Feel the fear and share it anyway

Free online event for women

Longing to make your big dreams real?

Find out why you may be struggling with that right now, and learn tools to do it anyway

6th - 8th March 2022

Attend one main session each day to get the recordings FREE

Practical, proven techniques

To identify what's been holding you back and begin to step past it.

30-minute sessions

+30 minute Q&A
to work around your busy schedule

FREE access (Live)

to experiential sessions with Patricia Aguirre & Christina Dohr

The schedule for the week

You’ll journey from uncovering what’s holding you back, to gaining embodied tools to experience moving past it, and into beginning to chart a different path of courageous self-expression.

In each session you’ll have 30 minutes of learning, followed by 30 minutes of time with your teachers to have all your questions answered.

Click on a session to add it to your Google calendar.

Day 1

Sunday 6th March, 2022

Escape the "not good enough" trap

Christina Dohr
5am EST / 10am UK Time

Find courage in your body



Patricia Aguirre
2pm EST / 7pm UK Time

Escape the “not good enough” trap


Day 2

Monday 7th March, 2022

Go beyond the "good woman" role

Roma Norriss
5am EST / 10am UK Time

Clear boundaries & assertiveness


Patricia Aguirre
12pm EST / 5pm UK Time

Go beyond the “good woman” role


Martha Eddy
2pm EST / 7pm UK Time

Align your gut-heart-brain axis for action

Day 3

Tuesday 8th March, 2022

Embody your "inner badass"

Amy Rachelle
5am EST / 10am UK Time

Transform “limitations” into leverage


Christina Dohr
7am EST / 12pm UK Time

Embody your “inner badass”


Suzanne Scurlock
2pm EST / 7pm UK Time

Women, power, and overcoming fear


Get the recordings free

Event recordings FREE

When you attend at least one session
on each of the 3 days

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