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"Embodiment postures have lifted my coaching to the next level. They bring my clients into their bodies and feelings.
It’s an amazing gift."

~ Nadine Fink, Germany, Coach

Making a change is not always easy

Making a change can be hard.

After all, there are life-long behavioural patterns deeply ingrained within our very being at play trying to keep us exactly where we are – so breaking through isn’t always easy.

We’ve seen this first-hand for coaches and teachers, and sometimes these patterns seem impossible to overcome.

Bringing the body into your work can have a dramatic impact

Working with the body is the quickest and most effective way to facilitate change and breakthrough with trickier clients – after all, we are a body, not just a mind.

Imagine having powerful embodiment tools in your arsenal to help shift your client’s state while revealing in-depth insights for you to work with.

Now imagine being able to teach them to use these tools in their everyday life as embodied affirmations for lasting transformation.

What would that do for your facilitation?

Or, more importantly – what would that do for your clients?

Introducing Embodied Yoga Principles

26 powerful poses
Digestible videos & tutorials
Real-life coaching demos
Experienced teachers
A thriving global community

Embodied Yoga Principles is a system of 26 non-athletic poses designed to instantly empower you and shift your client’s state.

Whether they’re struggling with confidence in the workplace or longing to be more playful and open at home – EYP has an answer.

Once you understand each pose and the psychology behind it, you will be armed with practical, experiential techniques to help clients regulate their emotions and responses. Expect in-depth insights into your client’s psyche, allowing you to be more intuitive and intentional as you work with them.

For coaches and facilitators, EYP is the coaching toolkit that keeps on giving. As you empower clients to use these poses in their lives daily, you can look forward to seeing feedback about ‘lasting transformation’ within your testimonials time after time.

Who is Embodied Yoga Principles for?

Coaches & Trainers

Who work 1-to-1 with clients and want to bring something new to their coaching.

Yoga Teachers

Who want to apply an extra layer of depth to their classes.

Aspiring facilitators

Who want to use Embodied Yoga Principles in their future work.

The EYP System

Receiving pose

Guide clients to feel worthy of receiving.

Self-care pose

For people who need to be kinder towards themselves.

Death pose

A pose to facilitate coming to terms with mortality.

Transcendence pose

Help clients rise above any negativity.

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Warrior pose

Empower clients to summon strength in difficult situations.

Vulnerability pose

For people who struggle to be vulnerable and need to explore their innocence.

Inner pose

Support your clients to turn inward for guidance and support.

Support pose

A pose to foster both giving and receiving support openly.

Sensuality pose

Coach clients to explore the world through their senses.

Entering pose

For clients who need to move forward courageously.

Enthusiasm pose

Help clients leap into life with confidence and passion.

Care pose

For people who care too much or need to develop nurturing.

Yes pose

A pose to learn deep acceptance and let beauty in.

Pushing pose

Support clients to access the power they need to achieve their dreams and goals.

Taking space pose

Facilitate your clients’ journey to being more comfortable in the spotlight.

Surrender pose

For people who need to let go of what they can’t control.

Joker pose

Help clients take themselves less seriously and be playful.

Inspiration pose

A pose to uplift people and inspire creativity.

Openness pose

Guide clients to be more accepting and open.

Giving pose

For both being more generous and setting healthy boundaries around giving.

Letting go pose

For clients who need to accept the past and forgive in order to move forward.

Evaluation pose

A pose to develop discernment and thoughtful decision-making.

Authority pose

Help clients build confidence as leaders.

Rest pose

For people who need to learn that recovery is an important part of self-care.

Stand pose

Empower clients to take a stand for what they believe in and who they are.

No pose

A pose that sets firm boundaries and teaches clients to say ‘no’.

What you'll learn

What's inside

Personal experiential videos
Technical teaching videos
Real-life coaching demos

Your Embodied Yoga teachers

Mark Walsh

Founder – Embodiment Unlimited, The Embodiment Conference, EYP

Mark founded EYP after 20 years of practising yoga. He also founded The Embodiment Conference, The Embodied Facilitator Course, and Embodiment Unlimited.


Senior Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher

A web designer, father and author who shares Buddhist inspired embodiment-based practices and mindfulness-based hatha yoga with groups and individuals to facilitate body and mind transformation.

Karin Van Maanen

EYP & Yoga Teacher

Karin is a British Wheel of Yoga accredited yoga teacher trainer, Tibetan Buddhist, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher, and holds an MSc Mindfulness Studies.

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Jamie Abrams

Embodied facilitator, EYP & Yoga Teacher

Jamie has been teaching yoga across the globe for over 20 years. She is the founder of Embodied Badassery, Erotic Blueprint Coaches, and is an embodied facilitator.

Jane Dancey

Embodiment Coach and Somatic Yoga Teacher

Jane specialises in supporting and accompanying women through transitional stages of life. From menarche to menopause and is the creator of The Embodied Female Pelvis online course.

Mayan Patel

EYP & Vinyasa Flow Teacher

Mayan is a yoga teacher and community organiser who focuses on increasing wellbeing and social-emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Ciara Collins Atkins

EYP & Yoga Teacher

Ciara is a restorative, yin and hatha yoga teacher who draws from dance movement psychotherapy. She also has a degree in Contemporary Dance.

Tess Howell

5 Rhythms Teacher, Dharma and Yoga Facilitator

Tess is an artist, art therapist, writer, accomplished contemporary dance producer and the founder of Wild Moves, which uses ‘silent disco’ headsets to facilitate conscious dance classes outdoors in areas of wild beauty.

Pilar Corceura Botana

EYP & Yoga Teacher

Pilar is a therapeutic yoga instructor and NLP Coach who helps create photo galleries for Yoga for Your Daily Life and other yoga courses.

What past students say

Double money-back guarantee
(yes, really)

If you complete every module in the course, apply yourself to the learning and don’t feel sure that you can use EYP to impact your clients positively – we’ll give you double your money back.

Seriously. Print this off, keep it somewhere safe, and come back to us if the latter is valid for you. We’re confident in this programme, so we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is.


Live Integration Sessions

Some of your favourite teachers from the masterclasses will be holding these sessions (apparently they loved you too).

Live and interactive, these will be a space for you to share what you’ve learned (about EYP and yourself) and get valuable feedback and advice.

Current scheduled sessions run until August 3rd 2021 🗓

*Future dates will be added, subject to demand

Monthly community calls

A lifetime of 60-minute community calls every month led by one of our senior EYP teachers to explore different topics and poses together.

Private Facebook group

A communal place to come together and learn, share, explore and reflect on your own process with other EYP students in the community.

Embodied Yoga Masterclasses recordings

28 x 1-hour recorded sessions from the Embodied Yoga Masterclasses

Listing on the EYP Professional Database

Once you are certified you will be listed with a link to your platform on the EYP Teachers and Coaches Page.

Yoga for love & intimacy

3 hours of recorded videos from this live EYP event.

Add Embodied Yoga Principles to your toolkit today

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EYP for Daily Life

For personal practice

100% online | 32 videos
2 hours

All 26 EYP poses

Personal practice explanatory tutorials

Embodied Yoga Masterclasses recordings



*Or pay 3 monthly instalments of $89

EYP for Coaches

For 1-to-1 work

100% online | 76 videos
7 hours

All 26 EYP poses

Personal practice
Technical teaching
EYP & Embodiment Theory
Safety for use with clients
Client Case Study
Coaching demos

Embodied Yoga Masterclasses recordings
Monthly community calls
Private Facebook group
Listing on the EYP Database
Yoga for love and intimacy



*Or pay 3 monthly instalments of $179

EYP Teacher Training

For groups and 1-to-1

100% online | 99 videos
17hrs 45 mins

All 26 EYP poses

Personal practice
Technical teaching
EYP & Embodiment Theory
Explanatory tutorials
EYP class structure with adaptations
Integrating EYP with Different Practices

Integrating EYP with Hatha
Integrating EYP with Vinyasa
Integrating EYP with Restorative
EYP cycles and seasons
EYP in chairs
EYP Processing
EYP Microposes
Intro to teaching workshops
Themed workshops
EYP partner work
EYP group process
Trauma awareness in EYP
Meditation, centering & EYP

See more

Embodied Yoga Masterclasses recordings
Monthly community calls
Private Facebook group
Listing on the EYP Database
Yoga for love and intimacy



*Or pay 3 monthly instalments of $249

Got a question about the course or not sure which package is for you? 
Email and we’ll see how we can help.

We also accept Bitcoin, contact support for more details. 


You will need to upload photos of yourself in all 26 poses and complete 8 x 1-hour coaching sessions integrating EYP. After each session, you’ll need to post your reflections and feedback in the private Facebook group. You will also have a 1-hour video call with one of the senior teachers to check your grasp on the subtleties of the system and your coaching experience before your certification is awarded.

You will need to upload photos of yourself in all 26 poses and complete 2 x 2-hour workshops and 4 x 1-hour yoga classes, which integrate aspects of EYP. After each workshop or session, you will need to post your reflections and feedback in the private Facebook group. You will also have a 1-hour video call with one of the senior teachers to check your grasp on the subtleties of the system and your coaching experience before your certification is awarded.

This is up to you as there is no time limit in which you need to complete the course. Just submit your material or book your 1-hour call for certification whenever you feel ready.

The entire course is pre-recorded. The only live element is your certification call at the end for the coaching and teacher courses, which you can book for a time that suits you. There are also the optional monthly community calls which are extremely beneficial to attend but not required for certification

Embodiment Unlimited awards the certification.

Once you have completed your course and received your certificate, you can use it as resource development for the ICF if you have an ICF coaching qualification or CE hours with Yoga Alliance if you are a qualified Yoga Alliance teacher.

No, they aren’t. The coaching certifies you to work 1-to-1 with clients, while the teacher training certifies you to work with groups and 1-to-1 in different yoga styles and postures.

No, this is an additional certification for people who are already yoga teachers.

No, only the coaching course and teaching course come with certifications; the daily life is for personal use.

It is a more focused version of the poses as a complete system, taught by our original teachers. However, you also get the masterclasses recordings free when you buy EYP for Daily Life.

Whilst there are a different number of hours in each package, one requirement is the same: regular practice over time. We recommend spending a minimum of three months in order to feel comfortable in every pose and embody every aspect. EYP isn’t simply a case of watching the videos; it’s about integrating the learnings at a deep level.

Many of the videos are repeated throughout the different courses, although there are differences in the coaching and teacher packages, as there are differences in the clients that each will work with. Once you complete one of the courses, you’ll be given an option to upgrade to another for a discounted price.

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