have been to war zones.

All it takes is overwhelming experiences and we all have them.

Whether you’re new to the idea of trauma showing up in sneaky ways in your life or deep into your trauma healing journey, there’s something for you at this event.

How the event works

Free ticket holders

All access pass holders

Masterclass topics

General trauma

Show topics
From good enough to great

Du bist mehr als deine Traumata [IN GERMAN!]

What you don't know about trauma

Specific trauma

Show topics
How trauma can steal your self-care superpowers
Why relationships can suck
Trauma and feeling not good enough (because you don't suck!!)

Warum dir die Meinung anderer Leute auf dich egal sein darf [IN GERMAN!]

Trauma aus der Kindheit - Möglichkeiten im Jetzt [IN GERMAN!]

Sexuality and trauma
Gain back your career superpowers

Traum(a) Teamarbeit? (Trauma im Arbeitskontext) [IN GERMAN!]

How to stop playing small (you don't suck, it's your trauma)
How your culture is traumatized (even if you aren't)

Trauma im kulturellen Gedächtnis [IN GERMAN!]

Trauma aware parenting

Trauma for professionals

Show topics


We approach our sessions from a human-to-human perspective and not a healer-to-broken-person approach.

These sessions are: ✅ education ❌ therapy.
We assume adult robustness. Not for the easily offended, the heavily traumatised or the close-minded.

In our sessions, you’ll find 🤡 humor, 😷 swearing and direct language, 🥒 potential sexual references and lots of authenticity. We know this style isn’t for everyone, but a lot of you will love it.

Learn from people who have been there themselves

The people we’ve asked to lead this event are not only great teachers, but have been there themselves. War, abuse, s*x work, and the supposedly smaller traumas of being overwhelmed by families, life and “everyday” stuff. 

These are the people we love and trust on this topic. These are the people we go to personally when things are rough, to laugh and cry with. These are the people we’ve seen help many, many others. 

As well as being practical teachers, they’re also fun. This may sound like a strange thing to say around this topic, but jokes help, even when dealing with heavy stuff. The event will be practical and respectful trauma education, with humour, for robust adults.

- Mark and Patricia
Co-leads, Embodiment Unlimited

Your masterclass teachers

Deb Dana

Clinician & Trauma Consultant

Deb Dana, LCSW is a clinician, consultant, author and speaker specializing in complex trauma. Her work is focused on using the lens of Polyvagal Theory to understand and resolve the impact of trauma and in creating ways of working that honor the role of the autonomic nervous system. She is also a founding member of the Polyvagal Institute and developer of the Rhythm of Regulation Clinical Training Series.

Show bio
David Berceli

TRE Creator

David Berceli works with the body to enable people to move beyond trauma as well as bring healing and reconciliation between diverse groups. He spent two decades providing trauma relief workshops and designing recovery programs in Israel/Palestine, Sudan, Yemen and Lebanon (to name a few). He is a true elder in the field.

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Betsy Polatin MFA SEP

Breathing & Movement Specialist

Betsy is an internationally recognised breathing/movement specialist with over 45 years in the field under her belt and is currently a master lecturer at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts. Betsy is also a best-selling author and since 2016, she has been co-teaching ongoing traveling workshops,with the likes of Peter A. Levine, PhD and Dr. Gabor Maté.

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Ronhild de Brito

NVC Practitioner

Ron’s lived through marriage, divorce and suicide, which drew her to Nonviolent Communication and embodiment. Ron is a joyful playful elder.

Show bio
Patricia Aguirre

Yoga Teacher & Therapist

Patricia is a specialist in developmental trauma. She integrates her knowledge and experience of 20+ years on eastern philosophies with trauma sensitive methods such as transactional analysis, systemic therapy, and emotionally focused therapy.. She is who young yogis want to be when they grow up, and the future queen of Mexico.

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David Treleaven

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Educator

David is a writer, educator, and trauma professional. He’s the author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing. He’s offered workshops on trauma-sensitive mindfulness at the UCLA, the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts and the Omega Institute. He’s currently a visiting scholar at Brown University.

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Paul Linden

Trauma educator

Paul has been practicing and teaching Aikido for over 50 years and holds a sixth-degree black belt in Aikido as well as a first-degree black belt in Karate. He holds a BA in Philosophy, a PhD in Physical Education, and is an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education. He is not funny, but we love him dearly.

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Ilan Stephani

Trauma educator

Ilan is a best-selling author and researcher in the fields of sexuality, spirituality, collective trauma healing and embodiment. Having been a sex worker in the past, Ilan has first hand experience in coming back from difficult places, and turning tough stuff into fuel for truly living.

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See more teachers
Nir Esterman

Trauma therapist

Nir was born to a family created by two holocaust survivors. He went through cancer and chemotherapy aged 22 and went on to teach intergenerational trauma and family constellations to other therapists in Israel.

He’s uber clever. And kind.

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Melissa Gutierrez

Body witch

Melissa’s mettle has been forged by childhood violence, toxic relationships, financial insecurity and harmful type A perfectionism. She’s now a coach that teaches others how to reclaim their power through movement and witchcraft. She’s dedicated to helping people live their dreams and use the magic of their bodies to heal their wounds.

Show bio
Mark Walsh

Mr Embodiment

Mark has worked in five war-zones, with street kids, the Russian LGBTQ+ community, with police, aid workers, three militaries and has been sober for 14 years. He was traumatized as f**k, but now does OK 🙂

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Daniela Welzel

Embodiment facilitator and martial artist

Daniela has worked in the police force and in different war zones, which gave her first hand experience in trauma. She is a certified MBCT trainer. She is no way not at all a control freak, OK…maybe a bit, but she will organise your trauma away!

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Hendryk Obenaus

Management Coach

Hendryk is an organizational developer, management coach and founder of leadership³ who helps teams become more agile and lean. With a degree in psychology, he delves into the depths of belief and value systems as well as competence and culture development of teams.

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Christina Dohr

Embodiment Coach

Christina could kick your butt (she’s an aikido black belt) but won’t as she’s far too nice. She teaches dance, intimacy work and embodied coaching.

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Erika Chalkley

Somatic Coach & Meditation Teacher

Erika’s worked with many types of trauma including suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence and ex-untouchable women in India. She focuses on helping women who are ‘too nice’ find their power. She’s probably going to get really nervous teaching you amazing stuff.

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Maša Nobilo

Embodied Facilitator

Sleep coach, certified embodied facilitator, feldenkrais practitioner, yoga teacher and speaks all the languages. All of them.

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Karin van Maanen

Embodied meditation teacher

Karin’s journey into embodiment allowed her to recognise and heal her own trauma. Embodied practices have given her tools for self-regulation, healing and change.She sees the world as a beautiful AND tricky place. Her work is to help others experience themselves as empowered rather than victims. She’s exceptionally wise and grounded.

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Jane Dancey

Embodiment Coach & Yoga Teacher

Jane’s upbringing left a trail of loss that resulting in trauma and disconnection. Jane’s trauma healing journey informs her work with women of all ages. She’s a certified Embodiment Facilitator, a somatic coach, a senior Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher and a single mum to one teen girl. You want her as your posh English aunt.

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Alexandra Vilvovskaya

Trauma therapist

Alexandra is the mother of embodiment in Russia. She is a tango ninja and has been working with trauma since the USSR was a thing.

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Lucas Forstmeyer

Therapist and Bodyworker

Lucas supports people in their growth towards freedom, intimacy and aliveness.His main work revolves around Developmental Trauma and the somatic exploration and integration of Essential States of Being.
Lucas studied philosophy, psychology and Sufism, and is a trained coach, therapist and bodyworker.

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Florian Filtzinger

Somatic educator

Florian works with elevating the body as a true resource of wisdom, joy and depth. He works with LGBTQ youth, where he specializes in trauma consciousness and creating healthy relationships with the body.

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Emma Pollard

Relationships & conscious parenting coach

Emma specializes in healing the fun way. She’s been working in play for over 15 years and works with dance, laughter and matrix reprinting.

She helps your inner child to giggle.

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Roger Mills

EMDR Therapist

Roger is a psychotherapist and trainer who specialises in working with PTSD. Roger has practised as a therapist for 20 years and has worked for the UK National Health Service and The Priory Group before focusing exclusively on private practice.

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And more to follow...

Watch anytime

We get that people are busy, so you’ll have a good few days to watch your chosen sessions.

With an all access pass, you can also attend sessions live.

What other people and coaches say

Free essentials package

Get immediate access to five talks as soon as you register. These are from some absolute legends in the field (and Mark).

Gabor Maté

Compassionate inquiry

Mark Walsh

What facilitators need to know about trauma

Ilan Stephani

When boundaries get crossed

Peter Levine

In an unspoken voice

Stephen Porges

Embodiment through the lens of the polyvagal theory

Additional bonuses

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Daily interactive Q&A sessions

Join the teachers to have your questions answered.

Dedicated community group

A safe space to share your insights and feelings, ask questions and connect.

Uncover your hidden trauma

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You will get access to your gift bundle right away. We will ask you to choose 3 sessions before the online event starts and email you the recordings to watch after the live session and until 22nd September.

You will get access to our gift bundle right away. We will also give you the full schedule for the live sessions so you can plan your time properly. You can attend as many live sessions as you want or watch them on replay after the session until 22nd September.

Yes. Each session is created with all awareness levels in mind.

So much yes, let’s see what you’re doing now that’s at least not ideal that may come from trauma.

Yup, sessions are short and targeted, and all can be listened to while outside, waking or doing chores. You do not need to be on camera and can fast fw anything you like.

Yes. There’s always more to learn when it comes to trauma and with the sessions being so topic specific, it’s unlikely that you’ll know everything about every topic covered across the event. There’s also some “advanced” sessions for professionals.

Putting this event on will cost us about $100,000.

Yes, some inexpensive practical video courses to help you learn more. Our model is to give as much good stuff away as we can free (as we’d like everyone to know the essentials), and we operate as an ethical business.

If you don’t want to buy anything from us ever it’s a one click unsubscribe.

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