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Embodied Meditation

Teacher Training

Get certified as an Embodied Meditation teacher

Learn how to confidently teach embodied techniques to your students and transform your facilitation

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6-month LIVE

Teacher training

Practical techniques

To use with your students


For professionals

Starts 25th January 2022

17 spots available

Your course leaders

Karin van Maanen

Martin Aylward

Last chance

we have 17 slots left on this marvelous course.

Want to expand your knowledge but still have some questions?

no problem, please feel free to reach out and we will be glad to answer any of your questions

Mail to: support@embodimentunlimited.com


Karin and Martin

Bring embodied techniques to your students with confidence and clarity

As you probably know, the body is a huge part of meditation. And using embodied techniques can help add real depth to almost any practice.

Being able to teach an embodied approach can dramatically enhance your facilitation, which is why we created our LIVE 6-month Embodied Meditation Teacher Training.

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Embodied Meditation Teacher Training

6-month LIVE certification with Karin van Maanen & Martin Aylward

Practical tools & techniques

Experiential learning

Supportive global community

A real course.
With real people.
Learning practical techniques.

Embodied Meditation Teacher Training is a LIVE 6-month certification designed to make you a certified Embodied Meditation teacher.

Not only will this training transform your own practice, you’ll learn exactly how to use Embodied Meditation with your students confidently and safely to enhance your facilitation.

Adopting an embodied approach will help your students access all of the benefits that come with being more embodied day-to-day, impacting their work, relationships and how they see themselves.

Whether you’re a meditation teacher looking to bring something new to your classes, a coach looking to broaden your offering or a movement teacher looking for an approach more tailored to your work – this certification will transform the way you support your clients forever.

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Intimate group

With the training limited to just 100 spaces, you’ll have plenty of time to get your personal questions answered and close peers to learn and grow with.

High quality
structured training

Taking what we’ve learnt from over 10 years of running similar courses, this training will give you everything you need to confidently teach Embodied Meditation.

Supervised by
experienced facilitators

Our teachers have over 120 years combined experience in the field and will be by your side teaching and supporting you from day one until graduation.

How it works

The course is split into two parts:

25th January - 5th April 2022

Foundations of
Embodied Meditation

Personal practise

Learn the foundations of Embodied Meditation through your own practice.

Learn more

During part 1 of the training, you’ll learn and practice Embodied Meditation techniques to benefit all aspects of your life. From your relationships to work, focus and purpose and the way you deal with difficult situations.

26th April - 19th July 2022

Certificate of
Embodied Meditation

Professional application

Learn how to teach Embodied Meditation techniques to others.

Learn more

Part 2 is all about sharing these techniques with others. You’ll learn practical ways to use simple yet profoundly helpful practices with your students or clients to help enhance their practice and the way they approach life.

Part 1 is available to everyone, whether you use meditation in your work or not, whereas part 2 is solely for teachers, coaches and facilitators.

Training schedule

Training schedule

Foundations of
Embodied Meditation

Week 1 (Tuesday 25th Jan 2022)

Introduction to the course
Get going on the journey

Week 2 (Tuesday 1st Feb 2022)

Coming home to the body
Practice essentials

Week 3 (Tuesday 8th Feb 2022)

Embodied awareness
Perspectives on embodied meditation

Week 4 (Tuesday 15th Feb 2022)

Being present AS the body
Embodied interaction with the world

Week 5 (Tuesday 22nd Feb 2022)

Distraction and response
The nature of distraction

Week 6 (Tuesday 1st March 2022)

Changing habits and patterns
The positive impacts of regular practice

Week 7 (Tuesday 8th March 2022)

The compassionate body
Embodied approaches to compassion

Week 8 (Tuesday 15th March 2022)

Improving your relationship with yourself

Week 9 (Tuesday 22nd March 2022)

Embodied connection
Bringing the practice to relationships

Week 10 (Tuesday 29th March 2022)

Living an embodied life
Integrating the practice to daily life

Week 11 (Tuesday 5th April 2022)

Closing week
Final reflections and appreciations

Certificate of
Embodied Meditation

Week 1 (Tuesday 26th Apr 2022)

Introduction to the certification
Taking the practice to others

Week 2 (Tuesday 3rd May 2022)

Foundations of teaching
Applying your practice to teaching

Week 3 (Tuesday 10th May 2022)

Embodied teaching methods
Perspectives on embodied meditation

Week 4 (Tuesday 17th May 2022)

Embodied presence as a teacher
Teaching from experience, ethically

Week 5 (Tuesday 24th May 2022)

Teaching safely and effectively
Mental health and trauma awareness

Week 6 (Tuesday 31st May 2022)

Teaching body scans
Practical methods and approaches

Week 7 (Tuesday 7th June 2022)

Teaching breath awareness
Practical methods and approaches

Week 8 (Tuesday 14th June 2022)

Teaching compassion
Practical methods and approaches

Week 9 (Tuesday 21st June 2022)

Being the guiding light
How to guide students/clients through difficulties

Week 10 (Tuesday 28th June 2022)

Essential skills review
Summary of key learning

Week 11 (Tuesday 5th July 2022)

Assessment & feedback
Teaching videos assessment

Week 12 (Tuesday 12th July 2022)

Rest week
Receive feedback on your teaching practice

Week 13 (Tuesday 19th July 2022)

Certification ceremony and celebrations

A typical week on the course

Daily meditation and journaling

(in your own time)

60-minute core content webinar

(Tuesdays 6-7pm UK time)

60-minute peer group meeting

(varied dates/times)

Monthly Q&A sessions


Optional bonus webinars

(varied dates/times)

Once you graduate you will be given a certificate as evidence of you graduating the course

Who is this training for?

Meditation Teachers

Looking for new approaches to integrate with their current styles

Coaches & Facilitators

Looking to add meditation to their offering

Movement Teachers

Looking for an approach to meditation that compliments their work

What you’ll learn

Foundations of
Embodied Meditation

A new approach to meditation

See meditation in a totally different light and add depth to your existing practice.

The theory of what embodied meditation is (and isn’t) and how it relates to traditional practice

Learn what embodied meditation is and more importantly, what it isn’t and understand how it integrates with traditional practices.

Practical techniques to deepen your personal practice

Learn practical techniques to transform your own practices and an approach to integrate into all areas of your practices.

How to integrate body awareness into your life

You’ll develop the skills necessary to use embodied techniques in your day-to-day life.

A deep dive into your own embodiment

Use embodied techniques to explore your own embodiment, revealing insights you might not have known before.

Certification of
Embodied Meditation

Practical embodied techniques to use with your students

Learn the six core techniques of embodied meditation and 15 supplementary techniques to use with your students.

How to confidently and safely use embodied meditation techniques

You’ll come away with a deep understanding of what safety looks like when using embodied techniques and build confidence in using them through practising them yourself in a controlled environment.

Ways to integrate embodied awareness with groups

You’ll develop the skills necessary to bring an embodied approach to your group classes with confidence and clarity.

Insights to enhance relationships with your students

Adopting an embodied approach helps you understand and relate to your clients on a totally different level, giving you insights to better support them.

What the five most common problems students face when meditation are

(And how to help them overcome them)

Applications of meditation to social interaction and working online (you won’t find this anywhere else)

Learn how Embodied Meditation can be applied to different environments and help students respond as their best self.

How to help students establish a regular practice

Learn how to help different students with different lifestyles and needs establish a practice that works for them.

Tools to help students get their meditation ‘off the cushion’ and into daily life

Embodied Meditation is about integrating meditation into daily life, so you’ll learn plenty of tools for doing this too.

Your course leaders

Teaching Embodied Meditation has dramatically changed my inner and outer world.

I’ve meditated for years, but only when I shifted to an embodied approach did I realise how much deeper I could go.

I’ve realised that embodied presence is actually a radical doorway to listening, loving and expressing our feelings in a compassionate way. Radical, because most of us are so distracted by modern life that we’re not really ‘here’ a lot of the time.

Embodied presence may well be one of the greatest gifts we can offer to anyone and it’s an essential aspect of teaching and facilitation.

Throughout this training, we’ll focus a lot on embodied presence, as well as introducing an embodied approach to meditation that will transform your personal practice and help your students/clients in almost all areas of their lives. The tools are practical, easy to do and designed to benefit your whole life, not just the time you spend meditating.

This approach has had a serious impact on my life personally and that of my students, and I’m positive it will for you, too.

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Karin van Maanen

Course Leader & Embodied Meditation Teacher
Embodiment Unlimited

Martin has been practicing meditation intensively for 30 years and has been teaching dharma and guiding people in their practice since 1999.

Aged 19, Martin left for India with a one-way ticket and no luggage. He spent most of the next four years in Asian monasteries, retreat centres and Ashrams where he developed a formal meditation practice based on Vipassana / Insight Meditation, while also exploring many different teachings and practice forms.

He spent several months with Ajahn Buddhadasa at Wat Suan Mokkh in Thailand and sat annual month-long retreats all through the 1990s at the Thai Monastery in Bodh Gaya with Christopher Titmuss. After ten years of practice, Christopher encouraged him to begin teaching. He has also studied and practiced with various Buddhist teachers and traditions, including the Vajrayana practices of Mahamudra and Dzogchen.

Martin spent two years living with Sukhanta Giri Babaji, a Hindu sadhu, at his hermitage near Dharamsala and has lived and practiced with various other Indian sadhus and Himalayan hermits. He was also a student of the Diamond Approach of A.H. Almaas for 13 years.

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Martin Aylward

Course Leader & Meditation Teacher

Your team:

Karin Van Maanen

Meditation Teacher

Embodied yoga & meditation teacher, holds a Masters Degree in Mindfulness Studies, meditation practitioner for over 22 years.

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Martin Aylward

Meditation Teacher

Meditation Teacher 30+ years, founder of Sangha Live, author of Awake Where You Are

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Your guest teachers

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

Embodied Facilitator

Christina Dohr

Embodied Facilitator

Patricia Aguirre

Somatic Therapist

Miles Kessler

Meditation Facilitator

Gail Aylward

Meditation Facilitator

Jamie McHugh

Somatic Movement Therapist

Course assistant

Daniela Welzel

Course assistant

Teach With Confidence Guarantee

If you attend all the live sessions, try all the practices and don’t feel like you can teach Embodied Meditation to others confidently afterwards – we’ll give you your money back.

Full certification programme only.

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students say about our courses

Early bird bonuses

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Get instant access once you enroll to prep for the start of the course.

Additional resources

Extra content and resources to support your learning

Exclusive extras

Only included with the Certification of Embodiment Coaching package

Choose your package

Learn Embodied
Meditation for yourself

Foundations of Embodied Meditation

LIVE | Online | 3 months

25th January - 5th April 2022

11 hours of core content webinars
5 hours of recorded learning
3 hours of LIVE practice sessions
3 hours of Q&As
3 hours of bonus webinars

Lifetime access to all recordings


2 ebooks – $17
Embodied Meditation week – $199
Embodied Reconnection Week recordings – $149





Embodied Meditation
Teacher Training

Certificate of Embodied Meditation

LIVE | Online | 6 months

25th January - 5th April 2022
26th April - 19th July 2022

*Includes Foundations of Embodied Meditation

22 hours of core content webinars
8 hours of recorded learning
6 hours LIVE practice sessions
6 hours Q&A
8 hours bonus webinars
1 hour group supervision
Individual feedback and certification assessment

Lifetime access to the recordings of all webinars, Q&As and other content


Meditation library (100+ talks from Embodiment conference 2020)

3 ebooks – $29
Embodied Meditation week – $199
Embodied Reconnection Week recordings – $149





The Embodiment Facilitator Certification

1-3-year comprehensive training - all you need to step into a career as an embodied facilitator

LIVE | Online | 1-3 years
4 of 5:

Lifetime access to:


The full library from The Embodiment Conference – Over 1000 hours of targeted embodiment education ($999)

Multiple packages available

Important notice:

This training is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a treatment for mental health problems. If you have are suffering with mental health issues and feel you need help, please speak to your GP or get in touch with a therapist to get the professional support you need.


This is a live course but you will receive recordings of all the sessions in the course after they occur.

January 25th 2022 is the induction date.

The course finishes on July 19th 2021.

A total of 6 months.

Yes. This course is very much focussed on people who are experienced meditators that use (or want to use) an embodied approach to meditation in their own practice and with their clients/students.

To get your certification you must:

Attend at least 80% of the weekly 1 hour webinars.

Do 10 – 30 mins of practice at least 5 days a week and write in your practice journal at least 5 times a week

Attend the 30-60 minute weekly peer group meeting.

Attend at least one extended practice session in each part of the course (these are 2 – 3 hours long).

Submit a 10 minute recording of you guiding a meditation.

Attend a meditation retreat of your choice (could be online if necessary) of at least 2 days.

Approximately 3 – 4 hours a week. Including:

Weekly 1 hour webinar (must attend 80% live to get certification)
10-30 minutes practice at least 5 days a week
Journal after practice at least 5 days a week
30-60 minute weekly peer group meeting


Bonus webinars
Practice sessions with lead and guest teachers
Q&A sessions

To get the certification you must attend at least 80% of the live calls but we’ll send recordings of each session to your email a few days after it goes live.

However, we highly recommend making sure you have enough time to take on this course before enrolling.

Our guarantee states:

If you attend all the live sessions, try all the practices and don’t feel like you can teach Embodied Meditation to others – we’ll give you your money back.

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