Embodied Yoga Principles

An Introduction to the power of EYP

Want to take yoga’s benefits into daily life?

Experience first-hand what you can give yourself & your clients with this introductory journey into Embodied Yoga Principles.

Claim an epic content bundle of three state-shifting poses, accompanying posture guides, & bonus learning resources.

An Introduction to the power of Embodied Yoga Principles


'The depth psychology of asana - a guide to getting yoga off the mat'

Introduction to Embodied Yoga Principles


6 yoga pose videos

Covering 3 of the most popular Embodied Yoga Poses. 2 videos per pose — covering technical & experiential nuances.

3 Accompanying Posture Guides

For each pose

"A refreshing method of self-inquiry and transformation. Highly effective for changing behavioural patterns."

~ Sindre, Embodiment Coach, Norway

In this journey you’ll

Get the full e-book on why EYP works

This short book will expand your psychological scope of yoga and deepen your experience of the asanas. You'll take away a fuller sense of EYP's pragmatic tools — how they can enhance your personal practice, and impact what you really care about.

Many of these techniques are designed for experienced yogis and teachers. If you’re a yoga beginner, no sweat! You’ll still get something from this book.

Identify areas of concern for you and your clients

You’ll discover the purpose of EYP — to learn about oneself and learn useful skills for life.

Learn how to gain insight into ourselves as people, be aware of what our habitual patterns are in life, and then choose to develop which qualities we need to embody and develop in our character and being — both short term and long term.

Experience expert training in three state-shifting poses

Taking up Space: To help you be confident in life and comfortable being in the spotlight.

Entering: For understanding the importance of both giving and accepting support.

Self-care: For connecting with what you need to care for or look after most.

Who is this journey for?

Coaches & Trainers

Looking to expand their existing toolkit to shake up their client work.

Yoga Teachers

Who want to add an extra layer of depth to their practice and classes.

Everyday humans

Wanting effective tools with immediate results for everyday challenges.

The poses you’ll learn

Taking space pose

Facilitate your clients’ journey to being more comfortable in the spotlight.

Entering pose

For clients who need to move forward courageously.

Self-care pose

For people who need to be kinder towards themselves.

What past students say

An Introduction to the power of Embodied Yoga Principles


Want to shift your state (or your client’s) fast?

Get a first hand experience of what you can give your clients with this free guided journey into and through three state shifting poses.

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