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Avoid spiritual bypassing with Embodied Meditation

Add a new layer of depth to your meditation by bringing embodied techniques to your personal and teaching practices.

Embodied Meditation Week

15th - 21st November 2021


New & practical techniques

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Bring a new dimension to your practice with Embodied Meditation

Go beyond mind-fulness

Meditating is often seen as something that happens in the mind.

People close their eyes, detach from their thoughts and try to reach a more relaxed state.

And while this kind of mindful practice can help us relax, it’s really only one aspect of what meditation could be.

Come home to the body

When we shift our focus from working on the body and start meditating as a body, we start to understand ourselves on a deeper level.

Coming home to the body helps us uncover the deeper benefits of meditating, beyond just stress relief or focus.

Embodied Meditation opens up whole new worlds for us.

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Embodied Meditation Week

Learn 7 new Embodied Meditation techniques to enhance your practice

Throughout the week, you’ll learn

Plus all this stuff, too

All in just 30 minutes a day.

Who is Embodied Meditation Week for?

Meditators who:

Teachers, coaches and facilitators who:

Sound like you?

The schedule for the week

Each day of the event builds on what was taught the day before, so to get the most joining, we recommend attending at least one session every day at either 9am or 7pm UK time.

And if you’ve got time, we’re hosting a number of bonus sessions throughout the week for you to join, too.

9am and 7 pm UK time
1 pm UK time
1 am UK time
Day 1
Monday 15th November
What is embodied meditation and are you doing it
Is the ultimate goal of liberation important to you?*
Meditation Stages and Their Difficulties*
Day 2
Tuesday 16th November
Two embodied meditation techniques
The Body’s Journey Through Meditation*
Ecosystems of your Interior Body – Felt, Known, Poetic Place*
Day 3
Wednesday 17th November
Two more embodied meditation techniques
Meditation for People Who Can’t Sit Still
Opening to the Body’s Subtle Attunement*
Day 4
Thursday 18th November
Add bodily depth to your practice
Non-Attachment Meditation*
Awakening Your Basic Goodness*
Day 5
Friday 19th November
Help students to come home to their body
Meditation, Pleasure & Joy*
Day 6
Saturday 20th November
Help students integrate meditation into daily life
Settling your mind and body with breathwork*
Day 7
Sunday 21st November
Help students not spiritually bypass [only at 7pm]*
German-language session [title TBA]*

*1-hour session

Your teachers for the week

Karin Van Maanen

Meditation Teacher

Embodied yoga & meditation teacher, holds a Masters Degree in Mindfulness Studies, meditation practitioner for over 22 years.

Show bio

Martin Aylward

Dharma Teacher

Meditation Teacher 30+ years, founder of Sangha Live, author of Awake Where You Are

Show bio

Plus special guests

Mark Walsh

CEO @ Embodiment Unlimited

Patricia Aguirre

Somatic Systemic Therapist

Erika Chalkley

Women’s Empowerment Coach

Christina Dohr

Embodiment Facilitator

Christopher Titmuss

Dharma Teacher

Melissa Gutierrez

Body Witch

Kathleen Booker

Breathwork Coach

Miles Kessler

Meditation & Aikido Teacher

Wendy Palmer

Embodiment Facilitator

Ket Sing Kon

Qigong Teacher

Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz

Teacher/Somatic Researcher

Daniel Ingram

Meditation Teacher

Philip Shepherd

Embodiment Facilitator

Narelle Carter-Quinlan

Saltwater Songlines Project Founder

What some of our students say

Your free sign-up bonuses

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3 x 10-minute videos from our Giants of Embodiment pack

With Reverend angel Kyodo williams, Sharon Salzberg & Joseph Goldstein

The Six Core Techniques of Embodied Meditation

A chapter from the new Embodied Meditation book by Karin Van Maanen & Mark Walsh

Join 14987 others discovering the power of embodied meditation


15th - 21st November 2021

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