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Do you want to watch the Embodied Spirituality Festival in your own time?
And would you like to start learning now?

All sessions at Embodied Spirituality are free live, and to watch for 48 hours. But after this, you’ll have to buy the recordings to watch.

With more than 10 sessions over three days, buying them means you won’t have to cram them all in (if that’s even possible).

Plus, if you want to start practising now, you can get some extra sessions from some of spirituality’s biggest names that you can watch immediately…

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You'll get lifetime access to these bonus sessions...

Shinzen Young

Enlightenment East and West: towards embodied spirituality

Jessica Graham

Sex & the spiritual path

Mark Walsh

Trauma & mysticism

Ilan Stephani

How to avoid spiritual bypass in meditation & yoga

Amara Pagano

Movement as spiritual practice and healing art

A.H. Almaas

The spiritually alive body

Plus all the Embodied Spirituality Festival replays with...

Mark Walsh

CEO & Founder, Embodiment Unlimited

Susanne Cook-Greuter

Ego development & self-actualization expert

Kathleen Booker

Conscious Connected Breathwork Teacher

Patricia Aguirre

Family Constellations Therapist

Miles Kessler

Mindfulness Teacher, Aikido Black Belt

David James

The UnMonk

Anodea Judith

Somatic therapist & best-selling author

Tina Myntz Zymarakis

Sanskritist & Yoga Instructor

Yasmine Madkour

Somatic sexologist & trauma therapist

Dr. Adrian Harris


Ziba Bayley

Event host

Virginia Moutlia

Event organiser

For just $49 until the live event ends...

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