Women's Trauma Event

Free 3-day online event with Patricia Aguirre + special guests - Sep 18-20

How might trauma be holding you back?

Discover the 3 most common ways trauma can impact women

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How might trauma be holding you back?

Discover the 3 most common ways trauma can impact women

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to get free live event link, replays when available and registration bonuses

How might trauma be holding you back?

Discover the 3 most common ways trauma can impact women

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to get free live event link, replays when available and registration bonuses

Free, 30-min live sessions

Identify common blocks

Practise embodied tools

September 18-20, 2022 + replays

All women are impacted by trauma

Trauma can be sneaky. It impacts all women.

Sometimes, we think of trauma as coming from individual, terrible occurrences. And yes, overwhelming situations are sadly part of growing up for many of us.

We also inherit both trauma and resilience patterns from those who’ve come before us.

There’s background trauma passed on through generations, and cultural norms. Simply growing up as a woman in this world can lead to us taking on “hidden” patterns of trauma.

Such patterns can also be normalised over time, so they become invisible, even if they’re limiting us. Most trauma isn’t dramatic, it’s insidious.


How do trauma patterns show up?


Feelings of inadequacy, anxiety or shame can be experienced by anyone, but they’re more common amongst women. This isn’t coincidental. 

Women are more likely to appease others, to avoid conflict, and to struggle with connecting to and expressing their own needs. These safety strategies aren’t bad, but they can hold women back. 

Lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, feeling undeserving, and the sense we’ve given so much of ourselves for nothing in return; this is what trauma can look like, and isn’t the recipe for a fulfilling life.

If you’ve experienced this, you’re not broken or weird. In fact, you’re quite normal, and it’s not your fault. And, a freer, more connected life is possible. 

A new freedom...

Identifying how trauma limits us can allow us to access a newfound freedom and happiness. Knowledge is power.

Join us for a free 3-day “Women’s Trauma” event to explore the most common “sneaky” ways trauma holds us back, and to learn what to do about it.

Through embodied learning, you’ll identify where trauma leads to self-sabotaging behaviours, so you can access greater confidence, connection and fulfilment.

Uncovering trauma’s personal and intergenerational hold gives us a way to feel deeply at ease, along with the courage to “put ourselves out there”, however we are called to do so. 

Join a community of supportive, values-driven women for 3 days, where together we’ll move on from trauma, and positively impact the world.



Women's Trauma

Identify how trauma limits you, so you can move towards new freedom in your life

Identify how trauma impacts your life

Learn embodied tools you can practise daily

Connect with women from around the world

Join us to understand the ways trauma shows up in your life.

You’ll also walk away with embodied tools you can practise to you recognise when you’re playing out trauma patterns, so you can stop this as it’s happening.

Important notice:

If you’ve experienced recent trauma, are in active crisis-mode, or you’re simply not well-resourced to do group education work right now, then this event may NOT be for you at this time.

That’s okay, we’ve all been there, but therapy may be what you need. All are welcome, but do bear this in mind.

Ways trauma impacts women...

Putting others' needs first


Feeling responsible for everyone

Lack of confidence

Conflict avoidance

Feeling like you don't belong

Poor boundaries

Losing touch with pleasure

Being "overly nice"

Feeling not good enough

You’ll learn...

Benefits for your life...

If you’re one of these women...

The "supportive woman"

You do little for yourself - but look after everyone else

The "good woman"

You're always pleasant but neglect your own needs

The "warrior woman"

You take on a lot, but it's still never enough

The "incomplete woman"

You've done lots of work but always feel like something's lacking

…Then this event may be for you.


Core sessions with Patricia Aguirre

Day 1

Sunday 18th September 2022

Women's Trauma 1

Patricia Aguirre
7pm UK time / 2pm EDT

Discover why we put others’ needs first

Day 2

Monday 19th September 2022

Women's Trauma 2

Patricia Aguirre
7pm UK time / 2pm EDT

Understand undeserving and learn the roots of “imposter syndrome”

Day 3

Tuesday 20th September 2022

Women's Trauma 3

Patricia Aguirre
7pm UK time / 2pm EDT

An exploration of allowing enjoyment


Bonus sessions with special guests

Day 1

Sunday 18th September

The "strong " woman

Daniela Welzel
10am UK time / 7pm AEST

An enquiry into when strength becomes self-abuse

Day 2

Monday 19th September

Releasing repression

Georgia Verry
9am UK time / 6pm AEST

A polyvagal-informed circle to tap into healthy aggression and stillness

Day 2

Monday 19th September

Mothering ourselves

Yasmine Madkour
1pm UK time / 8am EDT

Explore how we relate to our mothering capacities throughout generations

Day 3

Tuesday 20th September

Practising deep rest

Ron de Brito
4pm UK time / 11am EDT

Nourish your being and invite your energy to the ground

Event facilitators

Patricia Aguirre

Therapist & Family Constellations Facilitator

Patricia is co-lead trainer of the Trauma Coaching and Courage to Lead courses and works extensively with women through private sessions and workshops.

She combines deep processes of shadow work through different models of therapy and trauma work with almost two decades on the spiritual path.

Patricia weaves both of these visions into her work where she leads women into states of strength and empowerment, peace and fulfilment in life, as expressed by many of the women she has worked with.


Daniela Welzel

Women's Coach & Mindfulness Facilitator

Daniela brings her unique blend of embodied experience to everything she does. She is authentic, honest and fearless in her work and honours whatever arises with grace, patience and presence. 

Daniela has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a diploma in police leadership science. She served in a bilateral training mission in Afghanistan, teaching Afghan police officers methods and didactics, psychology and code of conduct.

Daniela also holds a black belt in Aikido, and is a certified MBCT trainer. She regularly teaches workshops and courses on embodied self-defence and mindfulness, along with offering individual coaching.

Georgia Verry

Trauma-informed kickboxing facilitator

Georgia is a Kyokushin karate black-belt, pro-level Muay Thai fighter and BJJ blue-belt with 15 years experience in martial arts.

She’s combined the knowledge from her bachelors degree in exercise physiology, martial arts experience, peer-reviewed literature, informal research and advice from a team of psychologists to create The Fight Back Project – a trauma-informed kickboxing program for female identified survivors, offered both online and in-person.

Georgia hosts The Fight Back Podcast, hosted the first international conference for trauma-informed martial arts coaches and offers online training programs for conscious combat coaches that want to create bespoke trauma-informed programs unique to their experience and martial art.

Yasmine Madkour

Somatic Therapist & Sexologist

Yasmine is an Integral Trauma Counsellor, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a SOMATICA-trained Somatic Sexologist.

Studying a Master’s in Psychology, she specialises in Systemic Trauma and Systemic Sex Therapy.

Yasmine connects women to their inner sense of safety to enjoy a life free from traumatic pain and stress, helping them to be curious with their nervous system and explore their bodies and their capacities for pleasure and play.

Her mission is to help women feel more in your bodies, get unstuck from old patterns, and become more of themselves.

Yasmine loves plants, writing, dancing, cooking, and making stuff out of other stuff, and is a parent to a very silly parrot, Chicko.

Ron de Brito

Compassion Coach & NVC facilitator

Ron is a certified Embodied Facilitator, Empowerment and Compassion Coach and Nonviolent Communication Practitioner.

She focuses her practice on helping people unearth their inner resources and find ease with being fully receptive to their humanity, in body-mind and spirit.

Ron was born in London to African/ Indian Trinidadian parents and attended Grammar School in Finchley, North London. 

She’s worked as a schoolteacher, biochemist, children’s tutor. Ron’s a mother whose passion is helping others.

She’s in love with aliveness and being a vibrant dot connected to everything in a beautiful universe.

What some of our students say about our courses

Why's this needed now?

"Trauma affects all of us in direct and indirect ways.

While we will all benefit as a human species with the healing of trauma, there is a benefit in exploring the nuance of how trauma shows up in our experience as women.

Key factors in this process are community, access to knowledge, and self awareness.

I’m happy to be able to share this free event with women who are open and seeking this kind of work in our upcoming sessions."

Patricia Aguirre
Lead Trainer (Mexico) – “Trauma Coaching” and “Courage to Lead” courses


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Replays will be available following the event for 48 hours.

However, if you attend at least one session on each day of the event, you’ll receive instructions on day 3 as to how you can get free access to the event replays for 3 months.

What some leaders in the embodiment field say

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If you don’t attend all sessions live and don’t get time to watch them during the replays window, you will also be able to purchase them in our shop.

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